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Ministry Updates

Doing Several Things Daily

I am among the many that take stock in January and look forward to the New Year determined to make changes to help me live a life closer to what it should be and hopefully, live a life with less stress.

In a USA Today article, Anne Graham Lotz speaks to how she manages stress as she shares, "I do several things daily."

In addition to weaving exercise into her life by walking 2 ½ miles briskly and stretching daily, Anne enjoys food while watching her weight (including drinking 8 glasses of water daily). 

Anne reflects though that the most important ...

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"Surprised by Joy"

Jim and RosemaryFor many people, one of the favorite parts of the C. S. Lewis story is how God orchestrated a significant relationship--a marriage--for the writer when he was very "deep" into his life journey.

This month, God has once again surprised one of His choice servants with the joyful wedding of lives ... Jim Garlow married Rosemary Schindler on January 11 at the church he pastors (Skyline Community) in San Diego CA.

As you would know as a friend of Jim's and "The Garlow Perspective" ... much of his focus, at times perhaps all of his focus, for the six years prior ...

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From Great Heights

SkyscraperHave you ever been so far up in a skyscraper that your palms sweat?

That happened to me recently, but it was in a helicopter, courtesy of a friend's generosity.  What a way to fly!  As the ground grew slowly distant, I couldn't help but think that I was in for some kind of special "E ticket" ride.

In spite of the (relatively minor) danger, I had to admit: the view was spectacular!  There are very few skyscrapers in Southern California, so being able to see the entire LA basin was a rare treat.  The day was sparklingly ...

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Who Are You?

I don't go to the movies that often but when the Oscar nominations are announced, I make a point to at least see one of the movies on the list.

"Gravity" is one of the big Oscar contenders this year - its trailers depict a compelling human drama about two astronauts on a seemingly routine spacewalk  . . . when disaster strikes.

As I read a recent Billy Graham devotional, the main character in Gravity came to mind.  The movie tells the story of Dr. Ryan Stone, played by Sandra Bullock - about her persistence, training and improvisation in the face of isolation and ...

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Looking Back. Looking Forward.

This year, Joni and Friends® is celebrating 35 years of ministry to people affected by disability.

"From the very beginning, I wanted it to be built on the foundation that the Bible is sufficient for every one of our needs. It's why I spent so much time earnestly studying the Bible to grasp God's goodness in suffering, as well as His sovereignty in affliction."  -- Joni Eareckson Tada.

Looking Back by way of Instagram!

During the month of January, the ministry is inviting friends to share their favorite Joni and Friends® ministry moments via Instagram. Between January 8 and ...

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Hope for 2014 and Beyond

How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions, and how are you generally feeling about the year ahead?  While reading a special message from Colson Center President, Alan Terwilleger, I found myself encouraged and my spirits lifted as he reminds us to focus our perspective on the hope we have in Christ.  Here's a brief excerpt . . .

In this age of instant news, with every headline screaming for our attention, we lose perspective.  Every event seems like a "game changer" or "the beginning of the end." We focus on a small victory (like, say, Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor ...

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