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Ministry Updates

My deepest desire is to be a Woman after God's Own Heart . . .  a godly woman.  One molded by and used of God.  And, without God's leading and intervention it won't happen.  That is my daily prayer. 

Elizabeth George (A Woman after God's Own Heart) says that praying to become a godly woman is a worthy prayer, but she also asks, "What does a godly woman do?  How does she act?  What is it about her that marks her out as a godly woman?" 

Those are the answers I need.   Elizabeth points to Titus 2:3-5 where you will find the character qualities of a godly woman.  She says the 10 most important priorities for women are: 


Godly Speech

Love of Husband

Love of Family

Love of Home


Personal Discipline


Ministry to Others

Christ-like Behavior

If you share Elizabeth's and my prayer to become a godly woman, read Titus 2:3-5 and ask God to show you how to develop these qualities in your life.  It won't be an overnight change, but it will be well worth the end results! 


Sheri Cooper

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.


Three Things to Remember about the Resurrection


You know Easter is getting close when television stations start airing their non-stop documentaries on the historical events leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

The programs are mostly a parade of liberal professors and theologians, explaining the "historical" Jesus and attempting to debunk what the Bible actually says about Him. Unfortunately, many people -- including Christians who watch these programs -- are led astray by the misinformation, dressed up as facts.

Dr. John Sorensen, host of the daily 60-second feature, Share Life Today, addresses this topic on an upcoming edition and gives three reasons you can share for ...

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The Truth About Trust

accuracyTrust can be broken in a matter of seconds, but can take years to repair.

Have you experienced this? It's something I was told growing up but never fully understood until I began to see it in my life and the lives of those around me. 

Whether I broke someone else's trust, or someone broke mine, I learned that trust is an essential piece to the foundational puzzle of relationships.

When Americans were asked, "What's more important to you in a Bible translation, accuracy to the original, or easy readability?" Three out of four people chose accuracy ...

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Meeting Don Stephens

meeting donWhat would it take to push your dreams into action?

In the beginning, Don Stephens (founder & CEO of Mercy Ships®), had a life-altering encounter with Mother Teresa. While Don went to be the question-asker, the tables were turned, and Mother Teresa transformed his perspective with three simple questions:

1.    Why were you born?

2.    What's the dream in your life?

3.    What are you going to do about?

As he told this story at an event last week with such joy and passion, I couldn't help but think about how questions as simple as this could encourage someone ...

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Hymns at Easter

Usually it's my children asking me questions.  Not this time. 

While serving in the 2-year old Sunday school class this weekend, it was my 13 year-old Rebecca who was fielding the questions.  One of the little girls asked her why there was a picture of a palm tree leaf on the church bulletin.   Rebecca told her it was Palm Sunday, the day Jesus went to Jerusalem and that the crowds welcomed Him by waving palm branches. The inquisitive girl asked why the people welcomed Him.  Rebecca told her it was because they knew He was their Savior and they ...

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Actions Don't Speak Louder Than Words


We often say, "Actions speak louder than words." 

Barry Meguiar disagrees.

"Actions don't speak louder than words.  Actions speak before words," he says.

In a recent edition of the short feature, Ignite with Barry Meguiar, he reminded listeners that simply living a "good life" isn't enough to lead others to Christ.  While the way we live does impact the way others receive our messageit's not the entire message.

"The phrase ... leads to the conclusion that living a life doing good things is all that God requires of us," Barry continues.  "If there is one phrase in ...

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What You Need to Know About Pastor Carter Conlon


Kind, wise, witty, humble, passionate, generous, and bold

These are just a few of the words I would use to describe Pastor Carter Conlon.

Our team spent a week in Nashville recently for the NRB Convention, and both Pastor Carter and I were first-timers. He and the Times Square Church (TSC) team flew in for just a day of the convention (see photos below), but those 24 hours were a highlight of my week.

While there are several reasons as to why my time with TSC was such a highlight, here are just a few that I strung together in ...

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