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For this month--here's what we posted to our News & Insights section!

Praying for Life

Every week at AWANA, I give our Sparkies an opportunity to close our night in prayer.  And every Sunday night, it's the same routine . . . nearly every single hand shoots up in the air! There is no hesitation to pray (and pray out loud!) in this group of 5, 6 and 7 year old boys and girls. 

We can learn a lot from children.  They remind me that I should be that eager to pray . . .  about all things - from the mundane to the significant. 

On an upcoming "Life Issues®," Brad Mattes speaks to the effectiveness of prayer as a tool ...

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Embracing Motherhood as a Sacred Role

Mother's Day is May 13 and Revive Our Hearts is providing special programs to help encourage the moms in your audience with practical help to live out God's calling to be bearers and nurturers of life.

Speaking from experience, I know that being a mom can be one of the most rewarding, yet terrifying, jobs on the planet.  A friend of mine who is a new mom of a one-month old son shared the realization that she's not sure what she's doing-just praying that she's not "messing him up too much!"

It seems that every ...

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In God We Trust

This Thursday, May 3rd, is the National Day of Prayer. . . a yearly day set aside to mobilize and encourage personal and corporate prayer.  Following is a thought from Anne Graham Lotz to commemorate the day: 

"Our coins say, "In God We Trust!"   Isn't it time we practiced it? 

"It concerns me when a nation shakes its fist at god and says, "God we want you of out of the schools, we want You out of our public life, our businesses, our marketplace."  And God who is a gentleman, has quietly backed out of our public life.  On this ...

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Trivia: "Hey, Shorty!"

Michael J FoxCan you identify these vertically-challenged folks?

1)  He bridged troubled waters.

2)  He married Ava, starred with Liz.

3)  He was really a different stroke.

4)  He was a taxi man.

5)  He was Anne's husband, Carl's partner ... and hilarious.

6)  He wrote best-sellers.  And had an unforgettably high-pitched voice.

7)  He a Rat ... and the Candy Man.

8)  He was Israel's premier prime.

9)  He was McFly.

10) He was a Monkee.

Get the answers from Peggy Campbell!

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April 25: World Malaria Day

Compassion Malaria NetA child with the malaria parasite becomes so sick with chills and fever, every part of their little body aches until often they go into a coma.  And it's at this near-fatal point before a child in places like Sierra Leone and other parts of Africa are brought to a clinic where some are saved.  And when there is no clinic, death's a certainty.

Millions die each year of malaria.  It's a staggering number impossible for me to wrap my mind around.  Most of these children live in Africa where a child dies every minute from malaria ...

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Different as Night and Day

That's generally how we'd describe the change in someone who has recently become a Christian ... a difference that's impossible to overlook. 

That's because for a new believer, everything changes.  There are new desires, new passions, and a new purpose.  So what does that mean in their day-to-day life ... in the home, school, workplace,  church?   Beginning next week on "Grace to You®," listeners will find out when John MacArthur explains in:

  • Seven Steps to Spiritual Stability ... important steps if a Christian is to remain steady through any circumstance (airs 4/30-5/11).
  • The Transforming Power of Scripture ...
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