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Do You Have a Green Thumb for Radio Planting?

It's no secret that, when it comes to radio planting, HCJB Global definitely has a green thumb!  They've helped radio stations around the world bloom into powerful life-giving sources for Gospel-hungry communities.

So how do they decide where to plant?  What is the "Farmer's Almanac" equivalent for consulting where and when to plant a new radio station?

Take a look at what the "radio planting experts" at HCJB Global-Asia Pacific do when they survey a country for a new radio plant . . . this time in Nepal:

Let's take a quiz to see how close you were paying attention:

Multiple choice:  When surveying an area for a potential new radio plant, HCJB Global considers:

a) Terrain

b) Demographics

c) GPS location

d) Ability to connect with local Christians

e) The vision of the local partners

f) All of the above

The answer is . . . F--all of the above! 

Anxious to develop a green thumb of your own?  Let us know if we can help connect you with HCJB Global.  Perhaps you can be on the next survey team!

Thanks for praying with HCJB Global as they begin this partnership in Nepal and as they continue to empowering radio stations around the world for greater impact.

Katie Burke
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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Lets place a radio station in Rus Rus, Hondurus. It will be a complement to a very remote field hospital. Please see:


Could I be so bold as to suggest that someone may want to donate a Crown transmitter to the effort? More info please contact Ron Malone, WSEW, Sanford, ME 603-859-9170

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