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Ministry Updates

Stepping Out in Faith

Walking out in faithWe know God wants us to step out in faith, but I have to admit my doubts often step in.  I wonder if I'm really hearing God correctly, and if this decision will turn out to be a wrong choice I'll regret. 

I was reading Elizabeth George's "A Woman after God's Own Heart Devotional" and read a story about Rebekah.  Elizabeth writes, "When Rebekah was asked to travel to a faraway place to become the wife if Isaac, her words were, "I will go" (Genesis 24:58).  "I will go...with a stranger."  "I will go ...

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See Eric Metaxas at NRB 2015

We hope to see you at this year's NRB Convention taking place in Nashville just two weeks from now!  The countdown is here and we wanted to be sure that you take special note of recently added events to the schedule.

Author and BreakPoint® host, Eric Metaxas will be at the convention again this year.  He'll be interviewed at the Media Excellence Dinner and just before that, Eric will be leading a social media panel as part of the Digital Media Summit on Wednesday, February 25.  Get more details here.

Also, we're looking forward to our annual ...

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Loving God, Loving Others

FamilyWhat can Focus on the Family listeners look forward to hearing this week?  The answer is timeless truth that reflects Jesus' instruction to us:

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart ... and Love your neighbor as yourself." (Luke 10:27)

See for yourself . . .

On Tuesday, February 10, Focus on the Family's broadcast will welcome film producer Brian Ivie.  He'll share how God completely changed his life while he was making a movie called, The Drop Box.  Brian will talk about the subject of the documentary, a South Korean pastor who's rescued hundreds of abandoned babies ...

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Invitation to a NRB Experience

SonSetAre you giving your RSVPs to the many NRB invitations crossing your desk?  Be sure to send in your "YES" for Reach Beyond's SonSet Effect event!  The ministry is preparing a very unique and memorable immersion experience so you can learn more about Thailand and the impact that little solar-powered, fixed tuned radios are having in such a spiritually dark place.

You'll walk away inspired by what God is doing through media in an area of the world ready for light.  Plus, anyone who attends will be registered to win a trip overseas to experience for yourself the ...

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Hymns For A New Perspective

One of my favorite movies to watch with my youngest is Soul Surfer.  There's a particular scene about perspective which is a standout for both of us.

In this scene, Bethany Hamilton's youth group leader shows the students pictures and they have to guess what they are - the problem is, if they look at them while magnified, they appear to be something they aren't.  If you take a step back, get a new perspective, you can clearly see what the picture is in reality. 
I'm working on a new perspective today as I'm challenged with ...

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An "Offensive" Valentine's Day Card

"Roses are red, violets are blue" . . . no problem for a child's Valentine's Day card-just don't include a Bible verse!

That's exactly what a first grader did when he gave Valentine's Day cards to classmates with a note mentioning God and John 3:16 in a little story about the history of St. Valentine's Day.  The principal ordered the cards removed.  His explanation to the parents was that they could be "offensive" to others.

On this Friday's edition of "The Garlow Perspective," Jim Garlow shares this story and how the Nazareth School District revised ...

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