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MVP - a coveted acknowledgment for an athlete playing a team sport.   The MVP is the player who contributes the most to the game-the player who gives their "all."

My 8 year old softball catcher daughter was named MVP in her game this week - she tagged someone out at home, making the third out and then hit in the winning RBI.

I was so proud of her.  She was so excited-a gigantic smile as her coach presented her with the certificate.

But on the drive home, her mind was already on other things - what's for dinner and can I play video games when I'm done with my homework?

A team MVP, while admirable, is short lived-the next game is usually just days away.

But there's one team MVP which carries far more significance and an eternal standing.

God's team.

I recently came across this MVP definition and reflected on it as I placed my daughter's certificate on our refrigerator door:

M Is for Mission

The "M" in an MVP is for your mission from God. We must base our mission on clear biblical directives.

V Is for Vision

The "V" in an MVP is for your unique God-given vision or dream.

P is for Passion

The "P" stands for your passion.

Are you an MVP on the team that really matters . . . are you helping to recruit others to be?

I know a certain little girl I'm committed to help make it to that team!

Lee Ann Jackson


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