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The Greatest Story of Mercy

Africa Mercy in Sierra LeoneThe greatest story of mercy in human history reached its climax over 2000 years ago on the cross of Calvary.  We celebrate Easter to remember what Christ has done for us, taking away the burden of our sins and restoring us into right relationship with Christ. God showed us incredible mercy by coming down to our world and providing healing for both our body and soul.

This is exactly what Mercy Ships® is all about.  Not only have they followed the call of Christ by leaving their comfort zones to providing free world class medical care, they also tell stories of mercy to feed the soul.  

Thank you for sharing these inspiring (and many more) stories with your listeners this next month:

-         "Erin Rescues Horatio" - A powerful example of sacrificial living.

-         "Life Triumphs Over Death" - An illustration of how good can come out of tragedy.

-         "Daniel Walks" - What it means to go from lame to leaping!

These real-life accounts go against the world's typical 'survival of the fittest' mentality.  Turning the tables, they remind me that true strength is found in selfless love and mercy - a message that I don't mind hearing on a regular basis!

KiYong Kim

Ambassador Advertising Agency

We Connect. Ministry and Media

P.S. Mercy Ships® is now investigating how they can come alongside of the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country which ranks second to last - 168 out of 169 - on the World Health Organization's Human Development Index. They will assess the country's medical infrastructure and determine how best Mercy Ships® can address the health needs of this West African nation.

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