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How to be creative like Google in 4 complicated steps

Google's Homepage Doodle GuitarAn email appeared in my inbox with the subject line "GOOGLE."  It came from a co-worker whose office is seven doors away from mine.  I thought, Hmm, what has Google done now?  The email said:

If you haven't seen Google's homepage today, you might want to check it out.  It's quite creative -- be sure to move your mouse over the strings!

Google has a great track record of mixing surprise, whimsy and cleverness.  I quickly toggled to an open browser window and typed in Google's web address.  My co-worker didn't provide a link to the page she was so excited about.  She didn't need to -- we all know where to find Google.

The page loaded, I moved my mouse and smiled.  I pressed a button with a red circle and recorded a songThis all happened within a dozen seconds.

Google got me again.  Great, now I have "creative envy."  But before I turn back to my work to make up for time lost playing "Three Blind Mice" on a computerized guitar I think about what Google has done.  Again.  Do you see the lessons above?  I've highlighted them in "bold," but just for review:

1. Create something that's worth sharing!  My co-worker isn't known for sharing websites with adorable pictures of kitties, puppies and ottersIt's quite creative, she said.  It's as simple and complicated as that.  She saw, she liked, she shared. 

2. Be consistently creative.  We expect Google to wow us every now and again.  The trick is to not be as infrequent as the Olympic games (Oh yeah, I guess it's that time again), and yet not as frequent as Groupon (Here's another $25 deal for $50 worth of yoga classes).  Create a reputation for yourself that has people saying, "What has _______ done now?"

3. Don't just be easy to find, be home base.  What would it be like to work in a world where you never have to give directions to find you?  Google lives in that world.  Be home base for your followers where someone wouldn't have to give your website address, dial location or Facebook link -- because they know their friend already knows where you live.

4. Make it effortless.  I didn't give my email address, select options or read directions.  Remember, This all happened within a dozen seconds.  Create something great, but don't make it complicated.  I want to have the page load, move my mouse and smile.

What are we waiting for?  It's as easy as following these four complicated steps, so let's get to it!  But first, I think I need to practice my guitar.  You, too?  


Katie Burke
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

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P.S. If you record a song, I want to hear it!  :)  Email the link to me at katie@ambaa.com.

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