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Ministry Updates

Before Amen

max-lucado-before-amenI'm reluctant in things relational!  A slow-starter.  Not the first responder.

And those who know me well are likely to agree.

Over the years that trait has caused me consternation when it comes to prayerthe ultimate relationship!

How do I possibly relate with an All-Mighty God?  Relate in ways meaningful to Him?  That was my dilemma.  So I set up "rules of engagement"
no asking "why?"; no asking for myself; no complaining or hinting that He might not understand; use Scripture more than my own words. . .  It was quite a list.

And these "rules of engagement" worked well ...

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Still Growing!

This past Saturday, thousands more like this husband and his wife showed up at the Allstate Arena in Chicago to say ... I Still Do!   And by all accounts, it was a spiritually enriching day for all who attended (some even willing to admit they were still growing :-)).  The tweets and posts coming out of the event said as much.  Take a look:

Thanks to great leaders like those we are hearing from today, I fall deeper and deeper in love with my beautiful wife. #ISDChicago

Enjoying the program here with my wife at I Still Do Chicago. Jen ...
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So—what has Church done for you lately?

Church lifeBy no means do I attend the perfect church.  The old adage implies, "How could it be perfect if I'm a member?"

But over and over I see and hear of people in my church stepping up when a family needs meals in a crisis, when a loved one dies, prayer before it's asked for, acts of kindness without being asked.  Our worship leader is dying with cancer and one of his dreams is to take an Alaskan Cruise.  He told me just this past week, that "someone" in the church is sending he and his wife to ...

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So much fun!

car shine*Every inch of my car inspected for dirt and dust and immediately wiped to a glassy finish?  Check!

*Windows clean--no smudges?  Check!

*Showroom presentable?  Check!

Before you criticize my shallowness and vanity--hear me out.

Barry Meguiar is the ultimate "car guy".  His years in the family car wax business gives him a certain intimidating demeanor when it comes to cars. 

So when I have the privilege to record with him his feature, "Revival Outside the Walls", I go prepared!

But more intimidating is his 40 years of winning others to Christ--intentionally, fervently, obviously and with joy!  He calls it "so ...

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Lessons from the Life of Joshua

Have you ever been given a task that you felt totally unprepared and ill-equipped to handle?  Inadequate? Not up to it?  Maybe you got thrown into a job that you didn't have the training or the experience to handle and you just felt, I am in way over my head!

I remember times in my own life, especially as a newlywed and later as a new mom, when I thought to myself, how could I have felt ready for this?

Well, this month the ministry of Revive Our Hearts is providing practical teaching on this subject as they air ...

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How to Give, Unsolicited

money-guyGrowing up, I was one of those kids who had a "sharing problem."  I refused to share my toys with my younger sisters.  When I got a new Barbie, she was mine and mine alone.  No one could touch her, no one could play with her, and the only way my sisters could look at her was through her box, which I laboriously placed her back into after each play session.

Have you ever done the same?  As adults, we can fall into the trap of measuring our lives by our possessions.  And we guard those possessions scrupulously when they ...

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