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Is your video worth watching?

Making a videoToday, we don't need a big film crew to produce a video . . . It's easy to capture, edit and share videos within minutes on our smartphones! The problem is that most people don't know how to make a video worth watching

While at the Christian Web Conference/Imagination Summit this last weekend, I heard speakers from Cisco, Apple, Stanford and Biola University share about the future of the internet, social media and video technology.  Although we are in the midst of rapid change, I was reminded that there are some basic principles that we must not forget!  This is especially true in video production:

1. Can your viewers see the video?

Make sure you have good lighting.  If the lighting is too bright, you will wash-out your video.  If it's too dark, your viewers will not be able to make out the different objects/people you have recorded.  Save yourself the headache and take the time to create the proper lighting when you capture the video, instead of trying to add it in during post-production.

2. Cut out the noise!

Ask yourself if your viewers can hear the audio clearly.  A key difference between an amateur video and a professional one is found in the audio quality! If you are interviewing someone, get away from the noise! Finding a quiet location is paramount in getting good video . . . and it's also worth the money to invest in a good microphone! 

3. Captive your audience!

Is your video engaging?  A creative and attention grabbing storyline is essential in keeping your viewers! Use the lighting and audio to your advantage in highlighting your main point.  For a good example, check out the music video (http://vimeo.com/21573125?ab) our very own Jim Sanders put together.

4. Get to the point! 

The duration of the average online video is 4.3 minutes.  In the age of skimming and scanning, make sure that you don't lose your viewers attention. 

As more and more people use video, quality production is more important than ever . . . and I hope that these tips will help you produce a video worth watching!

KiYong Kim

Ambassador Advertising Agency

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