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5 Reasons to Tour Compassion's Ministry Headquarters

Speak Up With Compassion® HeadquartersLast week I took a tour of the Global Ministry Center in Colorado Springs.  It's the headquarters for Compassion International.  I had heard it was a great place to experience the ministry of Compassion, so I went to see if it was just as advertised. 

Want to know what I found?  Here are my 5 reasons to tour Compassion's ministry headquarters:

1.  Jesus is there.
There are beautiful, life-size interactive sculptures of Jesus interacting with children as you enter the lobby.  They encourage visitors to climb into Jesus' lap and take a photo of your day at Compassion!

If there was any doubt that Compassion releases children from poverty...in Jesus' name -- it ends there!

2.  It's better than the Louvre.
Forget the Mona Lisa!  Compassion collects artwork from sponsored children around the world and proudly displays each piece in every which hallway you turn.  I guess they didn't have a refrigerator large enough! 

Seeing each painting, portrait and picture reminds me that this potential may have remained untapped had it not been for Compassion!

3.  Snail mail is fun again.
Most organizations don't highlight their mail room on the nickel tour -- but Compassion is thrilled to share a look at where the magic happens: the child/sponsor letters!

Upon returning home from Colorado Springs, I was thrilled to see a letter from my sponsored child in Bolivia.  Her letter was probably in the mail room when I was!

4.  They let you play with toys.
Compassion understands that it's challenging for sponsors to imagine what it's like to be a child in poverty and have the opportunity to attend a church-based Compassion project.  So . . . they built a replica of a church-based Compassion project.  Problem solved!

The project leaders and teachers are so creative with making each educational experience fun.  These children in poverty are being given the gift of childhood!

5.  It's more than a tour.
As you can probably guess, a tour of Compassion's Ministry Headquarters isn't your typical tour.  You learn a lot in a short one-hour period:  about poverty, about Compassion, about yourself.

Don't miss an opportunity to take a tour!  You won't regret getting a megadose of all that Compassion does on behalf of children in poverty.  You'll leave, like I did, grateful that the ministry's integrity and compassion for children is just as advertised.

Shh!  The 6th and "secret" reason to visit the Global Ministry Center is for the bowl of peanut M&Ms on the desk of Compassion's President Wess Stafford.  Just remember -- you didn't hear it from me.  ;)

Katie Burke
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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