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How do you rejuvenate?

There's something proverbially refreshing about springtime.  Other than spiritual intake, what is a surefire "rejuvenator" for you?  Here's some inspiration from a few of our friends . . .

Wes Ward Revive Our Hearts™God's provision of things like the following are guaranteed rejuvenators for me:

  • A date with Carrie
  • A belly-laugh with Graham, Maggie, Benjamin and Emma
  • A dinner with all of the above asking them questions
  • A time of tug-of-war with Jeffrey the Lab Dog
  • A run or bike ride down a country road
  • A team project completed
  • A time helping a team member discover and use their strengths
  • A brand new idea
  • A creative moment or thought
  • A change in almost anything
  • A challenge
  • A task completed
  • A good book and time to read it
  • A good radio program (or podcast or audiobook)

Wes Ward
Director of Media for Revive Our Hearts

Charles Morris HAVEN Today"Every spring, I buy my wife, Janet, daffodils. She enjoys them and we are reminded of when we first married and finding a great deal in a catalogue, I planted hundreds of daffodils so that we could enjoy the Lord's creation with the coming of spring. In those early springs of marriage and now when I look for a sale on the bright yellow flowers in California, I am reminded not just of my marriage, but my hero Winston Churchill. In the height of World War II, while driving through the English countryside to encourage the troops, he stopped and wept over the loss of life, while gazing over a host of golden  daffodils. Known for his prodigious memory, he would quote aloud the famous poem by Wordsworth."

Charles Morris
Speaker for "HAVEN Today"

John Gates The Bridge FM"I love to go for a walk before daybreak.  Watching the sun come up is amazing!  Another thing that I love is going on family vacations.  California, New England and Disney World are some of our favorites."

John Gates

Music Director/On-Air Personality for Bridge FM

(John is also a member of the group "Glad" -- an Ambassador-wide favorite!  First to agree, we'll send you one of the Glad CDs!)

So...how do you rejuvenate?

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