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It isn't everyday you get to sit down with a former Hezbollah terrorist.

terroristOver the years at Ambassador I've had the privilege to record with some very interesting people....musicians like Michael Card and Andrew Peterson, theologians such as N.T. Wright, authors, pastors, evangelists and even some movie stars!

I'm getting ready to record with a former terrorist.  His name is Afshin Javid - He is now pastor in North Vancouver, but he once was a member of Hezbollah. I don't know what he'll be sharing with Charles Morris but I know it will be interesting ... especially in light of all that is taking place in Northern Africa and the Middle East this week.  We're planning on airing the interviews at the end of this week on HAVEN Today. I know you'll be listening, and trust you'll encourage your audience to tune in as well.

Grace, Peace, and Joy

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