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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Joni and Friends®— A Place of Healing

A Place of HealingI've been reading Joni's newest publication, "A Place of Healing" and I feel like I've just jumped inside the pages with Joni - utterly caught in the journey with her, each page rapidly turning as we together grapple with the issue of suffering.

Suffering. Pain. Heartache. Hope. Restoration. It's all there - a picture of what it looks like to persevere over insurmountable odds. To boldly look suffering in the eye and say, "you may be a part of my life but you do not have any authority to cloud my hope or dull my joy, in the ...

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trivia question

1)  She was Albanian--but the world thinks "India" when her name is mentioned.

2)  Every child in California learns his historic mission path.

3)  He did well solving every mystery except that of Trudy's murder.

4)  Her "acts" of worship resulted in tremendous growth for the church of her refuge.

5)  Nemesis of D'Artagnan, Arthos, Porthos, and Aramis.

6)  His transport of Bibles became his renown.

7)  Batman had Robin; Robin had ??

8)  Nicknamed "Secretary of Defense," Hall of Fame inductee 1980.

9)  World renown opponent of apartheid.

10) Current head of the catholic church.



Not sure on ...

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The Greatest Story of Mercy

Africa Mercy in Sierra LeoneThe greatest story of mercy in human history reached its climax over 2000 years ago on the cross of Calvary.  We celebrate Easter to remember what Christ has done for us, taking away the burden of our sins and restoring us into right relationship with Christ. God showed us incredible mercy by coming down to our world and providing healing for both our body and soul.

This is exactly what Mercy Ships® is all about.  Not only have they followed the call of Christ by leaving their comfort zones to providing free world class medical care, they also tell stories ...

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The Anti-"Pep Talk" That Works for Creative People

  • Tuesday, May 3, 2011
  • Katie Burke
  • Insights

Have you ever gotten a pep-talk from a pastor, sports coach or team leader?  Their words are encouraging, inspiring, helpful.  We leave the conversation more energized than when we came.  We're ready to take on the world!

Some creative people, like me, don't need a "pep-talk."  They need to be scared into creativity.  No, I'm not talking about a shouting "surprise!" when they turn the corner or insisting they watch the latest horror film.  Please don't do that.  This is what I mean:  Whether it's writing, drawing, planning or producing -- creative people need to ...

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An Unwanted Skirmish

Dennis and Barbara RaineyAs a ministry that focuses on building stronger marriages, FamilyLife  recognizes that it's not if a couple will experience marital conflict, but when

In fact, in a recent article from FamilyLife, Barbara Rainey talks about the conflicts that pop up in her own marriage to Dennis and how they've learned to manage them, one issue at a time.

A week ago, my husband and I were in another unwanted skirmish in our marriage.   Same topic, same emotions, round gazillion!   

I've been disappointed many times that our issues are not resolved cleanly.  They aren't black and white ...

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Spring Cleaning Help From Emilie Barnes

Spring is finally here!  Don't you just love this time of year with the fresh scents in the air, the flowers blooming, and lots of sunshine?  I love to open up tspring511he doors and windows and just let it all in! 

But what do you do if your house feels like it's has the "winter blues?"

Why not freshen up your home and get ready for the days of warm weather living?  

On Keep It Simple, you've often heard Emilie Barnes share her ideas to make quick work of cleaning.  Here are some of her basic ...

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