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Just 4 Fun!


mother1-Sadly, her cupboard was bare.

2-Someone who's rather over-protective.

3-She sang about taking a walk on a winter's day.

4-System of companies renown for delivering phone service.

5-Main printed circuit unit found in computers.

6-Joan Crawford.

7-It is not nice to fool her.

8-Religious woman who served extraordinarily in Calcutta.

9-Think ... ABBA.

10-Fond name for our planet.


We love you moms!  And we'd love to see your guesses of these famous "mothers".  Check with Peggy for answers!

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Runners1-He raced to a sycamore tree in order to see Jesus clearly.

2-He hurried in to the High Priest when he mistook the voice of God for that of Eli.

3-No fraidy-cat, he plunged headlong into battle with a giant who ended up with a major headache.

4-He wasted no time getting to the Ethiopian reading Scripture.

5-He ran away when God asked him to deliver a message of doom to Nineveh.

6-Soon as he spotted his runaway son, this man took off to greet him.

7-Paul encouraged Philemon to welcome back the slave who had split.

8-She was so ...

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Trivia: "ALL ALs"

Al's BirthdayEnjoy this very special trivia quiz . . .


2-Sportscaster for more than 20 years on Monday Night Football (et al).

3-"Mornin' Mr. Radio ... did I tell you everything is fine in my mind?"

4-Ganster finally convicted of tax evasion (let that be a lesson to you :)).

5-English version of Arabic-language news network.

6-From Vaudeville to Talkies, he was once called "The World's Greatest Entertainer."

7-Oakland Raiders mogul.

8-Today show weatherman.

9-He was, quite simply, weird.

10-Ed O'Neill's character before he became Jay Pritchett in a new series.

BONUS:  The best AL on the face of the ...

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Reuben SandwichGood luck!

1-Red October, for one.

2-Its Count became famous because of an Alexander Dumas novel.

3-#1 son of Jacob and Leah.

4-What cavemen used for a weapon OR where its membership only.

5-Blondie's hubby.

6-The King.

7-When Gerard Depardieu, Jean-Claude Killy, Claude Monet go under a wave.

8-What you might nickname a trombone.

9- Yanked Wilbur.

10-Mr. Carmichael of song-writing fame.

Having too much fun ... so here's more:

11-How Howard Schultz, George Soros, Larry Ellison and Jay Z grew up.

12-Unkempt Mr. DiMaggio.

13-Mark or Fidel.

14-Roman bull.

15-A device for measuring or maintaining orientation-abbreviated.


Submit ...

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Trivia: "NO! NO! NO!"

Do Not Disturb1-Placard often hung on hotel room doorknob.

2-List that's supposed to preclude calls from solicitors.

3-Monopoly's unhappy dictate.

4-Possible instructions on a patient's chart.

5-Warning at the zoo.

6-Paul's exhortation (Romans 12).

7-"Back in the day"--an on-screen caption for technical trouble on the sender's end.

8-Seen on packages at the post office.

9-John Donne's exhortation regarding a ringing noise.

10-A red sign posted on one-way streets, in dangerous areas or for privacy :).


Don't miss a chance to check your answers!  Email Peggy.

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Trivia: "STONED"


2-Found on the beach at Huntington Beach CA recently.

3-It doesn't gather moss, or Mick.

4-Site of the O.K. Corral.

5-Purveyors of language learning.

6-Eponymous company founded in 1900 and still manufacturing tires.

7-Named for the frozen granite slab on which mix-ins are folded into ice cream.

8-Played Skeeter Phelan who spilled the beans on the life of Southern maids and the women they serve.

9-Glen Campbell sang about this kind of cowboy.

10-According to Ben Franklin, a man will keep his nose to this if he doesn't know how to save as he gets.

Ready ...

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