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Beyond the Call for Japan

HCJB Global Beyond the Call in Japan"Beyond the Call" isn't only the name of HCJB Global's 1:00 daily radio program, connecting listeners with ministry and media around the world.  It's the mindset of every HCJB missionary, staff member and radio producer.  One radio producer, personally affected by Japan's triple catastrophe, is sharing his story -- one that will be shared on Wednesday, March 23, from HCJB Global President Wayne Pederson on "Beyond the Call."  This is what listeners will hear:

Kazuo Ozaki was born and raised in Japan.  In 1945 his life changed dramatically, after the atomic bomb was dropped.

With his old life completely gone Kazuo decided to join the Japanese defense forces.  It's then that he had the chance to meet a group of American missionaries.  To practice his English he started to interpret messages and sermons for them while they preached to the local people.  And then the funniest thing happened--he became a Christian by preaching to himself!

47 years later, Kazuo is still preaching the Word of God but he's doing it with radio.  He produces two half-hour programs that air twice a week in Japan.  He knows these encouraging Christian programs are especially important now, as people are hurting once again, as he hurt in 1945.

You can read more about Kazuo's story but, before you do -- please take a moment to pray that his radio progras will be an effective tool that will minister to the hurting people of Japan.

Katie Burke
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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