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Just 4 Fun!

Trivia: "10 DAYS IN AUGUST"


First …

http://theweek.com/articles/641564/dont-curmudgeon-olympics-are-awesome? … AMEN!

SO …

1-What renown playwright coined the term “Olympian” regarding athletes?

2-What do the rings in the Olympic symbol represent?

3-Modern Olympics were cancelled only three times in history (beginning 1896).  Which years?  Why?

4-What Olympic event appeared in 1900 only?  (The popularity of Downton Abbey may evoke a resurgence?)

5-What collegiate activity and picnic game was once an Olympic event (1900-1920)?

6-Can you guess what year the photo-finish was initiated at Olympic games?

7-The 1936 Olympics are renown because of Jesse Owens running ...

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1-Which President’s library sits on the Arkansas River in Little Rock?  (Kinda makes me wonder—will they do side-by-side Libraries or will hers go up in NY?? :-)!)

2-The state is home to the only producing mine in the U.S. of what gem?

3-He walked the line—and was born in Kingsland AR.

4-Who established the chain’s first location in Rogers AR (1962)?

5-Called the “Spinach Capital of the world,” Alma AR is also home to a statue of what beloved cartoon character?

6-Believe it or not, 48% of the country’s production of this grain originates in ...

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1-Happy Days family

2-Mr. Young of Salt Lake City fame

3-Site of horrendous church bombing 1963

4-Posh's married name

5-Bel-Air street of Simpson fame

6-Prolific author of legal thrillers

7-Fabric typically associated with the frontier

8-Billy, Ruth, Anne, Franklin, et al

9-Took his son to the altar but a ram saved the day

10-Batman's home city


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Trivia: "... OF THE ..."


1-War between men and women.

2-The ultimate struggle for power pits men against kings and kings against gods and gods fighting among themselves.

3-Tom Selleck was offered the role but could you really imagine anyone but Mr. Ford playing Indy?

4-Time Magazine’s annual cover award.

5-Spencer Tracy/Elizabeth Taylor/Joan Bennett OR Steve Martin/Kimberly Williams/Diane Keaton.  I’ll take the latter with Steve Tyrell singing.

6-Can you believe Charlton Heston went from Moses to this?

7-Built as Disney ride in 1967, now a blockbuster film series—next ...

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Trivia: "AILMENTs"


1-The cow kicked this over.

2-It wags.

3-Caesar must be here.

4-Meg Ryan got it from Tom Hanks.

5-Pacific Crest, Appalachian, et al.

6-What they do at an iconic wall in Jersualem.

7-Cross or Columbus--they both did this.

8-O.J. Simpson's address.

9-Indy's pursuit of the holy one in The Last Crusade.

10-Cornelius Vanderbilt, Collis Huntington, Jay Gould were barons of this.

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Two answers each--what kind of animal and something more:

1-Dr. Doolittle has nothing on Scripture.  What animal talked and who did it address?

2-A bit of wisdom for the youngsters.  Don't tease a prophet.  Who were kids teasing and what animal took their lives?

3-What kind of herd went over the cliff at the command of Jesus?  Where did that happen?

4-Samson wrestled one of these and won.  By the way, who was he on the way to see when he encountered the beast?

5-Found under a bush at "the last ...

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