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Just 4 Fun!

Trivia: "... OF THE ..."


1-War between men and women.

2-The ultimate struggle for power pits men against kings and kings against gods and gods fighting among themselves.

3-Tom Selleck was offered the role but could you really imagine anyone but Mr. Ford playing Indy?

4-Time Magazine’s annual cover award.

5-Spencer Tracy/Elizabeth Taylor/Joan Bennett OR Steve Martin/Kimberly Williams/Diane Keaton.  I’ll take the latter with Steve Tyrell singing.

6-Can you believe Charlton Heston went from Moses to this?

7-Built as Disney ride in 1967, now a blockbuster film series—next ...

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Trivia: "AILMENTs"


1-The cow kicked this over.

2-It wags.

3-Caesar must be here.

4-Meg Ryan got it from Tom Hanks.

5-Pacific Crest, Appalachian, et al.

6-What they do at an iconic wall in Jersualem.

7-Cross or Columbus--they both did this.

8-O.J. Simpson's address.

9-Indy's pursuit of the holy one in The Last Crusade.

10-Cornelius Vanderbilt, Collis Huntington, Jay Gould were barons of this.

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Two answers each--what kind of animal and something more:

1-Dr. Doolittle has nothing on Scripture.  What animal talked and who did it address?

2-A bit of wisdom for the youngsters.  Don't tease a prophet.  Who were kids teasing and what animal took their lives?

3-What kind of herd went over the cliff at the command of Jesus?  Where did that happen?

4-Samson wrestled one of these and won.  By the way, who was he on the way to see when he encountered the beast?

5-Found under a bush at "the last ...

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Trivia: "IT IS WELL"


1-Multinational conglomerate company, manufacturer of everything from thermostats to aerospace products.

2-Marketing guru and prolific author.

3-Designated Lord Protector, he ruled Great Britain and Ireland in the 1650s.

4-Founder of Liberty University.

5-Politician and Baptist pastor who famously represented Harlem in the U.S. House of Representatives (1945-71).

6-Author of the classic, “Black Beauty.”

7-Renown for his Saturday Evening Post cover artwork.

8-Millionaire of “Island” fame.

9-Mr. Smart.

10-Large real estate enterprise.

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Trivia: "WHICH STORE?"


1-Founded 1969 in SF, the store began by selling Levi's and records.

2-Began in 1975 (Albany CA) where the original store remains in operation--affordable prices and "no appointment required"!

3-In 1927, Johnny Green began selling milk, bread and eggs out of an ice house--how convenient is that!

4-The initials stand for its byline (not owner initials) and its "wares" have extended far beyond the original health and beauty products when founded in 1963 (Lowell MA).

5-Throwing a little soiree?  Since 1986, this has been the place to go--expanded far beyond the East Hanover NJ launch.

6-Yep, really.  Manny, Moe ...

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Trivia: "WHICH GATE?"


1-A substitute (often used in reference to pregnancy)

2-What GPS or Waze helps you do

3-What detectives do

4-Colson’s demise

5-Supply water

6-Said to be opened when a decision results in much change

7-Question, usually vigorously

8-Purveyor of toothpaste, et al

9-Fourth century translation of the Bible—Latin (for you, Ev)

10-Sailing ship

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