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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!


PharmacyThis week's trivia is phull of phun.  Guess the answer to each "PH" clue and see if you're right when you email Peggy Campbell.  

1)  CVS

2)  MTM's buddy

3)  House

4)  Pippa's sister's grandfather-in-law

5)  Webber's weeper

6)  Nubian nemesis

7)  Campbell's croon

8)  Thai tsunami target

9)  Dakota hunter's delight

10) Ahem :-)

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Who would you invite to Thanksgiving dinner?

Dinner inviteThis Thanksgiving, if you could invite anyone from history (with the exception of Jesus) to come to dinner, simply for the purpose of saying thank you for their impact on your life . . . who would be eating turkey with your family this year??

A lot of names come to mind, but as a self professed "mama's boy" I have to pick my mother.  My mom was delivered into the loving arms of Jesus thirty-three years ago. Before she left, she showed me the real love of God and although she suffered with arthritis, she loved to cook a traditional Thanksgiving ...

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Less is More

Living on LessI don't know about you, but I've had a hard time listening to HAVEN Today this past week. I'm not having a hard time because of the program quality or the pace of the broadcast. I'm having a problem with the content.  That is to say there is something about the idea of "living on less and liking it more" that doesn't sit well with me.

You see, I like stuff. I like comforts.  I like to live on more not less.  I'm already spending my evenings looking at the Black Friday ads that ...

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Miracles are for Real

Miracles coverJim Garlow is a “Renaissance Man.” I’m not saying that simply because he has a doctorate in church history and knows the ins and outs of what went on in the Church during the renaissance.


I say that because there is no one else who I know that has such an overarching thirst for knowledge in so many areas of life.   Bible…History…Politics…He knows how to look back at history and learn lessons most have forgotten. At the same time, he is able to look forward into the future at what cultural peril awaits if our nation ...

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7-up The UncolaThis week's trivia is precipitated by a recent church sermon series.  We think you'll find it fUN!

1)  7-Up

2)  Louis' Legacy

3)  Cole & Cole Croon

4)  Elliott's Elite

5)  Eastwood Epic

6)  Chick Hearn's missed basket missive

7)  Football foul

8)  Iconic Christian radio drama

9)  The hour Evelyn arises

10) Titanic heroine

When you're ready, send an email to Peggy with your best guesses!

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By the Numbers

There are different types of numbers - natural numbers, integers, rational numbers, complex numbers, computable numbers  . . . then, there are real numbers. 

During these significant days for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, here are some of the ministry's real numbers:  

The Billy Graham Audio Archives 

The BGEA is releasing more than 1,600 messages from more than six decades of Billy Graham's evangelistic ministry - all available for streaming online at www.billygraham.org

Visitors to www.billygraham.org can access an online collection of hundreds of audio files - some 900 plus from Billy Graham Crusades. Other messages in the digital ...

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