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Ministry Updates

Proof of Life

Mattes and TadasWhile I don't travel extensively, there was a recent article in the LA Times travel section which caught my attention -- it was about how to keep your possessions safe at a hotel.

Yes, the travel expert noted, there are the hotel safes for storing laptops, cameras, etc., but many hotels say they aren't responsible for items left in rooms.  There's the front desk safe but those aren't always practical (or indeed, "safe").

While the best way, the author notes, to keep your possessions safe is to not take anything of value with you to hotels, he ...

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"Haven Today" Celebrates 80 Years

Haven Today

I still remember the day Jon and I met Charles and Janet Morris as Charles had been invited to consider joining HAVEN--it's hard to believe that's been well over a decade ago!   

I have heard my parents recount the story of Haven's remarkable founding many times--a once well-known radio personality whose life ended up in shambles, coming to Christ in a hotel room with a Gideon's Bible.  A homeless alcoholic, Paul Myers was transformed spiritually--and just a month after his salvation, "The Haven of Rest" with its "First Mate Bob" was launched. 

Charles MorrisIt was my own ...

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Choosing to Praise

My refrigerator is on its last leg. I'm helping my mom navigate multiple doctors' appointments as she faces health challenges.  My son hasn't heard from his college of choice.   Time is a commodity and it's scarce. Among the many blessings in my life there's room for moments of disappointment and doubt. Though my "lows" of late are not valleys by any means (I think of dear friends battling cancer, losing jobs and some, struggling to save marriages), they're my disappointments; my life.

Sometimes, dare I say, praising Him doesn't come as easily.

Anne Graham ...

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Winning Souls for Christ this Easter

This past Sunday, we said goodbye to a very special family in our church -- the father, a loving husband and respected elder; his wife, a discipler of young women, devoted mother and encourager to her husband; the children, one of whom is among my youngest daughters' best friends.

They leave our church and his job at Azusa Pacific University for a head football coach position in mid-America.

They leave because they feel God's leading them . . . uprooting their young family to move to a place where they don't know anyone but where a team of young men seek discipline ...

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Not Forsaken When On My Own

Reading through 1st Corinthians, I was reminded of Paul's steadfast faith in prayer and God's hand on his life . . . even in his lowest valleys as he sat in chains, Paul rested in Him.
The most recent addition to my playlist is "Alone But Not Alone."   The song has become my most played track.  Listening over and over again to Joni sing the beautiful lyrics, I am reminded of the promises which Paul clung to in his trials:

When my steps are lost.
And desperate for a guide,
I can feel his touch,
A soothing presence by my side ...

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Recipe for Connecting


It's that time again for FamilyLife's annual LIVE broadcasts with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine.  This year the ministry is focusing on providing your listeners with "recipes for connecting" -- solutions for managing real-life challenges within their daily lives. 

Your audience will also hear testimonies of lives impacted and how they can stand with the ministy in the battle of saving more marriages and families.

Here's what your station needs to know to plan for this year's 3-day event:

  • FamilyLife Today LIVE (24:55) broadcasts March 26-28, 2014 (Wed-Fri).
  • LIVE feed times via Amb-OS (all times are ...
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