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Ministry Updates

Bloom Where You're Planted

There's a familiar phrase that says, "Bloom where you're planted."  I think of this when I watch programs that showcase talent, or attend a concert, or at church when I see people using their God-given talents in leading worship.  I don't know about you, but it's an experience that gives me goose bumps!

As a parent, I've enjoyed watching my kids discover and use their talents.  I find myself constantly encouraging them to "be the best YOU that only you can be!"  I think that's what God desires for each of us.  So why ...

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You Are the 2% Solution

How many countries are known to be 2% or less evangelical Christian?

Is it:

a) 43 countries
b) 57 countries
c) 87 countries

The answer is 87 countries.  That means 2.9 billion people are unreached around the world.

With .5% of church resources given to reach the unreached, what can be done to reach these 2% areas?

The answer for Christian radio stations is simple:  Be a part of the 2% solution!  Watch this video from Sally Barton, General Manager of Arizona Shine.

Sally Barton

"We have partnered, in the last three years, with the SonSet radios, taking the good news ...

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Managing Your Life Well

New bookTime ... there never seems to be enough in a day.  Are you so busy and overwhelmed that you are not able to keep up?   If your answer is yes, then I have good news for you!

Elizabeth George has written a wonderful book called Life Management for Busy Women.  She encourages women that need help managing their lives, to look to God's Word for answers, and she gives practical steps for living and improving every area of your life.

Elizabeth learned from her own life experiences as a wife and mother that there is hope for your busy life ...

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Honoring Christ with Our Life

What does true discipleship look like? How should we use our Christian liberty?  How can we impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ?  According to Grace to You®, those questions-and many more-speak to the heart of what it means to honor Christ with our life. 

John MacArthur SpeakingAnd that's the focus of John MacArthur's teaching next month on the daily broadcast of "Grace to You®."  A Course for Life is the best-of collection from John's chapel messages at The Master's College where he regularly preaches to more than 1,000 students.  This series of messages (airing ...

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Life and Social Media

It's back to school time and for some of us, that means kids going away to college.

A friend just left her son at Biola.  She signed up for a Biola Twitter feed and liked a Facebook page for parents of Biola students.  Another friend learned of an app which Cal Berkeley offers to students and their families that will help when they move their child into the dorms.

Social Media has changed our world.

There's good and bad side to that and a wise parent knows the balance.  Personally, I'm less concerned about the bad side ...

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Keep It Honest, Real, Simple and Focused on God

We had our summer baptismal service at church this weekend.  Twenty Christ followers made the decision to be baptized.  One of those baptizing was my church's Youth Pastor, David Newkirk.

It's not terribly surprising that a youth pastor would be baptizing believers.

The miracle is that David is alive today.

Joni Eareckson Tada recently re-aired the TV episode, The Mystery of Prayer, which shares about the role of intercessory prayer in her own cancer journey and, the role of prayer in the lives of David and Celia Newkirk.

In this episode, as she does in her radio program ...

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