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Is SEO Going Out Of Style?

Search Engine OptimizationThat's a question I am hearing more of--especially with Social Media's proliferation. The answer? Not at all! Being able to have your website found online isn't going to go out of style--you'll always want to have that happen. Has the game changed? Absolutely!

SEO is all about learning to optimize your site so that when someone goes to a search engine and types in something, they come to your site. Social Media is making an impact in search results. Geo searching has also added a new twist as localization within searches is more and more prominent. That coupled with mobile sites, makes the new game of digital communication that much more interesting. But if you noticed, all of those mediums require people being able to find out. And that's the key.

When we think Search Engine Optimization--thinking that it's just about a world wide web address is thinking much too small. It's a bigger picture that encapsulates optimizing social media, strategic planning for mobile applications and sites, and continuing to have a strong focus for your main website. It's true--some users are migrating to only using mobile. And it's also true that some organizations and companies have now completely focused their digital efforts in social media. But it's also true that having your own website (and being in the top of search results) has far reaching value that can't be underestimated.

Still not convinced? Think about control of your content control and presentation. Facebook is a constantly changing landscape--and a lot of companies have to do TONS of extra work on their presence to make it function or perform within Facebook guidelines and rules, keeping up with the shifting platform. Is it good to do? Of course (I'm a huge fan of Social Media). But I would also say it's equally as valuable to have your website where "your rules win." Privacy policies won't be changing, design layout is at your control, and your user experience is designed by your team. These things are important for any organization.

And, while the future is changing, going completely mobile wouldn't be recommended for anyone at this point either. There's still hundreds upon thousands of searches online everyday from computers--not mobile. It just makes sense to maintain your presence.

Bottom line? SEO is alive and vibrant...and, with the changing factors, more of a consideration than ever before as organizations continue to find ways to reach people through the ever changing digital landscape.

Carolyn Kim
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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