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Ministry Updates

God's Big World

“I hope to see you someday in my country.” That is what Caleb, a visiting native South African missionary said to my son.

I appreciated Caleb’s invitation to Joshua.  He’ll be a high school senior next year and making some course setting decisions about his future.  It’s a pivotal time for him to keep his sights on the larger horizon and be ever mindful that God has created a big world with people who still need to hear the message of hope.

No doubt this was a part of the reason ...

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"De-Accumulating ..."

saleThe work of ministry is unrelenting, isn't it.  Even when, at times, it feels like circumstances justify a grinding halt to all activity.

Knowing a bit about navigating loss, I have been praying for Jim Garlow each day particularly since Carol's homegoing last April.  It's so difficult to return to "real life" when everything about your life has been turned on end.

For Jim, it's meant endeavoring in a process that was planned long before Carol died--taking stock of their home and "material goods" and beginning the work of "downsizing."  That's a herculean effort for ...

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BIG mistake!

Taffic lightsWe drove back from a week of vacation on Sunday night, July 7th.  So did about 200 million other Southern Californians.  Suddenly, seven days of wonderful family memories and a carefree life were quickly forgotten fun.  Quite literally, we faced 100 miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic.  There's nothing that will more rapidly, or absolutely, drain every ounce of joy.

Just like that, a week of calm serenity turned to the sort of place God has reserved for the devil and his legion--if you know what I mean. 

Frankly, I should have known better.  Of course the I-5 would be a ...

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“You’ll Get Through This” launches on 9/11 with “Our Strong Tower”

9/11In a time when the struggles in life seem to outweigh the good, when the hardships seem too big to overcome and the pain we feel seems too much to bear, Max Lucado responds with the most important thing we can hold on to - hope.

In a four-part series beginning with the remembrance of 9/11 and culminating in December with the redeeming story of Christmas, Max Lucado presents:

"You'll Get Through This"

Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times

The Series begins with a partnership with the Salvation Army on 9/11 in a radio Special titled: "Our ...

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A New Voyage

Dana PerinoThis is an exciting time for the crew of the Africa Mercy as they ready for another season of service.

Not only is the Africa Mercy heading for a new destination, a special guest will be on board as the ship makes it's first visit to Point Noire, Congo.

Dana Perino, former White House Press Secretary and current co-host of FOX News' The Five, will board the Africa Mercy on August 28 for its first visit to Republic of the Congo.

This marks Perino's fifth trip to Africa, which she will document thoroughly through the use of social ...

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"One Less Soul In Hell"

Revive Our Hearts just concluded their eight-city Revive Tour and along with the ministry, we're praising God for how He worked during the last stop in Lancaster PA.  Here's one powerful email they received upon arriving home:

"A miracle happened Friday night at the Revive Tour in Lancaster.  I had invited five women, but no one accepted, so my twenty-four-year-old unsaved son said he'd come with me.  The message that night was right on, and my son was broken, humbled, and repentant.  He asked the Lord to come into his life that night and has since witnessed ...

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