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Happy Birthday KJV

King James Version HAVEN TodayThe King James Version of the Bible was written 400 years ago, and the world has never been the same.  We know King James Authorized it, but could Shakespeare have influenced the translation?  For those of you who don't like conspiracy theories you need read no further.

When I was listening to the HAVEN Today broadcast with Charles Morris that aired on April 25th I heard something new.  There are some people that think Shakespeare may have influenced the King James translation.  Here is why.   Open your KJV to Psalm 46.  Shakespeare was 46 years old when the KJV was being translated. Count 46 words into the Psalm, you'll see the word "Shake"....now count 46 words back from the end of the Psalm and you'll find the word "Spear."

Coincidence? Parlor trick? What do you think?

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