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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Doing the Right Thing!


Doing The Right Thing Chuck ColsonDoing the right thing and the Colson Center tour of the same name, is exactly what Chuck Colson and a panel of leading ethicists, theologians and other scholars did on Saturday on the Campus of Biola University.

I listened with rapt attention to speaker after speaker over a three-hour time period as they spoke to the ethical and moral breakdown bombarding our culture from every side.  It was stunning in its scope and its challenge!

Chuck Colson, through his Colson Center legacy, wants to provide people like me--that same challenge to raise ethical questions and issues in what he calls ...

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What Says "Romance" to YOU?

For me, it's the little things.  Like when my husband takes my hand and kisses it.  No words are needed ... just that simple gesture ... and I feel loved.

A year ago this month, Dennis Rainey asked that same question of his friends on Facebook.  As you can imagine, it generated a lot of comments.  Here are just a few:

  • "He doesn't stare at other women, but makes a point to look away and focus only on me, giving me a smile or a wink. This makes me feel like the most beautiful woman alive."
  • "My wife writes a ...
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Because God Loves You!

211blogSometimes, don't you just wonder what God sees in you?  Why He bothers with you?  I sure do.  

Recently while reading a passage in one of Emilie Barnes' books, I ran across what I think is the perfect Valentine's message.  

It told what God believes about us, and I wanted to share these simple thoughts with you, to remind you, as it did me, how much God cares for you: 

Because God loves you, He is slow to lose patience with you. 

Because God loves you, He doesn't treat you as an object to be manipulated. 

Because ...

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