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Do You "Accommodate" the Evolution Theory?

WorldAccording to John MacArthur there are many professing Christians that do.  But even more shocking to learn is the number of Christian colleges that accommodate the teaching of evolution!  That's troubling to know especially if you're a parent of a high school graduate.

John argues that ...

"Without a right understanding of origins there is no way to comprehend ourselves or understand our humanity ... If we cannot believe what Genesis says about origin we are lost as to our purpose and our destiny."   

You'll want to be listening this month to "Grace to You®" when John MacArthur begins his most popular study from Genesis 1, The Battle for the Beginning. Find out what evidence there is for evolution and how it measures up to the biblical model of creation.  This is truly a lesson for all to hear. 

For more details on other studies airing this month on Grace to You®, download the promo pack now.

Ever wonder what the ministry has to say about the current cultural climate, or what their response is to a hot topic in the Christian forum?  Sign up for their blog here I have!


Michelle Blood

Ambassador:  We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

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