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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

A Heart for Purity

It can be a lonely place when you stand for your convictions and go against the flow, choosing to live life God's way.

As Nancy Leigh DeMoss shared on a recent "Revive Our Hearts" program, "if you're going to live a righteous life, if you're going to walk with God, it's going to be, in some senses, lonely.  It's the majority who walk the way of the world, the way of their own flesh, the way of their own sin, who end up under the wrath and the condemnation and the judgment of God.  It ...

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Freedom in Christ

For most of us, July 4th means a day of family picnics, neighborhood block parties with children laughing and playing, culminating with fireworks lighting up the night sky.  But more than this, it's greater significance is a celebration of independence.

In a special program for this holiday, Elizabeth George reminds us that we celebrate religious freedom--freedom from tyranny and oppression.

As a mom, I'm grateful for this freedom . . . to pray openly with my family, to read the Bible without fear, to take a stand for my faith with friends and neighbors.  The Bible states that "Christ set ...

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How American Business Is Doing

  • Wednesday, June 29, 2011
  • Jim Sanders
  • Insights

GolfI love to golf.  That means on occasion, I'm playing with someone I've never met before.  And the conversation always eventually gets to "So tell me what you do?" and the "So how's business?" conversation. 

I've given, and received, a large number of responses.  I've concluded that business is bad-across the board.  Here's evidence of that fact in just a few of the impacted industries.


1)      The plumbing business is in the toilet

2)      The airline business has crashed

3)      The card table business has folded

4)      The aquarium business has tanked

5)      The ...

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Never Heard of You

Compassion International VolunteerThere are words that every ministry dreads to hear from a potential donor:

"Never heard of you."

Your breath catches in your throat, your eyelids blink rapidly.  Confidence in a mission statement or clever tagline suddenly feels useless when meeting someone who has never...heard...of...you.

This happened to me as a volunteer with Compassion International recently at a Fishfest music festival for KFSH-Los Angeles.

I suppose I knew it was possible I'd meet folks who had never heard of Compassion, but I didn't expect it to be the first person I met at the sponsorship booth ...

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trivia question

Completing our primary colors of the rainbow tour:

1)  Gardener's digit

2)  The Captain's sidekick

3)  What Child Is This?

4)  Kato's boss

5)  Eddie Albert & Eva Gabor territory

6)  Mr. Lombardi's turf

7)  Highly desired document by aliens

8)  Sam's preferred meal

9)  Special forces

10) Anne's abode


Need help? Ask Peggy!

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Adapting to Change

Jim GarlowI'm not sure I know anyone who can adapt to change as well as Jim Garlow! His life is constantly in flux and his plans are continually adjusting.

Above all, the focus is winning the battle against Carol's cancer. A long and arduous journey, the last four years have brought a lot of changes to the Garlow family. In the days ahead they'll be praying for a strong response to the latest treatments Carol's undergoing. The day they will find out if it's effective is July 13...please join us in continuing to pray for ...

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