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Get It Right with Family Facts

In its first month, the new "Family Facts" short feature has delivered topics ranging from the emotional health of teenagers, single mothers in poverty, and the integrity of church attenders.

Every day, we're bombarded by news and statistics affecting today's families, but how can we know that these figures are true?  Better yet, how do we measure the overall impact that these issues create for the next generation?

Your listeners will appreciate timely data provided on the daily "Family Facts" broadcast with information that's based on research and findings from The Heritage Foundation.  In each feature, listeners are directed to get more facts at familyfacts.org, a great resource for charts, reports and more to explore topics like marriage and family, religious practice, health, and education.

Upcoming programs this month discuss the importance of marriage, the consequences of divorce and its effects on children, as well as the latest facts concerning religious practice in America.

You can be assured that your audience will "get it right" with "Family Facts."

Not yet airing this feature?  Contact me for details.  We'd love to add you to the growing list of over 200 stations who are bringing listeners this timely information!

Jennifer Perez

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

Go here for the most updated Family Facts feature titles.

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