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Ministry Updates

My deepest desire is to be a Woman after God's Own Heart . . .  a godly woman.  One molded by and used of God.  And, without God's leading and intervention it won't happen.  That is my daily prayer. 

Elizabeth George (A Woman after God's Own Heart) says that praying to become a godly woman is a worthy prayer, but she also asks, "What does a godly woman do?  How does she act?  What is it about her that marks her out as a godly woman?" 

Those are the answers I need.   Elizabeth points to Titus 2:3-5 where you will find the character qualities of a godly woman.  She says the 10 most important priorities for women are: 


Godly Speech

Love of Husband

Love of Family

Love of Home


Personal Discipline


Ministry to Others

Christ-like Behavior

If you share Elizabeth's and my prayer to become a godly woman, read Titus 2:3-5 and ask God to show you how to develop these qualities in your life.  It won't be an overnight change, but it will be well worth the end results! 


Sheri Cooper

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.


Six Summer Suggestions for Your Family

Focus Summer

We know that every day you are thinking about the hundreds and thousands of families represented by listeners to your radio station -- and we're grateful for your partnership!  So when it comes to thinking of your family, we want to help!  We've put together a list of six suggestions to help your family thrive this summer.  Take a look, and (hint) be sure you read #6!  

1. Summer movies

Tarzan, Independence Day, Finding Dory . . . oh my!  Get a handle on what's in theaters this summer, and visit PluggedIn.com (or the mobile app) first to make an ...

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A Visit From Museum of the Bible

rickmotb1rLast week, the Museum of the Bible (MOTB) crew was in our neck of the woods!

My husband, Brian, currently serves as Pastor Rick Warren's right hand man, so our worlds got to mesh a little bit when Saddleback hosted MOTB as they shared with our church about the actual Museum of the Bible (opening November 2017).

The evening started with a pre-event which included a word from Steve Green and other members of the MOTB board, a tour of some of the artifacts they'll include in the museum, "hangout" time with some of our MOTB friends...and ...

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Why Haven’t You Prayed Yet?

ttpmayWhen was the last time you made the choice to call out to God in the midst of a hardship?

For me, I called out to God several times during my recent season of wedding planning and tough family circumstances.  However, there were even more times during this season when I failed to do so and let the weight of it all remain on my shoulders.

I remember one time in particular, I was tired and overwhelmed, and hadn't been praying about a specific situation as often as I should've been. 

I sat down on my bed, and ...

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Global Outreach Day is May 28th!

globHow often do you share your faith?

In a recent edition of "Making Your Life Count", musician, John Schlitt, speaks to the importance of sharing our hearts with others.  He shares:

"We only get so much chance to bring across messages we believe."

John continues to talk about a message that's important to him, which is the gospel of Christ.  When we see through the eyes of Christ, there's so much to talk about, sing about, and change.

John's testimony reminds me that the opportunities we're given to share Christ with others are a gift. No ...

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How Ordinary Were the Disciples?

"A dozen men under the power of the Holy Spirit are a more potent force than the teeming masses whose initial enthusiasm for Jesus was apparently provoked by little more than sheer curiosity."  -John MacArthur, Twelve Ordinary Men

It's easy to think of Jesus' twelve disciples as titans of virtue, faith, and courage-men the average Christian can admire, but not emulate.  Fortunately, that's not the case.  In fact, Peter, James, John, and the rest of the apostles were profoundly ordinary, yet God used them in extraordinary ways.  This month John MacArthur's going to show your listeners how ...

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When Your Church Friends Aren’t Saved


"It's so easy to presume that all the unsaved people in our lives are outside the walls of our churches."  Barry Meguiar

Growing up as a homeschooled pastor's kid who lived on the church property, it seemed my only time outside of the "Christian bubble" was when I worked at the local grocery store or attended a birthday party for friends without Christian family.

My family and I spent so much time at church—with Dad the only paid staff member for the rural congregation, we were the "voluntold" help.

People we didn't know, knew who we ...

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