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Ministry Updates

My deepest desire is to be a Woman after God's Own Heart . . .  a godly woman.  One molded by and used of God.  And, without God's leading and intervention it won't happen.  That is my daily prayer. 

Elizabeth George (A Woman after God's Own Heart) says that praying to become a godly woman is a worthy prayer, but she also asks, "What does a godly woman do?  How does she act?  What is it about her that marks her out as a godly woman?" 

Those are the answers I need.   Elizabeth points to Titus 2:3-5 where you will find the character qualities of a godly woman.  She says the 10 most important priorities for women are: 


Godly Speech

Love of Husband

Love of Family

Love of Home


Personal Discipline


Ministry to Others

Christ-like Behavior

If you share Elizabeth's and my prayer to become a godly woman, read Titus 2:3-5 and ask God to show you how to develop these qualities in your life.  It won't be an overnight change, but it will be well worth the end results! 


Sheri Cooper

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.


Back to School with Focus on the Family

familyAre you set to help parents prepare for going back to school?  You are if you're airing Focus on the Family in August!  The ministry has a number of upcoming broadcasts with moms and dads in mind.  Take a look at what's coming up -- these are the shows your listeners will be talking about!

August 5-6: Discovering the Best Ways to Educate Your Child
How to try some creative teaching methods to help children succeed.

August 10-11: Helping Your Middle Schooler Develop a Health Identity
Identifying the five core needs every middle school has and how parents can ...

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Pastors Should Not Be Muzzled!

It seems that almost every day my Google Alert for "Jim Garlow" reports yet another article from a secular source taking a potshot at Jim for his stand on issues like religious freedom, same-sex marriage, and pro-life concerns.  Jim's under fire just about every day, yet he is out there like gangbusters with no intention of backing off.  As a pastor and a broadcaster, he's literally on the front lines. 

Sharing in his daily radio feature, The Garlow Perspective, Jim says . . .

"Pastors don't have to let scare tactics muzzle their messages on controversial issues!  Alliance Defending Freedom ...

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Introducing the Next Generation to Chuck Colson

I will be forever grateful to a youth leader of mine who introduced me to Dietrich Bonhoeffer by encouraging me to read The Cost of Discipleship while I was in high school.  Then, several years later, I heard the incredible redemption story of Chuck Colson, who was also personally impacted by Bonhoeffer along with Wilberforce, C.S. Lewis, and other men of faith.

I want my kids to know about these men and the courage they had to impact their culture because of their transformational experiences with Christ.

Since his death in 2012, there has been an effort by the ...

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Landmark Sermons from the New Testament

A few months back you may recall my mention of an interview Phil Johnson (executive director of Grace to You®) did with John MacArthur.  The discussion was around the recent completion of The MacArthur New Testament Commentary (33 volume set)At the end of that interview Phil told John that as a result of this project the staff was putting together a broadcast series featuring a hallmark lesson from every book of the New Testament (Matthew to Revelation).

John MacArthur with Bible

Well, I'm happy to report that series begins in August on "Grace to You®."  Incredibly, it covers nearly a half-century of ...

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How to Stay on Top of the News


For anything we set out to do, having the right tools is as important as knowing what to do with them.  An event last weekend reminded me of this fact ... I was snorkeling for the first time since last July.  I'm not a pro by any means; and that fact, compounded with zero practice since last yearmade for an interesting undertaking.

In a rush to get into the water, I neglected to fasten my gear as tightly as was (apparently!) necessary.  Not two minutes into the escapade, an inconsiderate wave hijacked one of my fins.  Frantically, I searched ...

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Becoming a Mother-in-Law

Last week my son married a beautiful young woman.  In the month leading up to his wedding day I started thinking about what kind of mother-in-law I'd be, more importantly what kind God wants me to be.

Me with my family!Unfortunately, just the term "mother-in-law" stirs up some negative emotions-not to mention bad jokes.  In the early years of my marriage, I experienced many of the typical daughter-in-law challenges.  For starters, I married my mother-in-law's youngest son (the "baby") ... and we chose to live on the other side of the country when the rest of her children all lived nearby.  You ...

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