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Just 4 Fun!


StatesCan you name the famous fictional character and the state he/she represents?  Bonus for actor/actress who played the part.

1-Big schnozzola and an early Army cross-dresser.
2-Brilliant detective with OCD-and a passion to find his wife's murderer.
3-He started in Boston but moved to another city where he became a popular talk show.
4-She was blown away, literally.  Ended up in a lovely green city.
5-Everyone needs a day off of school now and then-or every day!
6-A bumbling lawman who was deputy to a future attorney.
7-This "little buddy" was the deck boy on what started ...

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Trivia: "OH!"

Tannenbaum1-One of Mr. Wesley's hits.

2-Don't you cry for me!

3-Francis Scott Key patriotic lyrics.

4-Early George Clooney/John Goodman hit ... Art Black loved it but personally never did "get" it myself (!).

5-Walt Whitman's beautiful metaphorical poem about the death of President Lincoln.

6-Otherwise known as Tannenbaum.

7-"You're off to great places.  Today is your day!  Your mountain is waiting, so ... get on your way!"

8-When Jesus washed my sins away.

9-According to Four Seasons, it was late December back in '63.

10-What you hear when the Maple Leafs play.

Oh, the answers you know ...

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Trivia: "CINDER's KIN"

Cinderella1-Bing Crosby suggested we best let a smile serve as this.

2-Monster music festival in the California desert.

3-Traditionally made from Italian buffalo milk.  Seriously.

4-Designer with a knighted pop.

5-Contaminated food gives you this.

6-A very young Jane Fonda roams space in the 41st century.

7-Fragrant natural oil used as insect repellant.

8- One of the Angels who touched us.

9-Spanish rice dish usually mixed with seafood.

10-MMMMM ... think hazelnut.

Have the answers?  Submit them to Peggy >>


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Trivia: "ALL's FAIR in the WORLD"

World's FairThis year it's Milan ... can you name the CITY that hosted the World's Fair by the descriptions below?:

1-Unveiled the first Ferris wheel-and gruesome Devil in the White City murders.

2-This Fair introduced America to the Carousel of Progress and "It's a Small World."

3-Princess Diana fainted, blaming it on exhaustion.  (Of course, later we knew it was due to an eating disorder.)

4-Officials expected a $5 million profit-but made only $57.

5-President William McKinley was shot (and later died), at the fair.  Coincidentally, this was also where the first x-ray machine debuted.

6-The first official "World ...

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Trivia: "SAY THAT AGAIN (Movie Edition)"

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang1-A dramatization of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the series of American blunders that allowed it to happen.

2-A SPECTRE agent has stolen two American nuclear warheads, and James Bond must find their targets before they are detonated.

3-The dying words of a thief spark a madcap cross-country rush to find some treasure.

4-A fast track lawyer can't lie for 24 hours due to his son's birthday wish after the lawyer turns his son down for the last time.

5-An egotistical saxophonist and a young singer meet on V-J Day and embark upon a strained and ...

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Trivia: "SAY THAT AGAIN / PART 2 (Song Edition)"

Bob LepineFrom guest quiz writer and Name That Tune maestro, BOB LEPINE ... give us TUNE TITLE and BONUS for WHO made the song popular!


1-She got the way to move me, she got the way to groove me.

2-The world is full of wondrous things, it's true. But they wouldn't have much meaning without you.

3-Here she come now, say . . .

4-Would you like some of my tangerine? I know I'll never treat you mean.

5-I don't know how I got the nerve to walk out. If I shout, remember, I feel free.

6-And ever since the day ...

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