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the ends is nearThe END is NEAR!


While it’s true that we are closer to the return of Christ than ever before (just think about it for a second….it’s still true now J),  somehow I don’t think that the return of Jesus is going to take place this Saturday.  When Jesus said “No man knows the day or the hour,” I (Robert Jacobsen – speaking here only for myself) don’t think God likes it when people guess “days”. When I say people, I think you know who I mean.  You’ve seen the bill boards.  You’ve seen the “dooms day trucks” roll by.


Here is what I do know. 

-         Prophecy is difficult to understand, especially when it is written in the apocalyptic genre (which no one writes in any more).

-         Jesus is coming in glory

-         Guessing games are unfruitful.


So how do we respond to the “date setters” of this world?  I think Charles Morris is doing an excellent job. In fact the whole week of May 16th – including the weekend – Charles will be sharing a balanced approach on understanding the end times that I am confident will bless and encourage your listeners. Lord willing you'll hear from Charles on Monday's HAVEN Today as well, as He keeps telling the great story...It's all about Jesus.


Grace, Peace, and Joy


Robert Jacobsen

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I think Charles Morris does an excellent job with all the current event topics he discusses and handles with the Word of God. We have been SO blessed to be able to air this great program and we thank everyone for all the hard work that goes into it.

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