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Ministry Updates

What about student rights in public schools?

student-rights-handbookJim Garlow hasn't met a cultural issue he's reluctant to addressand when he does, it's with the aplomb of biblical authority.

Alliance Defending Freedom is the perfect partner in Jim's desire to transcend culture with biblical imperative.  It's why he speaks so forcefully about religious freedom, freedom of speech and the political arena
as a pastor and a commentator.

In this month's "The Garlow Perspective," Jim joins with ADF in presenting listeners with a special week (November 10-14) addressing the question of Student Rights in the public school system, grades K-12.

Just a ...

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True Women in Training

It was such a blessing for me to be a part of Revive Our Hearts' True Woman '14 Conference, joining more than 8,400 women in Indianapolis and many more who watched via live webstream.  I love this picture taken at the conference because it serves as a reminder that whether we're a baby or a grown woman, we're all at different places in our spiritual growth and we're all in training.

Last month's conference was so well-received with women going home to their families and desiring to live out the teaching they received in regards ...

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Final Days

I read the Twitter updates last night about Brittany Maynard and Lauren Hill – both women diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.

Both life stories highlighted in the media on the same day . . . one choosing to take her last breath and one fulfilling her dream of playing in her first college basketball game.

"Same disease but two very different women. Lauren Hill will be remembered as a courageous and persevering role model for generations of young women. Sadly, Brittany Maynard will only be remembered as a suicide advocate. Lauren is squeezing out of her ...

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Billy Graham on Heaven

As Billy Graham's 96th birthday rolls around on November 7th, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is encouraging churches and individual believers to use the My Hope outreach around that date to simply share Jesus with friends, family and neighbors who may be far from God.

A new video called, Heaven, with a never-before-seen message from Mr. Graham, was released last week to equip believers to share the Gospel in whatever setting they choose-church, home  . . . anywhere!

(You can order your free copy of the DVD on the BGEA web site.)

And radio stations are encouraged to share the My ...

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A ministry based on “fun?”

barry-meguiarNo kidding!  It's how Barry Meguiar describes leading people to Christ.  And he's been having fun doing just that for over 40 years!

And in his daily feature "Revival Outside the Walls"—he's "igniting" listeners to turn every circumstance into an opportunity to share Christ.

Imagine buying the groceries for a single mom standing in line with you and telling her "God just wanted you to know He still loves you."  Not at all unusual for Barry to do.  And how many people do you suppose she's shared that story with?

Or how about the next ...

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The Rope, The Tree, and The Voice

Pa Noi had lost hope.  To her, life was no longer worth living.  In fact, she had a plan to end her life but God had other plans.  Watch this incredible story of how radio is literally saving lives in Thailand.

(Watch "The Rope, The Tree, and The Voice" above or on YouTube)

Stories like Pa Noi's are shared everyday on "Reach Beyond" with Wayne Pederson, a daily 1:00 features heard on Christian radio stations around the country.  While these stories celebrate changed lives, they also point to the willingness of those who are reaching beyond to provide ...

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