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Ministry Updates

Engaging the Culture with ADF

alliance defending freedomSeveral months ago, we shared with you the development of a new partnership with Jim Garlow and ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom).  We're delighted to let you know that this strategic "coupling" of message is beginning to take form-including with what you'll hear on "The Garlow Perspective" each day as Jim addresses those concerns facing believers in today's culture.

(If news that a wedding photographer cannot say "no" to shooting a gay couple's nuptials doesn't shock us into acknowledging these are serious times, I don't know what will!)

Recently Jim reiterated:  If we're going ...

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Celebrating Grandparents!

Grandparent's DayWhat a special gift it is to be a grandparent, or to have grandparents!  On Sunday September 8th we honor grandparents everywhere, as we celebrate Grandparents Day! 

Emilie Barnes (Keep It Simple), and her husband Bob, are the proud grandparents of five grandchildren!   They embrace the important role of grandparents, and want to encourage other grandparents, to share their faith, life, and love with their grandchildren. 

Emilie feels that no one can quite do for children what grandparents do.  They give unconditional love, a heritage of memories, and hopefully, a legacy of faith. 

Leading up to Grandparent's Day, Emilie ...

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Back to School - Common Core Concerns

I think I'm in denial.  My kids start school in about ten days and we still have school shopping to do.  Usually at this time of year, I have a spring in my step about sending the kids off to school, but I'm not feeling it yet.  Maybe it's because we've enjoyed a really fun summer together or maybe it's because I'm getting anxious about a new school schedule with my oldest starting Junior High.  There are other concerns, too.

With our kids attending public school in California, our state is adopting the new ...

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Could I EVER Lose My Salvation?


There's a question many believers have wondered about, even struggled with.  Here are a few others:

  • When a sinner is saved, who does the choosing - does God choose the sinner, or the sinner choose God? 
  • Did Christ die for the sins of the entire world, or just for the people He saves?
  • Does everyone have a chance to be saved from hell? 


Young Man Reading BibleFollowing Labor Day on "Grace to You®," John MacArthur begins a month-long study that provides practical answers to these questsions we trust your listeners are asking too.  Make sure they tune in to learn more about ...

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Assuming Eyes

EyesAt the grocery store the other day, a man stopped me and asked me the name of the medication my mother took while pregnant with me that caused my "condition".

I was a little stunned. Not because he asked me about my arm (I was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, leaving me without a right forearm and hand). I've had people come up and ask me my entire life - and being an open book about it, I always share.

But what caught me was his assumption. He assumed my mom had taken a certain anti-nausea drug that was popular ...

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7 Tips for Sharing Your Faith Online

Social media has changed the way I parent.

As a parent of three children involved on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (as well as a 11 year old who loves to browse my Pinterest boards), there's a lot of Social Media happening in our household.  Everyday we're uploading pictures, liking pages, tweeting, updating statuses, pinning to boards, etc.

I've had discussions with each about our home's Social Media rules. Beyond a parent's commitment to instill a strong Biblical foundation in their children, parenting responsibilities today include more and more the navigation of the precarious world of ...

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