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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Just For U

Just for you. 

Who doesn't like to hear that . . . especially around Valentine's Day?  

I made this . . . just for you.  

I bought this  . . . just for you. 

Though actually, I wasn't the only one the young man said it to . . . the Von's clerk said it to the next person in the check out and the next one.  He was selling the new extra savings program from Vons.  A "savings revolution" with personalized deals, club specials and if I signed up, a free dozen eggs. 

While the new Von's savings program isn't really "Just for U," there ...

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Big Ministry Goals

HCJB Global WorldEver heard someone state a very ambitious goal that made you raise your eyebrows in suspicion?  It's natural to defer to a doubting posture when presented with difficult facts.  In a world with many cynics and self-described "realists", it's refreshing to hear a story of people with BIG FAITH.  People who are willing to really go beyond the call.  Here's a story that aired on "Beyond the Call" last week:

Hi I'm Wayne Pederson, President of HCJB Global with Beyond the Call.

As you can hear the traffic in the background I'm in Bangkok, Thailand ...

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Trivia: "THE i'S HAVE IT"

IKEATry to guess the 10 answers to the 10 clues below!

1)  Country torn by civil unrest  

2)  World's foremost sled race  

3)  Spanish flyer  

4)  Shakespeare's meter of choice  

5)  Need furniture?  

6)  Or perhaps pancakes??  

7)  Simon/Randy/Paula put it on the map  

8)  Any two or more species of atoms of a chemical element with the same atomic number and nearly identical chemical behavior but with differing atomic mass or mass number and different physical properties.  Yeah.  

9)  Treatment for minor aches and pains (tho I prefer Excedrin)  

10) Where Reagan got his start ...

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Joni and Friends®— Hymn Sing at NRB!

NRB is next week (wait, what??) and with the hustle and bustle of reuniting with old friends and new, we're excited to see you Monday Feb. 20th at 5pm for the Joni and Friends® Hymn Sing!

Joni NRB Hall of FameBetter start warming up your voice now and practicing your favorite Hymns as this year's gathering is sure to be the biggest and best yet. Just head over to Ambassador's Hospitality Suite (Presidential Boardroom A), follow the sweet sound of the Lord's music, pull up a chair and join in!

Additionally, this NRB is particularly special for the ministry ...

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Football and Faith at Super Bowl

Google God and Super Bowl and over 236 million options come up.  Interesting facts like:

> Last year's game was the most-watched TV event ever, with an audience of 111 million.

> A 30-second ad will cost $3.5 million or $116,666,67 a second.

> NBC expects to net $250 million from the game.

Though, as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) shares, giving God the glory on the game's biggest stage is the most important fact.  

The pro football players who have professed their faith in Christ have a unique platform to share about Christ . . . and, as BGEA ...

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Cast Your Cares

Receive"Today, start practicing your throwing arm!" 

This week, post Super Bowl XLVI, you might think this quote was referring to the big game, but actually it's a quote from the wonderful message Al Sanders shared with Ambassador family recently . . . and it wasn't about a football.  

Reflecting on 1 Peter 5:7, Al encouraged us to throw our problems to the Lord and He will catch them.  How very true that while we may have a poor throwing arm, He is a great catcher! Start your week off with this timely reminder to treat your cares as your sins ...

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