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Ministry Updates

Take Away Value

In Christian radio, we often refer to the need for "take away" value.  We consider how the listener's life will be enhanced from the time investment of hearing a radio program.  Will the message shared resonate in the listener's heart and lead to life changing decisions? 

Of course, take away value isn't exclusive to radio programs - every day, we have the opportunity to invest time and focus on other areas of potential life impacting moments.

Sunday night was one of significant take-away value  . . .  eternal take away value.

At the Calvary Chapel Summer Crusade on Sunday night, Franklin ...

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Harnessing the Power of Radio

Within a one week span, two people in the life of my family passed away - a neighbor's husband and my son's high school track coach both died of massive heart attacks.  Needless to say, the brevity and value of life is top of mind in our home these days.

The value of life is top of mind everyday to Brad Mattes, host of "Life Issues®." A veteran of the pro-life cause, with over 37 years of educational, political and humanitarian experience, Brad stands at the ready to address daily life issues.

Harnessing the power of radio, Brad is ...

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Beyond Breadwinner: Dads Make a Difference

We are living in a fatherless society.  While our culture tends to treat fathers as unnecessary, it's apparent that a father's presence is critical to raising healthy, confident children.  In fact, research indicates that fathers make all the difference in the world in their children's lives.

All this month, the daily "Family Facts" program focuses on fatherhood, sharing helpful information about their critical role in our culture, one that goes far beyond that of breadwinner.

To add "Family Facts" to your station or receive more information on resources available from The Heritage Foundation, please contact me.

In ...

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God's Plan, or Yours?

planning stagesMost of us make plans for our lives, setting 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year goals.   And it's good to have these goals to work toward . . . as long as you pray for God's will and direction when you set them.  

Elizabeth George from "A Woman after God's Own Heart" reminds us that we need to put God's Word and prayer time at the center of our lives.  When we allow God to direct our lives, we will be walking in God's direction toward His will and plan for us.

Without God's plans for us we will ...

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Enduring Life's Hardships

In recent days, I've heard about many struggles and difficulties that are impacting the lives of people I know.  A cancer diagnosis, the sudden death of a family member, a husband is stricken with a seizure and remains in critical condition, and a friend gets laid off from his job.  It's very hard to watch friends suffer and yet, as believers, we know that God has a purpose for everything. 

When life gets hard and our circumstances are overwhelming, we all face the temptation to be discouraged or to give in.  This week on Revive Our Hearts, Nancy ...

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Welcome the Superstars

Max ColsonAmbassador is an incredible place to work -- what a privilege to serve the life-changing ministries we do.  And, what an amazing team we have  . . . here's a glimpse of the giftedness of our own Katie Burke as she recently served families through the outreach of Joni and Friends®.  -- Lee Ann Jackson

. . . "Our churches need the Maxs of the world."  That's what Emily Colson said at a recent Joni and Friends® Disability Summit -- and I couldn't agree more!  Emily, author of Dancing with Max and daughter of the late Chuck Colson, is mom to Max, who has autism.  While ...

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