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What is your favorite childhood storybook?

This month marks the birthdate of Theodore Geisel . . . and the wisdom of Dr. Seuss got us thinking of our own favorite children's books.  Here are a few votes.  Post your favorite, too!

Luke Stephens Way Radio
"I'm one of those guys who doesn't remember a ton about my childhood.  The earliest book I remember enjoying was the Curious George books, probably just because the monkey was cute.  Maybe I wanted to be a safari guide or a zoo keeper at one point."

Luke Stephens
General Manager for WAY Radio

Steve Cross NRB
"In 1960, age 5 (had my 6th birthday in the hospital) I had Rheumatic Fever and was not expected to live.  During my 3 month stay in the hospital Pinocchio was read to me many times and I was told that, like Pinocchio, I could grow up to be who my Creator envisioned me to be."

Steve Cross
Director of Marketing for NRB

Jim Garlow The Garlow Perspective
"Loved Huck Finn.  Have wanted to float the Mississippi on a raft ever since!  Tried to take a trip down the Mississippi a couple summers ago.  Found out they don't just let anybody rent a boat and go on it."  

Jim Garlow
Speaker for "The Garlow Perspective"

Sharon Malone WSEW
"While my mom worked, my Grammie, who lived with us, often read to my sister and I the abridged story of Heidi, and I think it was my favorite, because she found something, yes someone, in her little attic alcove amongst the whispering pines and starry night."

Sharon Malone
Operations Manager at WSEW/WWPC


So . . . what was your favorite?


Paddington and all of the books that they wrote about him.I liked it the time he slept over in the Department Store- Andrea Minnon, daughter of Sharon Malone of WSEW-WWPC.

(I queried my children ages 40 to 25, and this is what our oldest said !)

The Chip Hilton Sports Stories, written by Claire Bee. Looking back, I appreciate the legacy of his father (who died while Chip was young), the impact of the strong character of his mother, and the "good vs. evil" story lines. Recently, I began collecting this series.

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