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Ministry Updates

Why Do You Love the Church?

There've been a few Sundays when I've had to miss church and when I do, disappointment fills my soul.  It's not that I feel guilty for not attending, but that I've missed out on a great message (that I'm confident was meant just for me!), fellowship with other believers, and of course the experience of Holy worship. 

I realize not everyone feels the same way I do about church.  In fact, many of my own relatives find church unnecessary or inconvenient while others who profess to be Christians will not attend church because of a ...

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Setting a New Course

Carys ParkerKnown as the face of love in action, Mercy Ships® has treated upwards of 535,000 patients in the poorest cities throughout the world.  The ministry has taken Jesus to people through the avenue of medicine and healthcare for the past 30 years -- people who may have never heard of Him otherwise.

And while I tend to focus on the amazing care that professionally trained physicians bring to patients battling fatal diseases, I forget to ponder what God does in the lives of the staff and volunteers aboard ship.

Carys Parker is the 19-year-old daughter of Gary Parker, who has ...

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Safe Surrender

To surrender is to give up . . . to end something.

Not always though.

As the 119th infant was surrendered in LA County since the Safe Surrender program began 13 years ago, these mothers didn't give up, they surrendered their babies to give them a new beginning.

The Safe Surrender Program allows new moms to surrender infants within 72 hours of birth, no questions asked.  A newborn girl who was surrendered at a hospital recently was the sixth infant turned over under the Safe Surrender law in Los Angeles County this year, according to county Supervisor Don Knabe.  A baby ...

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Planting Seeds

My daughter has this thing for planting flowers.  She loves to plant seeds and watch them grow into flowers.  Problem is, she doesn't have much of a green thumb.

So, what ends up happening is the whole family gets involved.  I buy the seed and the soil, Rebecca plants the seed, her sister waters it and her brother makes sure it gets a few hours of sunlight a week.

Eventually, the flower blooms.

Evangelism can also be a matter of planting seeds.

Sometimes, it's telling someone you're going to pray for them.  Then, another person invites that ...

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A Biblical Look at Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is here, presenting unique challenges and opportunities.  Are you finding it difficult to best articulate the case for one-man and one-woman marriage in every-day conversation? 

How can you defend God's definition of marriage in a culture that's almost criminalized dissent on the issue?  Fortunately, two authors have come together to write a book titled simply, "Same-Sex Marriage," by John Stonestreet and Sean McDowell.

On last weekend's "BreakPoint® This Week" broadcast, guest host Eric Metaxas interviewed John and Sean who discussed how we got to this point in the same-sex marriage debate and how we can ...

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Life As An Adventure

Joni's ParentsI first heard the Eleanor Roosevelt quote, "Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure," at a recent dinner event.  I liked it and quickly wrote it down. But more than the quote itself, I was most impacted by the fact that a certain fellow dinner guest said she loved the quote  . . . that she loves to think of life as an adventure!

A diving accident in 1967 left her a quadriplegic in a wheelchair, without the use of her hands.  After two years of rehabilitation, she emerged with new skills and a fresh determination to help others in similar ...

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