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Ministry Updates

Welcome the Superstars

Max ColsonAmbassador is an incredible place to work -- what a privilege to serve the life-changing ministries we do.  And, what an amazing team we have  . . . here's a glimpse of the giftedness of our own Katie Burke as she recently served families through the outreach of Joni and Friends®.  -- Lee Ann Jackson

. . . "Our churches need the Maxs of the world."  That's what Emily Colson said at a recent Joni and Friends® Disability Summit -- and I couldn't agree more!  Emily, author of Dancing with Max and daughter of the late Chuck Colson, is mom to Max, who has autism.  While ...

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What Makes a Wise Father?

The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him."  Proverbs 20:7 (NKJV)


We're living in a culture where the family is being assaulted daily.  But to confront this cultural war, John MacArthur believes we all need to understand what the role of the man is in church, his job, and particularly in his own home. 

So what does that look like--being a father and a husband that loves and leads his family wisely?  It all starts in the Word of God.  With Father's Day in view, "Grace to You®" will help your listeners ...

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Make the Most of Temporary Situations

Have you ever had to live in temporary housing?  Perhaps you were remodeling your home or moving out of state.  Oftentimes these situations are less than ideal.  "Temporary" means not forever, which can help alleviate any present discomfort.  But what if "temporary" lasted ten years?  That's what happened for HCJB Global-Australia . . . but their "temporary home" did not deter the scope of impact they've had in spreading the gospel, which can be a lesson for us as well.

Since 2003, HCJB Global-Australia has broadcasted the gospel in 26 languages.  "It's reaching some of the most populous and least-reached ...

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10 years of Life-Changing Surgeries

CelebrationMercy Ships® is celebrating 10 years of doing free obstetric fistula surgeries on women in Africa.  

And May 23rd is International Day to End Obstetric Fistula. Here is a brief summary:

Obstetric fistulas occur during childbirth when the baby gets lodged in the birth canal.  In the African countries where Mercy Ships® works, many mothers have no access to healthcare.  Therefore, no emergency C-section is performed as it would be in the USA to save the baby's life and protect the mother from injury. 

In contrast to the USA, in some parts of Africa, the mother agonizes in ...

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You’ll Get Through This

You'll get through this

The news coming out of Moore, Oklahoma is heart breaking. The latest report estimates over 20 people have been killed, at least 9 are children.

As the debris settle from the tornado that has uprooted hundreds, so too does the shock and grief and utter disbelief and hopelessness over the community's losses.

Some are thinking, "How can this be happening? Where is God?"

"How will I ever get through this?"

When we go through tragedy, how can we hold onto the promises of God?

This is something that Max Lucado is going to be unpacking in the coming months ...

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Preparing Your Student for College

It's graduation season and a time for celebration, but if you have a high schooler heading off to college, some parents wonder if their child is prepared for what's ahead--a potentially hostile environment that will challenge their Christian faith.

We've all heard the statistics that far too many students raised in Christian homes and churches abandon the church as young adults, largely due to the outside influences and ideas presented to them while away at college.

On the latest edition of BreakPoint® This Week, John Stonestreet welcomes author Mike Adams and Summit Ministries President, Jeff Myers to ...

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