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Ministry Updates

Keep It Honest, Real, Simple and Focused on God

We had our summer baptismal service at church this weekend.  Twenty Christ followers made the decision to be baptized.  One of those baptizing was my church's Youth Pastor, David Newkirk.

It's not terribly surprising that a youth pastor would be baptizing believers.

The miracle is that David is alive today.

Joni Eareckson Tada recently re-aired the TV episode, The Mystery of Prayer, which shares about the role of intercessory prayer in her own cancer journey and, the role of prayer in the lives of David and Celia Newkirk.

In this episode, as she does in her radio program ...

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A Hunger to Do More

It's human nature.  It begins at infancy. 

I remember when my oldest (who turns 21 this month!) was a baby.  She would squish up her nose and make this silly grin over and over again  . . . as long as I reacted.  She'd make the funny face.  I'd laugh.  She'd do it again.

When what we do causes someone else to react positively, it's human nature to want to do more - be silly and make someone laugh more, take on more projects on the heels of your boss' accolades or speak words of encouragement to someone causing ...

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Take Up Your Cross

I like jewelry though like most women, I take off my earrings and bracelets when I get home.  There's one piece I leave on, though, day or night.  My silver cross necklace.

I don't wear it to symbolize my love to Christ to others.  I wear it to help remind myself of how I should be prayerfully spending my days.

In her 1:00 daily feature "Daily Light for Daily Living®" and her weekly program "Living in the Light," Anne Graham Lotz shares about the importance of the Cross.   As she shares from God's Word, she encourages ...

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Before Amen

max-lucado-before-amenI'm reluctant in things relational!  A slow-starter.  Not the first responder.

And those who know me well are likely to agree.

Over the years that trait has caused me consternation when it comes to prayerthe ultimate relationship!

How do I possibly relate with an All-Mighty God?  Relate in ways meaningful to Him?  That was my dilemma.  So I set up "rules of engagement"
no asking "why?"; no asking for myself; no complaining or hinting that He might not understand; use Scripture more than my own words. . .  It was quite a list.

And these "rules of engagement" worked well ...

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Still Growing!

This past Saturday, thousands more like this husband and his wife showed up at the Allstate Arena in Chicago to say ... I Still Do!   And by all accounts, it was a spiritually enriching day for all who attended (some even willing to admit they were still growing :-)).  The tweets and posts coming out of the event said as much.  Take a look:

Thanks to great leaders like those we are hearing from today, I fall deeper and deeper in love with my beautiful wife. #ISDChicago

Enjoying the program here with my wife at I Still Do Chicago. Jen ...
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So—what has Church done for you lately?

Church lifeBy no means do I attend the perfect church.  The old adage implies, "How could it be perfect if I'm a member?"

But over and over I see and hear of people in my church stepping up when a family needs meals in a crisis, when a loved one dies, prayer before it's asked for, acts of kindness without being asked.  Our worship leader is dying with cancer and one of his dreams is to take an Alaskan Cruise.  He told me just this past week, that "someone" in the church is sending he and his wife to ...

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