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Ministry Updates

Who Inspires You?

It's back to school time and I've been recalling my own school days.

We all remember a favorite teacher who made a difference in our lives - mine was a high school English teacher, Mr. Mullen.  He taught me an appreciation for classic literary works - from Grapes of Wrath to The Glass Menagerie.  He inspired me to dig deep into the books and consider what Steinbeck and Williams were truly saying in their writings.

Mr. Mullen ended up being one of my greatest cheerleaders encouraging me to "think big" when applying to colleges.  

In a recent interview, Joni Eareckson ...

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Running the Race

It's been quite a while since I was a school kid, yet I still look forward to September as a time for a fresh start. 

Even now, the back to school season nudges me to seek a little something new in my life, like this summer when I ran in my first 10k and discovered-to my surprise-that I could run 6.2 miles (it wasn't pretty, but I did it).

Then there are the "fresh starts" of far greater significance - like deepening our spiritual walk so that we may run the race He has set before us.

Anne ...

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In the Huddle with My Husband

Today is August 1st and you may be wondering why it's a significant day.  It could mean many things, but for our family and many families around the country, it's the first day of practice for youth football.  We are a football (and baseball!) family, but my husband's favorite sport to play and to coach is . . . football.  Just the smell of fresh-cut grass on a field is enough to get him excited!

I love football too, but when you're married to a coach, I sometimes feel like a "football widow" since the month of August ...

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Multiplying Power of Radio

BTC LogoFrom the corners of your community to the remote corners of the Earth. . .HCJB Global connects Christian radio with an opportunity to go beyond the call.

To the Corners of Your Community:

Each day, around 1,000 Christian radio station outlets share "Beyond the Call" with their listeners.  Stories heard on the program often inspire people to launch their own story when they hear the challenge to go beyond the call right where they live.  (Listen to a recent program: "Run for Your Life")

Thank you for your continued partnership in airing "Beyond the Call" . . . reaching the corners of ...

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Raising Up the Next Generation

According to Dennis Rainey ... 

"As a people, we are healthier, but not happier. We are drenched in knowledge, but parched for wisdom. The most prosperous nation the world has ever known suffers from a sickness in its soul. 

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the state of the family. The biblical values that built our great nation-once passed on from each generation to the next as a national treasure-are now dismissed.  As a result, never before have we seen such deterioration in our homes." 

Children need directionHe goes on to list a dozen plus very tragic "never befores" including this one ...

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Do You Know Your Future?

"To know the future dictates how we view the present."  John MacArthur

In the hurriedness of our lives, it's easy to lose perspective.  Our attention becomes focused on the here and now ... trying to solve the latest problem at home and at the office, making sure there's enough money to pay the bills, meeting project deadlines at work.  All are important, but if we don't know the future that lies ahead ... or plan for it ... our efforts today are futile.

So what's the future hold for us?  That's the focus of John MacArthur's prophecy ...

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