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Ministry Updates

Six Anchors to Buoy the Spirit

The Waiting RoomI've not known the journey of cancer personally, but I've experienced the depths of other valleys.

This October 3rd marks 3 years since Joni Eareckson Tada finished chemotherapy.  In this month's "Joni and Friends®" programs, Joni shares about the six anchors which buoyed her spirit on her cancer journey -- anchors which should encourage listeners no matter what "valleys" they face today:

1. You're not alone.  Joni reminds us that even in a big chemo chair, God is sitting next to us.

2. God is sovereign.  We look at life's challenges through a narrow lens while ...

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Life Lessons from the Raineys

"If you want to leave a godly legacy, you first must determine what you believe in--what is most important to you.  And then you need to evaluate how well you are living according to those values, because your children will learn from your actions and lifestyle more than your words." --Dennis Rainey

After four decades of marriage and with over 35 years together in helping families build godly homes, Dennis and Barbara Rainey have a lesson or two to share.

Dennis and Barbara RaineyIn fact, this month on "FamilyLife Today," the Raineys do just that by helping listeners take several important steps toward ...

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John Stonestreet on "BreakPoint® This Week"

There's no doubt that our religious liberties are under attack like never before!  We all need to know how to defend our Christian worldview and our rights under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview recently hosted a National Briefing on Religious Liberty at the Truth for a New Generation Conference.  Panel members included BreakPoint®'s John Stonestreet, Jennifer Marshall (The Heritage Foundation), and Eric Teetsel (Manhattan Declaration) followed by a closing address with Eric Metaxas.

Because this was such a timely and special event with many stations expressing an interest ...

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Family Facts . . . for today's families

Obamacare, Common Core Standards in education, and the redefinition of marriage.  Take just one of these initiatives that are currently impacting families and you have many expressing a high level of fear and concern.  Today's families are under pressure and stress like never before, mostly due to fear of the unknown.  When addressing these issues, I think we all agree that there are a lot more questions than answers.  We all want to know, how will these changes affect me and my family in the days ahead?

The Heritage Foundation has a wealth of information and resources available to ...

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“The Waiting Room”

the waiting roomI was sitting with my son in the waiting room. Actually, he was sitting in my lap and it was the urgent care waiting room. We both had dried blood setting into our t-shirts and we both had looks of shell shock on our faces.

My little 18-month-old decided earlier that morning to try climbing out of his crib -- and came smashing down on the corner of his toy chest. I was able to determine that his chin was the source of all the blood -- and that he probably needed stitches.

So, there we were. Sitting in those hard plastic ...

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Stitches and Otter Pops

waitingI was sitting on the hard plastic chair in the urgent care waiting room holding my son. There was dried blood on my shirt, his shirt and well...all over him to boot. His chin, the source, was sporting a deep cut and both of us looked a little shell shocked.

Having your toddler crash out of his crib and onto the metal corner of his toy chest on the way down will do that, I suppose.

A few stitches and an otter pop later, we were out the door and on to the next thing. But, I'm left ...

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