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Ministry Updates

Revive '13: Women Helping Women

I have a real passion for helping women realize the peace, hope, and strength that's available to them in Christ.  While serving as a leader in women's ministry at my church, I found the experience to be one of the most rewarding yet challenging times in my faith journey.  When you see the impact that a godly woman can have in her marriage, family, church and community, it makes the investment worthwhile.

The ministry of Revive Our Hearts serves as a resource for women and in particular, those who serve the church as pastor's wives, Bible study ...

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Life Issues® Today

My 17 year old son has a smart phone. Of course, it's never far from reach.

While he does his fair share of texting on it, the phone has also become a great tool to keep him updated.

He now uses the phone to receive emails from the church youth group, school cross country and CNN (thanks to a forward-thinking U.S. government teacher who made the CNN subscription part of their class curriculum). 

At a moment's notice, my son knows about a church activity, a team practice update or about what ...

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Life of Jesus: Each Day on Haven Today

Life of PiHave you seen the movie, The Life of Pi?

I did over the weekend.  I wanted to see what all the hullabaloo was about: more than $600 million in revenue, eleven Academy Award nominations and four Oscars.  Having now seen it, I wish I'd have been in a theater as the CGI was amazing.  No wonder Ang Lee won best director!

If you're unfamiliar with the book or movie, it's an enamoring, drifting trek across the Pacific.  After having lost his entire family, the central character, Pi, spends endless days and nights alone in a lifeboat with ...

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I had no idea.

Until we invited the ladies in my Sunday School Class to share about their lives - their journeys, their testimonies . . . I had no idea how deeply some of these incredibly Godly women had been wounded.

Some had been wounded at the hands of an earthly father who drank and abused them, some by husbands who had abandoned them and some by well intentioned church family members.

Some are still plagued by the wounds inflicted on them years ago, still haunted by self doubt, burdens thrust on them by others, but there is one common thread in their ...

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God is Always With You!

God is Always With YouCar trouble... that's one thing I don't cope with very well at all!  Recently, driving home from work in heavy traffic, with the thermostat pushing 100 degrees, my car died.  My first reaction was panic -- then prayer -- and then came God's peace. 

Life's daily difficulties can seem overwhelming.  But, we aren't alone.  God is always with us -- even when we face challenges.

Elizabeth George (A Woman after God's Own Heart) reminds us that everyone experiences difficulties, but when we reach out and let God help us through them, He will give us the strength ...

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Why Does Hospitality Matter?

Webster defines hospitality as:

"...the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers."

God's Word says ...

"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."  (Heb. 13:2)

With this in mind, it seems we'd want to extend kindness whenever possible.  Just think of what would happen if we did ... and without any thoughts about our own agenda.  That's exactly what one pastor and his wife did several years ago that led one woman--a most unlikely convert--on her journey to discovering, obeying, and eventually understanding God's ...

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