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The Power of a Worldview

Coming from a background in Apologetics, I absolutely love Chuck Colson and John Stonestreet's commitment to developing strong biblical worldviews. Every day they share about cultural and worldwide news, interpreting it through a Christian lens. This passion and dedication comes from the fact that both Chuck and John know when people truly understand their worldview and live it out, incredible things can happen.

Over the past several years as I've served with the team, I've gotten to witness some of those "incredible things." Thousands of people joined in signing the Manhattan Declaration, committing to stand for the sanctity of life, traditional marriage and religious liberty. Secular and Christian campuses alike have engaged the discussion of ethics utilizing the Doing The Right Things Tour (originally filmed at Princeton!). BreakPoint® and The Point® have risen to a new level of presence around the country and stations are regularly having Chuck Colson and John Stonestreet on the air to speak to their listeners. I have to admit, it's been not only an incredible privilege to be part of this...I feel like I'm seeing the history of the church in the making.

In the days ahead I'm planning to step into a new role which, I hope, will also be a part of seeing the next generation of the Church built. I'm going just "up the street" from Ambassador and joining the faculty at Biola University to head their PR emphasis within the Journalism major. It's an exciting new adventure as I'm helping students learn to be the best communicators possible while also building their worldview. My new contact information is Carolyn.Kim@biola.edu.

While this is an exciting change, it goes without saying that leaving my Ambassador family is incredibly difficult. Anyone in the industry knows Ambassador is unique. Committed to excellence and dedicated to the ministries we serve, this team works every day to help build the Kingdom. It's been a blessing and honor to have a small part in the legacy of Ambassador.

In the coming days, Jennifer Perez will be able to help you with all your BreakPoint® needs. Many of you already work with Jennifer as she has served several clients of Ambassador over the years.  A veteran in the industry, her expertise and knowledge will certainly make this a seamless transition. You can get in touch with any time at JPerez@Ambassadoradvertising.com.

Thank you for partnering with BreakPoint® and The Colson Center! I know Chuck Colson and John Stonestreet appreciate all you do...and so do we at Ambassador!

Carolyn Kim

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