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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

The Africa Mercy is in Sierra Leone!

The Africa Mercy is serving in Sierra LeoneMy parents grew up in the aftermath of the Korean War.  Food, clothing and shelter were hard to come by, making life very challenging.   It was because of the generous donations from the United States and U.N. that my parents were able to survive.  I know this is true because I have heard their stories many times!  I also know that if it wasn't for the complimentary handouts that helped keep my parents alive, my very existence would be doubtful!

Perhaps this is why I have an innate desire to help the poor and hurting.  When I think ...

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SEO Keeps Changing!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the search results you get? Bing certainly thinks people do. That is exactly what led to their latest marketing push to become the "decision" engine...not just a search engine.


The main idea? Without a relationship to the actual search term, the results can be far-fetched, overwhelming and useless. Basically, it's a direct attack on Google's main 'value' to provide the most relevant results each and every time a user hits "search."

So what's next for the sparing Search Engines? Google rolled out +1!

Google +1+1 is basically Google Search's version ...

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Max on Life - LIVE!

Max Lucado on LifeOn May 21, invite your listeners to pose the questions they've always wanted to ask their pastor. 

Is there a God and how do you know?

Why is there suffering in the world?

What happens after you die?

Coming live from NYC, your listeners will have a rare opportunity to ask Max Lucado these and more questions.  Max's gentle words and deep love for Jesus have encouraged so many . . . and will be sure to encourage you and your listeners as well.

Whatever the question, Max is ready to share his biblically-centered thinking that flows out of a heart ...

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Don't Forget the Resurrection!

With all the commercialism and festivities that surround the Easter holiday, that's a powerful reminder we all need to hear.  It's one John MacArthur felt important enough to share with readers a couple years ago:

If you are a Christian, you can rejoice in the fact that Christ rose from the dead as a victor, a champion who lives forever to reign, "with His saints." That refers to the promise based on our baptism into the death and resurrection of Christ--it is our hope and the reason and ground of all we believe. 

But what if there were ...

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We're LIVE from Little Rock ...

FamilyLifeToday.comThis week (March 30-April 1), Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine are broadcasting LIVE from their studios to challenge listeners to become one of a million committed men and women that will Change a home ... Change the world.

One of the best ways for listeners to get involved with FamilyLife is to become a Legacy Partner  - a special ministry friend who understands the pressures facing today's marriages and families ... and who stands ready to help. It's through their monthly support that a Legacy Partner can experience the joy of making a difference in the life of families around the ...

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Your Brand's Look Needs "Spring Cleaning"

  • Monday, March 28, 2011
  • Katie Burke
  • Insights

Clean your organization's print materialsRaise your hand if you associate "spring cleaning" with clearing your closet of old clothes or vacuuming under the couch cushions.

I see your hand, thank you.  You may put your hand down now.

Now, raise your hand if -- when you think of "spring cleaning" -- you picture setting aside time to clean out your organization's print materials.  I'm talking about every brochure, flyer, newsletter and even envelopes that have your pre-printed return address. 

Not too many hands.  Just what I suspected.

I imagine that some of you -- at the very mention of those printed pieces -- sighed a heavy ...

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