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Just 4 Fun!


CBS1-Network that William Paley founded


2-Top secret stuff ... or a good cooking school in NY

3-Where they focus on what ails us, disastrously

4-The three numbers on the back of your credit card

5-Better known (now) as CRU

6-The guy who manages the money

7-In our state, they rule the road

8-Nashville's industry

9-Ted Turner's empire

10-Know it and you may save a life someday

All clear?  Email Peggy to check your answers!

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Organic food1-Nationwide chain that exhorts "hold your groceries to a higher standard."

2-What Paul encouraged the Ephesians to put on.

3-Much healthier than white bread.

4-From 1968 (great year) to 1988, their "catalogs" intrigued the "Now" generation.

5-Complete the sentence from this Hall of Fame '72 commercial for Alka Seltzer:  "I can't believe I ate ..."

6-Aladdin and Jasmine sang about it.

7-Not retail.

8-Witness swears to tell this.

9-From butchering terms, to do something entirely or completely.

10-In music, represented by a hollow oval head.

Think you got it?  Email Peggy to check your answers!

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Presidents1-What King became president of the United States?

2-What was Abraham Lincoln's middle name?

3-Which President was married in the White House?

4-Who was the oldest chief executive to serve in the White House?  And who was the youngest?

5-Who was our only bachelor President?

6-What four presidents are engraved in stone at Mount Rushmore?

7-Since JFK--and including the Kennedy kids, how many children have lived in the White House?

8-What was George Washington's salary as President?

9-Which presidents have a monument in Washington DC?

10-Name a White House dog.  Seriously.  And bonus if you name FDR's ...

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Peggy's Not-So-Trivial 65th Birthday!

  • Thursday, February 12, 2015
  • Lee Ann Jackson
  • Just 4 Fun!

Today is a special day at Ambassador as we celebrate Peggy Campbell's upcoming 65th birthday on February 15th.

In honor of her birthday milestone and her love for trivia, we invite you to answer 10 trivia questions about Peggy Campbell.




1.    In what city was she born?

2.    What is her real name (both first and middle)?

3.    Her golden elementary years were spent in what seaside town?

4.    What was her major illness in high school?

5.    What make was her first car? (Bonus: What's her favorite car?)

6.    What college did ...

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  • Saturday, February 7, 2015
  • Peggy Campbell
  • Just 4 Fun!

Caddyshack1-Possibly ready to file bankruptcy

2-The enticing abode of Kealakekua where the old guitars are playing.

3-It's a crazy one beyond the tracks--just a coffeehouse and made out of wood.

4-Iconic NYC burger joint just went public this month.

5-Starring inimitable Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, Ted Knight.

6-SoCal eatery (Jani's favorite) with buckets of seafood.

7-For almost 50 years, iconic attraction at Knott's Berry Farm.

8-Arnold of Welcome Back, Kotter fame.

9-One of the fiery furnace trio.

10-Psychological test using inkblots :).

All clear?  Check your answers with Peggy!

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What's Your Favorite NRB Memory?

In our February Update newsletter, we're asking the question "What's your favorite memory from NRB?"  As Dr. Seuss said, "Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory."  See what significant moments we remember from NRB's of the past!  (And make some new memories with us at NRB '15, see how >>)

Al Sanders


When the Convention celebrated Bev Shea's 80th birthday -- not with a single cake, but 80 of 'em.  Bev's children and Billy Graham came to honor this faithful soloist.


Jim Sanders


I'll have to say the ...

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