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The Africa Mercy is in Sierra Leone!

The Africa Mercy is serving in Sierra LeoneMy parents grew up in the aftermath of the Korean War.  Food, clothing and shelter were hard to come by, making life very challenging.   It was because of the generous donations from the United States and U.N. that my parents were able to survive.  I know this is true because I have heard their stories many times!  I also know that if it wasn't for the complimentary handouts that helped keep my parents alive, my very existence would be doubtful!

Perhaps this is why I have an innate desire to help the poor and hurting.  When I think about the Africa Mercy and the work they are doing in Sierra Leone, I can't help but smile.  The Africa Mercy team, despite having just arrived in Freetown a few weeks ago, has already performed thousand of dental care, tooth decay and infection procedures. 

Just like my parents shared their story with my sister and me, I'm sure that the Sierra Leoneans who have been touched by the love and care of the Mercy Ships® crew will also share their story of the hope and healing they have received.  This will, unquestionably, be a part of their legacy that they will pass down to the generations to come.

The Africa Mercy team strives to bring both hope and healing in Jesus name.  This, of course, is also true of your ministry. You never know how far reaching your efforts will be.  You have undoubtedly transformed the lives of generations to come because of what you do - and we're thankful that you daily join in with Mercy Ships® to share the message of hope and healing through "The Mercy Minute®."  

KiYong Kim


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