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Seeing Life Issues® Clearly

How clear is your vision on the Life Issues®?Do you wear glasses?  I do.  Without them, my world is fuzzy, undefined and incoherent.  Glasses help bring everything into focus, bringing order to my life. 

This is exactly what Brad Mattes does so skillfully with his daily commentary.  Standing firm on a biblical worldview, Brad provides a Christian perspective to the Life Issues® swirling around us.  His insightful observations challenge me to think critically, and of course, biblically on decisions we make every day.

In this day and age when truth is subjective and based on personal values, Brad's profound Christ-centered angle on the current events is certainly what the doctor ordered!  Thank you for your partnership -- Not only are you supporting Brad as he fights to protect the sanctity of life in this generation, you are equipping the men and women in your community to speak articulately and clearly to the Life Issues® we all face.

P.s. Make sure to treat your listeners to an extraordinary July 4th radio special.  Stay tuned for more information!

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