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When is Divorce Okay?

It's been said that if there's one thing true about divorce, it's that it rarely affects just two people.  And, it doesn't wait until the divorce papers are signed to start having its impact either.  Certainly the children are the ones to suffer the most, but divorce also wears on family relationships, friendships, and sadly, even churches feel the pain.  Unfortunately, I know this to be all too true ... as I'm sure you do also.

Yet as difficult as divorce is, could it be the best - the biblical - option?  When, if ever, should a Christian pursue divorce?  John MacArthur gives us clear answers in The Truth About Divorce, airing for the first time on "Grace to You®" (March 7-11).  And as a corollary resource to this new broadcast series this month, the ministry provides "Divorce and Remarriage"  free to anyone who asks.

Then beginning March 14, listeners will hear John's most popular study, The Fulfilled Family.  Couples who want their home to be a place of love and nurture instead one of strife and uncertainty will benefit by tuning in to "Grace to You®" all month long.  You can find more program details by downloading the March promo pack now. 

Thanks for all you do on behalf Grace to You® and the marriages and families in your community.  May God continue to bless your efforts. 

Michelle Blood

Ambassador:  We Connect.  Ministry and Media.


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