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Ministry Updates

A Young Disciple

Young DiscipleIn our staff devotions last week, my 17-year old nephew (Jon) shared with us how he and his friends are evangelizing their high school and community.  Honestly, it was so incredibly exciting to hear of this young man's boldness in sharing his faith, especially after just hearing earlier that day this challenge from John MacArthur on "Grace to You®":

"It's crucial for all of us as Christians to have a positive influence.  To be an example to others of what it means to be a lover of Jesus Christ.  What it means to be obedient to the Word ...

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Trusting God with Setbacks and Success

Jim GolfingGolf has become a wonderful avocation of mine.  I love playing, though golf doesn't love me.  Better said, my handicap is certainly no reflection of my enthusiasm!  But I don't mind, as Mark Twain put it, having a "good walk spoiled."

There are two reasons I enjoy the sport of golf so much: it takes you to some outstandingly beautiful locations (pictured here is Streamsong in Central Florida), and you meet some very interesting people.  Four or five hours on a golf course give way to quite an array of topics of conversation.  And generally speaking, one of ...

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When One Woman Says, "Yes, Lord!"


While reading a recent post at the “True Woman” blog, I was captivated by a woman’s story, sharing how her life was changed through the ministry of Revive Our Hearts.  I want to share it with you because so many times we serve in ministry without knowing the impact.  Please read Molly’s story and be encouraged.  She writes . . .

Five years ago, my life looked like a pretty package on the outside.

My husband and I had been married for seven years. I stayed at home with our four young children while Philip worked hard as a financial advisor ...

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The Message Stays the Same

While location played a part in the top name for baby boys and girls in 2013 with "Noah" and "Sophia" as the top contenders in the United States and "George" and "Noam" ranking first in other parts of the world, location didn't change the message Franklin and Will Graham shared this weekend.

Preaching on different continents, Franklin in Japan and Will in Australia, "The message is the same," no matter where they preach," reflected BGEA's vice president of Crusades, Viktor Hamm.

Franklin was in Sapporo, Japan, while Will made his way around the outback of Broken Hill, Australia ...

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A Godly Mother's Gift

Soccer-MomDoes the word "Mom" make you think of love, comfort, caring?  Our mom's touch our lives so deeply, and their legacy is a precious gift they pass on to their family.   

Emilie Barnes' mother left her a wonderful legacy that she will continue to pass on to her daughter and granddaughter.  Her mother was a woman of faith, lived a Godly life, and modeled the Father's unconditional love.  Precious gifts indeed!

On her program, Keep It Simple, Emilie has told the story of how very little she and her mother had after her father died.  While growing up ...

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High Court Permits Prayers. . .

SCOTUSThe headline on the front page of today's Wall Street Journal reads:  "High Court Permits Prayers Before Municipal Meetings!"

The Court upheld the practice of public prayer before local-government meetings in a case involving a Greece, New York local government.  Which means it rejected the arguments in a case against the city of Greece, that overwhelmingly Christian invocations violate the constitutional ban on the "establishment of an official religion."

The Garlow Perspective in partnership with Alliance Defending Freedom has spoken out on behalf of the Greece case numerous times in Jim Garlow's feature.  These "invocations" have been challenged ...

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