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Getting Those Deals!

DealsAs ministries and stations continue to optimize Facebook, the launch of "Facebook Deals" will be something you should know about. Potentially a rival to things like Groupon, as of today "Facebook Deals" are available in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco --If you're in one of these cities, you can start seeing how Facebook Deals work! (more cities will continue to be added soon no doubt).

Facebook is leveraging their 500 million users, allowing deals to be sent via email and appear in users' news feeds (people must opt in to this). An interesting note is that currently Deals on Facebook are able to be purchased through "Facebook Credits"...making a new connection between a virtual currency and real-world products.  

What's this mean for you? Well,  maybe you provide a 60% off coupon for a book from your ministry. Or potentially it's tickets at a reduced price to a station event. The point is, it's something that engages your local community and draws them into what you are all about! You could get extremely creative and include specific bounce-back pieces or letters to everyone who purchases the product with the Facebook Deal Coupon. You can track, attribute and measure all while taking your social media engagement to a deeper level.

We all know, the goal of being on Facebook is to build community and connect with people. You want to create "fans" that are excited about your vision and focus. When people have a deal to share, they're more apt to spread the word to friends. It's worlds more effective than you telling people you're great...it's their friends telling them that you're great!

You can see how this would feed into a larger social strategy. We'll keep you posted as organizations begin using Facebook Deals in part of their digital communication strategies...and keep exploring how you take your digital presence to deeper levels!

Carolyn Kim
Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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