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Just 4 Fun!

Trivia: "NO! NO! NO!"

Do Not Disturb1-Placard often hung on hotel room doorknob.

2-List that's supposed to preclude calls from solicitors.

3-Monopoly's unhappy dictate.

4-Possible instructions on a patient's chart.

5-Warning at the zoo.

6-Paul's exhortation (Romans 12).

7-"Back in the day"--an on-screen caption for technical trouble on the sender's end.

8-Seen on packages at the post office.

9-John Donne's exhortation regarding a ringing noise.

10-A red sign posted on one-way streets, in dangerous areas or for privacy :).


Don't miss a chance to check your answers!  Email Peggy.

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Trivia: "STONED"


2-Found on the beach at Huntington Beach CA recently.

3-It doesn't gather moss, or Mick.

4-Site of the O.K. Corral.

5-Purveyors of language learning.

6-Eponymous company founded in 1900 and still manufacturing tires.

7-Named for the frozen granite slab on which mix-ins are folded into ice cream.

8-Played Skeeter Phelan who spilled the beans on the life of Southern maids and the women they serve.

9-Glen Campbell sang about this kind of cowboy.

10-According to Ben Franklin, a man will keep his nose to this if he doesn't know how to save as he gets.

Ready ...

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Union Jack1-Paul Bunyan, et al.

2-Flies over the UK.

3-Airplane or vessel take-over.

4-Think bald, lollipop, NY police detective-who loves ya baby.

5-Jack LaLanne gets credit for popularizing it in the USA.

6-Creamy, nutty, originated by Mexican Franciscan friars in the Bay area.

7-Molasses-flavored candy-coated popcorn and peanuts ... with a prize in every box!

8-In the 70s he was the lead character in four movies about a "half-breed" Vietnam war vet and "hapido" master who stands up to violence and injustice.

9-Card game; licorice-flavored gum; pirate.

10-Car tracking device.

Think you got it?  Email Peggy to check your answers!

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CBS1-Network that William Paley founded


2-Top secret stuff ... or a good cooking school in NY

3-Where they focus on what ails us, disastrously

4-The three numbers on the back of your credit card

5-Better known (now) as CRU

6-The guy who manages the money

7-In our state, they rule the road

8-Nashville's industry

9-Ted Turner's empire

10-Know it and you may save a life someday

All clear?  Email Peggy to check your answers!

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Organic food1-Nationwide chain that exhorts "hold your groceries to a higher standard."

2-What Paul encouraged the Ephesians to put on.

3-Much healthier than white bread.

4-From 1968 (great year) to 1988, their "catalogs" intrigued the "Now" generation.

5-Complete the sentence from this Hall of Fame '72 commercial for Alka Seltzer:  "I can't believe I ate ..."

6-Aladdin and Jasmine sang about it.

7-Not retail.

8-Witness swears to tell this.

9-From butchering terms, to do something entirely or completely.

10-In music, represented by a hollow oval head.

Think you got it?  Email Peggy to check your answers!

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Presidents1-What King became president of the United States?

2-What was Abraham Lincoln's middle name?

3-Which President was married in the White House?

4-Who was the oldest chief executive to serve in the White House?  And who was the youngest?

5-Who was our only bachelor President?

6-What four presidents are engraved in stone at Mount Rushmore?

7-Since JFK--and including the Kennedy kids, how many children have lived in the White House?

8-What was George Washington's salary as President?

9-Which presidents have a monument in Washington DC?

10-Name a White House dog.  Seriously.  And bonus if you name FDR's ...

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