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Ministry Updates

When Two Become Three

Strong marriages don't just happen. They are created over time by intentional effort of the couple. Like the painter's masterpiece, building a healthy marriage requires skill, creativity, endurance, and a working knowledge of the canvas, brush, and paint.
-Ron Deal, Executive Director of FamilyLife Blended

Blended Family

Last week we traveled back east to attend the wedding of our beautiful niece.  It was a simple, yet elegant, family affair with the ceremony performed by the groom's 87-year old grandfather. It was like no other wedding we've attended before. While the brief sermon message talked about God's love ...

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John MacArthur’s Upcoming "Jet Tour" Maps Out New Testament


Whenever I head off on a road trip, I always set the destination into my GPS and keep a paper atlas in the trunk, just in case.

But recently, I started to going to Google Earth a few days before my trip to get a bird's-eye view of the entire journey.  I check out the terrain, look for areas of congestion and even select "Street View" if I want to see exactly what specific turnoffs are going to look like when I arrive.  Having a good overview helps me navigate the journey and, Lord willing, make it safely to ...

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35 Things I Wish I'd Known In High School

So today is a weird day.  My oldest child starts high school, and as I see the photos of many friends who have just sent their kids to college, I know that these next four years will go by faster than I'd like.  My husband and I are struck by the reality that there is still so much we want to teach our son before he graduates (class of 2019!) and leaves the nest.

While this day brings up lots of emotions, it also causes me to reflect on my high school years and at times, makes me think ...

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Morning Prayer

Woman PrayingIs it hard for you to take time to pray before starting your day?  Just keeping your eyes open is often a challenge in the early morning hours, let alone taking time to pray.

My day begins very early, but if I don't take time to pray the day just doesn't seem to go well.  Without my morning prayer time with the Lord, I'm on my plan for the day, not God's . . .  and that never works out well. 

Elizabeth George, A Woman after God's Own Heart, reminds us that each day is so full of ...

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Plug Into Popular Entertainment 5 Times a Week

Plugged InA few months ago I had the opportunity to travel to Europe.  I was amazed at the far-reaching influence of Hollywood.  In a Paris metro station I saw movie posters for "Les Minions" ("Minions" Movie) and "Vice Versa" ("Inside Out").  While walking up the Champs de Elysee I passed posters for "Ricky and the Flash" (this time in English).  And in a bistro in Rome the music of choice was a mix of pop hits from the 90s.

I travelled over 5,000 miles away from Hollywood and found...Hollywood.  I wonder if there are theater's in Antarctica?  (I ...

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Back to School & Student Rights

The start of a new school year is a very exciting and yet, stressful time, for both students and their parents.  My two kids are entering Junior High and High School this week and this "new season" of change brings up lots of emotions.  It also brings my husband and me to our knees in prayer, especially since we know that their Christian faith will be challenged while attending public school.

This week and next week on "The Garlow Perspective," Jim Garlow speaks to the issue of student rights and religious freedom in public schools.  While many teachers encourage their ...

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