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Simple Ideas to Keep Your Family Organized

One of the hardest parts of being a working parent is staying organized.  It can be such a challenge just to keep up with the everyday basics of life.  KISAPR11

When my children were at home, that struggle also extended to them.  Keeping three kids organized and on track was difficult for them, and we often all felt very overwhelmed!  

Emilie Barnes was in the same situation when raising her children. To get her family organized, she put together some very simple, and easy ideas to help them (the early beginnings of KEEP IT SIMPLE!).  

Here are a few things that helped keep her family organized: 

Keep a monthly calendar and have each person write down their activities/schedules.  Review this every weekend for any changes. 

Make a "staging" area where backpacks and other items that need to go out the door with them are kept. 

Give each person their own laundry bag, stored in a convenient location in their room.  On laundry day you just have to grab all the bags. 

Make sure everyone is included in the household chores.  It not only helps keep up with the housework, but prepares them for the future when they need to take care of their own family and home. 

So if you are struggling to keep your family organized, try these great ideas from Emilie!  They really will help your home run a little more smoothly. 

Sheri Cooper


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