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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

What Are You Handing Down?

What are you handing down?

Don Stephens Mercy Ships®

"I'm convinced that we have Mercy Ships® today partially because of the prayers of my Norwegian great grandparents.  Prayer has to be caught rather than taught -- as our children and grandchildren participate with us in prayer.  It's my hope that that legacy will continue."

Don Stephens
Speaker for "The Mercy Minute®"

Brian Taylor

"I pray they retain the capacity to be steadfast and faithful to their commitments.  Something gained from my parents.  And the ability to laugh...finding joy in the world around us!  (Nehemiah 8:10)"

Brian Taylor
Salem Media of Colorado

Bill Reitler

"An attitude of gratitude. I tell them ...

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Hope for Uncertain Times

This year, our world has witnessed a major earthquake and tsunami, followed by a nuclear emergency.  We've watched governments topple and civil war erupt.  Then, just last week, we saw the devastation from a tornado destroying communities across the South.

Worries about inflation and debt continue to plague people.  Yet we don't have to worry or fear.  In her upcoming series on Revive Our Hearts, Nancy Leigh DeMoss teaches us how to have hope in uncertain times.  Pray that many would find comfort and help through this series. 

Also coming up in May, Nancy tells the story of ...

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