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Ministry Updates

Why Worldview Matters

It's already been three years since Chuck Colson passed away and so much has happened in our world since then, yet his faith and vision to redeem the culture lives on.  Chuck taught us so much about the importance of having a Christian worldview, and living a life based on Christian principles.

Just recently, I came across this quote from Chuck, "We must be the same person in private and in public. Only the Christian worldview gives us the basis for this kind of integrity."  This struck me particularly since I'd just had a conversation with my teenage ...

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Connecting The Dots This Father's Day

connect-four-fathers-day"Connect Four" was one of my favorite childhood games.  I enjoyed the simple concept-get four game pieces in a row-and the multiple options for strategy.  Straight up, left or right, or diagonal ... were all acceptable methods to achieving the goal of four in a row.

While playing against my grandpa around 4th grade, he taught me The Rule of the Center.  The Rule isn't an actual game guideline, but a self-imposed formula deeply held by all who know it.

Every time we get the first turn, followers of The Rule unfailingly drop their first playing piece into the ...

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A Mother's Legacy

The profile on Anne Graham Lotz's Twitter page reads: "Bible Teacher aimed at evangelizing the lost, reviving the hearts of God's people through exalting Jesus and proclaiming God's Word."

There are a lot of reasons why Anne is admired and cherished by many - her steadfastness to God's Word and commitment to revival in His people are just two of the many.

Personally, the list of reasons why I admire Anne is very long.  One reason in particular comes to mind often these days with Mother's Day quickly approaching -- the role of mothers in our lives ...

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A Significant Milestone

MacArthur New Testament CommentaryRecently John MacArthur reached a significant milestone that very few Bible teachers have ever accomplished: writing a detailed commentary on every verse of the New Testament.  

In follow-up to the completion of The MacArthur New Testament Commentary (a more than 35-year project), Carl Miller asked John on a recent "Grace to You®" broadcast, "What was the most rewarding aspect of this project? The reason countless hours of writing were well-spent?"  Here's John's response ...

The most exhilarating, blessed, triumphant, joyful, convicting experience of my life is to be studying the Word of God.  If you're going to study ...

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How I Want My Life to Live

One of the best pieces of design advice I've ever heard is to start not with how you want your home to look but with how you want your home to live.

I've taken that counsel to heart - with three children, church, work, school, sports and just the overall busyness of life, I try to make our home live a "no-fuss" life - while it's orderly (ok, "semi" orderly), the décor is humble and the feel of the house is unpretentious . . . it's a "lived-in" design style.

I've learned through the years that I have to ...

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The Paradox

“This is going to hurt me far more than it will hurt you.”

Ever hear that?  I did.  Of course, I couldn’t fathom that statement was true until I had children of my own.  My Dad used his hand to drive home the lesson.  And then, in some great cosmic circular irony, I found myself uttering the same phrase when junior needed some corporal training.  FWIW, I gave up spanking him early on when he started laughing at my angst and poor application of the lesson.

But at school, it was ...

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