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A Choice to Love

At Christmas time, our thoughts go quickly to love . . . it's the time of year when we think of those dearest to our hearts. 

Then there are those unexpected loves of our lives . . . the times when we have "A Choice to Love."

"When I look at him, I've never seen anything but the love of my life . . . this beautiful baby that I love so much." Liz Carl, who made an adoption plan after being raped at age 17.

"As a kid, I remember really struggling with this terrible thing that happened to my mom.  I wouldn't want her to have to go through that but then I thought, I wouldn't be here otherwise," Jason Lovins, whose mother gave birth to him after being raped at age 15.

The new Sanctity of Life radio special from the Life Issues® Institute, "A Choice to Love," with Brad Mattes features the poignant stories of Liz and Jason which speak to how very precious the gift of life is - even when it's an outcome of a terrible crime.

 "People tell me all the time you are so strong for doing that.  I say thank you but  . . . all women are strong enough to love their child enough to give them life," Liz. 

"A Choice to Love" is an impacting 26:00 radio special which reminds us of the difference love makes - the difference it can make in saving a life. 

Lee Ann Jackson

We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

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P.S.  Sanctity of Life 2013 is Sunday, January 20th . . . contact me now for clearance to air this impacting special on your station!

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