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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Keeping the "Social" in Media

  • Monday, April 11, 2011
  • Carolyn Kim
  • Insights

Bored With Social MediaIf you've worked much with Social Media...you know how easy it is to lose the "social" aspect! Your organization's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or whatever platform you're on somehow slips from being a social tool into a boring chore. And the tragic part is...there's no hiding it!

When an organization becomes bored with the social side of Media, it's all too apparent. Posts, tweets and conversations are stilted and un-engaging. Interaction diminishes and content generation is nowhere to be found. And the truth is, it's incredible easy to have this happen!

There ...

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Ambassador Agency QuizGive me one word that goes in front of either choice below--this is an "everybody can play" quiz :-)!

1)  Organ; Dream

2)  County; Juice

3)  Drum; Corn

4)  Canyon; Caymans

5)  Bucks; Wars

6)  Taco; Mar

7)  Lawn; Gump

8)  Olive; Springs

9) Indignation; Brothers

10) Head; Smith


Want to check your answers? Just ask Peggy!


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Simple Ideas to Keep Your Family Organized

One of the hardest parts of being a working parent is staying organized.  It can be such a challenge just to keep up with the everyday basics of life.  KISAPR11

When my children were at home, that struggle also extended to them.  Keeping three kids organized and on track was difficult for them, and we often all felt very overwhelmed!  

Emilie Barnes was in the same situation when raising her children. To get her family organized, she put together some very simple, and easy ideas to help them (the early beginnings of KEEP IT SIMPLE!).  

Here are a few things that ...

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Seeing Life Issues® Clearly

How clear is your vision on the Life Issues®?Do you wear glasses?  I do.  Without them, my world is fuzzy, undefined and incoherent.  Glasses help bring everything into focus, bringing order to my life. 

This is exactly what Brad Mattes does so skillfully with his daily commentary.  Standing firm on a biblical worldview, Brad provides a Christian perspective to the Life Issues® swirling around us.  His insightful observations challenge me to think critically, and of course, biblically on decisions we make every day.

In this day and age when truth is subjective and based on personal values, Brad's profound Christ-centered angle on the current events is certainly ...

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How do you rejuvenate?

There's something proverbially refreshing about springtime.  Other than spiritual intake, what is a surefire "rejuvenator" for you?  Here's some inspiration from a few of our friends . . .

Wes Ward Revive Our Hearts™God's provision of things like the following are guaranteed rejuvenators for me:

  • A date with Carrie
  • A belly-laugh with Graham, Maggie, Benjamin and Emma
  • A dinner with all of the above asking them questions
  • A time of tug-of-war with Jeffrey the Lab Dog
  • A run or bike ride down a country road
  • A team project completed
  • A time helping a team member discover and use their strengths
  • A brand new idea ...
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BGEA: A New Vehicle to Spread the Gospel

For over 60 years, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has been committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all by every effective means available . . . this weekend in Japan, bicycles became the newest means to share hope!

"This is an opportunity for us as Christians to go beyond the church walls and demonstrate the love of Christ," Franklin Graham shares, "God can use something like this to further His Kingdom in ways we don't see or understand now."

In an effort to aid a helpless and hopeless situation near the coast of Japan, the ministry presented an elementary ...

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