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Millenials--Why They Give The Way They Do!

Young DonorsIf you think of the youngest as 16 and the oldest  as 31, you're in the millennial neighborhood.  As a group, they're identified as much by their use and familiarity with communications, media and digital technology as they are with their age.

You've read the surveys--and if you haven't--here's a recent, seemingly credible one from Archive, reporting on giving patterns of this emerging and highly sought after group of donors.

They're more likely to. . .

  • give in small increments (less than $150) to many organizations
  • give on-line
  • respond to a personal ask
  • give because of a personnel connection
  • give because of trust in the leadership of the organization
  • use search engines--most often Google--to do their research (By the way, Ambassador has SEO webinars coming up! Email today for details!)

The Achieve study discovered that of the 63% surveyed, the focus of their response was:  compelling mission, personal connection and friend or peer endorsement.

I look at these studies, read the articles and blogs and listen to my friends who are "20-and-30-something"--and except for our birthday--I share their same concerns as to what and to whom I give.

But there's also comprehensive data in all age categories, that pretty much anything qualifies as "charitable giving" as long as it meets my personal criteria for "compelling mission."

And it's this propensity for personal criteria that underscores my concern that we not abandon a biblical imperative for giving; that we not abandon teaching what Jesus has said about giving--whether it be giving of our time, talent or treasure.  Whatever generation we represent, let our emphasis be on asking for that which fulfills God's compelling mission. 

Evelyn Gibson
Ambassador Advertising. We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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