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Ministry Updates

Being Faithful in the Journey

Hobby Howard (L) and Matt Maguire (R) from FamilyLifeThis past weekend my husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary by attending the Weekend to Remember® in Ventura.  We realize there may be some folks who wonder why we'd attend a conference on our anniversary, especially if they knew this was our sixth time.  But actually, we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our journey as husband and wife.  Not only is it a great reminder of what's most important in our marriage--bringing honor to God--but a chance to look back on His blessings because of our faithfulness to each other and to ...

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A 19-year-old Tumor: GONE!

mercy-ships-africa-mercy"I heard about Mercy Ships® on the radio.  There is someone who can help me here in Tamatave."
--Sambany, Mercy Ships® surgery recipient

Sambany is a 60-year-old man who lived with a bulging tumor growing on his neck for 19 years.  With lost hope, he said that every day, he was just waiting to die.  But the potential of healing through Mercy Ships® sparked a flicker of promise, and Sambany set out to meet the crew.

"Six people had to carry me on their backs.  We walked for two days," Sambany says.

There were complications and a significant chance that ...

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True Woman 201

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of leading a small group of women through the True Woman 101 Bible study written by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary Kassian.  It's a resource that has impacted thousands of women, of all ages, in churches nationwide and internationally.

As our group of women was challenged by the teaching of biblical womanhood, many shared that it opened up a whole new way of thinking, particularly in how they engage with their husband and children.  One of my dearest friends, who was raised in the church, said this study was a "game ...

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Reaching Beyond to Change Everything

Mountain climbSometimes it's hard to have hope in the midst of a seemingly impossible circumstance:

My family member will never come to Christ.

We can't get the money we need in time.

The diagnosis looks really bad.

At this time of year I think of a group of people who would have had a very difficult time having hope.  I'm talking about Jesus' disciples on that Good Friday.  How are you supposed to think and feel after your Messiah has died?

Stories of the impossible made possible are what listeners are hearing this week on "Reach Beyond" with ...

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5 Ways to Celebrate Easter with Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family EasterAre you getting ready to celebrate Easter with your listeners this week?  Check out 5 ways you can join Focus on the Family in equipping families to have a Christ-centered holiday.

1. This Good Friday
Pastor Tony Evans goes through an overview of the ent
ire Bible, with an emphasis on how Christ's work on the cross can bring His power and authority into our lives.  Friday's daily broadcast will be a great start to the most Holy of weekends.  Get April's Daily Broadcast Scripted Promos (PDF download) >>

2. All week
Share special Easter-themed 1:00 spots ...

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Your Ministry and Religious Liberty

Each day on "The Garlow Perspective," speaker Jim Garlow speaks out boldly, on what he describes as issues of righteousness: biblical values of religious freedom, pro-life, biblical marriage between a man and a woman, to name a few.  The Garlow Perspective tackles the cultural issues of the day in order to underscore biblical truth in a time where too often truth is exchanged for tolerance and a lack of courage.

As a Pastor, Jim is also advocating for churches and wanting to be sure that their ministry is being protected from current threats.  Many pastors fear the government will force ...

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