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Ministry Updates

My deepest desire is to be a Woman after God's Own Heart . . .  a godly woman.  One molded by and used of God.  And, without God's leading and intervention it won't happen.  That is my daily prayer. 

Elizabeth George (A Woman after God's Own Heart) says that praying to become a godly woman is a worthy prayer, but she also asks, "What does a godly woman do?  How does she act?  What is it about her that marks her out as a godly woman?" 

Those are the answers I need.   Elizabeth points to Titus 2:3-5 where you will find the character qualities of a godly woman.  She says the 10 most important priorities for women are: 


Godly Speech

Love of Husband

Love of Family

Love of Home


Personal Discipline


Ministry to Others

Christ-like Behavior

If you share Elizabeth's and my prayer to become a godly woman, read Titus 2:3-5 and ask God to show you how to develop these qualities in your life.  It won't be an overnight change, but it will be well worth the end results! 


Sheri Cooper

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.


The Dude's Guide to Marriage

"Ultimately what a man needs to do is he needs to be a student of his wife.  If you don't know her and what communicates love to her, you're going to miss the whole deal." - Dennis Rainey

What I appreciate most about the ministry of FamilyLife is that the help and hope they offer marriages and families is never one-sided.  In fact, just the other day this wife re-read an article by Bob Lepine about what husbands wished their wives knew about them.  It was exactly the reminder I needed.

This month, "FamilyLife Today" presents a series of ...

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Unexpected Grace: Nancy and Robert's Story

So, have you heard the big news?  Nancy's getting married on November 14th!

And, this month on "Revive Our Hearts" Nancy shares from her heart in two special series . . .

"Thoughts for My Single Sisters ... Before I Become a "Mrs." (November 11-13)

You can trust God to write your story.  Nancy Leigh DeMoss has learned that truth over 57 years of singleness, and she continues to believe it as she enters marriage.  She'll give valuable perspective on trusting God with your story, whether married or single.

"Unexpected Grace: Nancy and Robert's Story" (November 16-20)

Nancy was in ...

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How Planning Can Remove You From An Even Greater Plan

planningI am a planner.  A huge planner.  In fact, I am such a planner that at times it can drive those closest to me crazy.

There's just something about weaving things into my schedule and knowing things are in place.  Knowing what's coming next and knowing that I have specific times set aside for the things that are important to me.

Planning is 100% one of my biggest strengths, but it's also without a doubt one of my biggest weaknesses. Because what happens when the Lord has divine appointments for me that cannot be planned or expected ...

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From "She Sells Seashells" to "Fishers of Men"

seashells-pacific-revival-outside-the-wallsWhat's the first thing you picture when you hear "summer in Southern California"?  For me, it's sand and sun, friends and family, hot dogs and iced tea.

Those things indeed surfaced this summer, but most of us on the West Coast focused more on fans and AC, popsicles and ice cream, cold showers and ice packs.  It was a very hot summer (and that's coming from someone who grew up in the Arizona desert!).

I moved to SoCal five years ago, mostly for college and career ... but living by the beach was certainly a welcomed bonus!  And ...

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Believing in Absolute Truth

Jim Garlow, speaker for "The Garlow Perspective," is a Pastor and strong advocate for religious liberty.  I thought that Jim's perspective was expressed well on this program that originally aired on October 16th--hear what he said:

The fact is . . . no nation can exist without a fundamental belief in absolute truth! It's absolutely imperative that we believe in absolute truth--biblical truth.

Judges 17:6 says: "Every man did that which was right in his own eyes." . . . referring to the behavioral and moral fiber of the people being addressed.

It's the same "non-belief" in absolute truth that ...

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Who Determines Right and Wrong?

It's always a treat when one of our ministry partners comes to town and we have the opportunity to see them speak in person.  Even better is when they come to speak at your own church!  This was the case for me last weekend when BreakPoint® host and friend John Stonestreet served as our guest speaker at Saddleback Church this past weekend.

John was asked to be part of an apologetics lecture series tackling the "Great Questions of Life," addressing areas of origin, purpose, death, and authority.  In John's message, he noted why these great questions really matter ...

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