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Just 4 Fun!

Trivia: "SPANNERs"


1-Symbol of The City by the Bay, it is almost 9000-feet in length and despite it's name is more orange than otherwise.

2-Made more famous after the book became a movie with Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood.

3-Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon made this one famous.

4-Based on rather sad children's story about an unlikely friendship and an invented enchanted land.

5-One of my all-time favorites ... William Holden, Alec Guinness, Sessue Hayakawa--and a lot of whistling.

6-Built in 1883 and one of the oldest of its type in the US, it was a focal point for 9/11 ...

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Trivia: "BRILLIANT!"


Name the innovation these creative folks are responsible for bringing to our culture :-)!

1-Arthur Wynne created this popular "mental exercise" in 1913, making popular words such as aa, emu, smee, et al.

2-Edward Lowe gave his cat-owner neighbor a bag in 1947, launching a $2 billion industry.

3-Daisuke Inoue was a terrible drummer and rather lazy, recording tracks to use when he didn't feel like playing.  And bad singing had a new beginning.

4-Ernie Fraze got his bright idea in 1963 when he couldn't find a can opener at a picnic.

5-Eugene Polley's original creation resembled a ...

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1-They manufacture them (currently) in Milk Chocolate with Almonds, Cookies 'n' Crème, Milk Chocolate with Caramel and "Hugs" versions.

2-He kissed his brother to indicate betrayal in the "Part II" edition of the movie series.

3-He created the iconic sculpture of two characters from Dante's Divine Comedy  in 1882.

4-His was a kiss followed by suicide.

5-His was the most dramatic of the four face-painted members of this group.

6-Their kiss on 7/29/81 was seen around the world.  Three decades later their son stood in the same place to do the same.

7-This couple was caught ...

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Trivia: "SUPERBOWL 50!"


1-Who played in the first SuperBowl--which team won?

2-What team had the longest winning streak in SB history?  (Let's just say I'm pretty sure Jon Campbell would know this!)

3-What's the longest play (# yards) in SB history?

4-Which teams played in the most-watched SB (114 million viewers)?

5-What's the largest margin of victory in a SB game?  (Team that won?)

6-Which SB had the largest crowd?  Teams?  Location?

7-Three teams "tie" for most trips (8) to SB competition.  Which teams?

8-Who originated the now "de rigeur" post-game line ... "I'm going to Disney World!"?

9-Which team ...

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Trivia: "WHAT's FOR DINNER? (PART 1)"


Identify the place—and I'm giving you the year/location of founding just to give you extra help!

1-Named for the founders; began as a roadside drink stand to offer a new thick and creamy signature soft drink; LODI CA (1919).

2-Renown for a square burger and spotlessly clean facility (countering the expose of the meat packing industry in Upton Sinclair's novel The Jungle); WICHITA KS (1921).

3-Its "military" founder was as well-known as its signature Southern dish; NORTH CORBIN KY (1930).

4-Its big news now is breakfast all day; SAN BERNARDINO CA (1940).*

5-Now known by its ...

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1-Creator of the contemporary wizard "industry."

2-Raindrops kept falling on his head.

3-English writer, theologian, poet, philosopher, orator, critic, humorist, biographer, "the prince of paradox" ... and that's just the start.

4-Owner of South Fork.

5-Hip hop artist born as Stanley Kirk Burrell.

6-Contemporary theologian who serves as Bishop of Durham.

7-He was ultimately surprised by Joy but first renown for creating tales of a fantasy land.

8-Originally a tobacco farmer--he "wrapped" up his life in 1918 as owner of quite a metallic empire.

9-Renown architect including the Louvre Pyramid, Four Seasons Hotel NYC and the Rock and Roll Hall ...

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