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Ministry Updates

Why True Woman

Almost every day I hear about real-life challenges from women in my sphere of influence.  You might say that they are all living IN something, whether it's in love, in pain, in grief, or in trouble.  Each of us are searching for answers that bring relief to whatever circumstance we find ourselves in.  How many find those answers in Christ?

Next week, Revive Our Hearts will welcome a crowd of women (8,300 currently registered!) in Indianapolis for their much-anticipated True Woman '14 National Women's Conference with this year's theme: Finding Freedom, Fullness, and Fruitfulness in Christ ...

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Trifecta Partnership

Trifecta Partnership"We are continually amazed by how God provides the resources we need to be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus Christ to many people in our community who do not know Him."

Could that statement have been said by you?  Perhaps you just met your station's sharathon goal.  Or a very large undesignated check came in the mail.  Maybe you got twice as many vendors to donate for your next event. 

Unexpected provision from surprising sources leave us amazed with how God provides.

"Partnership" is one way of how God provides -- and Reach Beyond knows that full well ...

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Celebrating the Radio Launch of "The Boundless Show"

The Boundless Show

We're celebrating launch week for "The Boundless Show" -- a new 26:00 weekly program from Boundless, the young adults ministry of Focus on the Family. 

Launching station partners included in the celebration are:

Bott Radio Network
Toccoa Falls Network
Family Life Radio
Your Network of Praise
Faith Radio Network
. . . and more!

It's not too late for your station to join the launch party.  "The Boundless Show" starts this weekend (10/4) and is for stations who want to address the issues young adults care about right now -- everything from ...

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Building a Biblical Worldview

One of the first times I heard the term "biblical worldview" was from Chuck Colson on BreakPoint® many years ago.  Now, I'm hearing it mentioned everywhere.  It seems that everyone is talking about worldview.  And, that's a good thing for a ministry like BreakPoint® who is providing cultural commentary while helping listeners understand why a Christian worldview matters.

So, what exactly is a biblical worldview?  John Stonestreet defines a worldview as "a framework of basic beliefs we have (whether we know it or not) that shapes our view of and for the world."  Christianity is a worldview and ...

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A PK's Perspective on Clergy Appreciation Month

With BarryWe had the most marvelous time visiting Revival Outside the Walls a few weeks ago.  AAA got to take a fascinating tour of Barry Meguiar's recording studio, car display room, offices, and prayer room—where staff spend rejuvenating time with the Lord during the workday.

After the tour, we piled into the conference room for devotions.  Barry shared stories, stats, and scriptures.  The statistic that most caught my attention was:

81% of pastors have considered quitting in the last 12 months.

I was stunned to hear this!  As a pastor's kid, however, I can recall seasons in the ...

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What to Cut out of Scripture

I’m going to be real candid.  There are some passages in scripture I just don’t like. 

It’s probably because they force me to be the person God wants me to be and not the person I have a tendency to be.

To be clear, I most certainly believe the Bible is inherent.  And I believe that everything in the Old and New Testaments is “inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped ...

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