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Ministry Updates

A Risk of Faith

The elderly missionary woman who returns to the mission field overseas as a widow.

The young married couple heading off to a third world country because they feel called.

The neighbor who walks across the street to share the hope of Christ with a non-believing family facing a heartbreaking tragedy.

All three realities require a "risk of faith" as Anne Graham Lotz refers to it.  Having returned recently from a tour of the Hold Land, Anne shares in her report about one of  the most moving experiences of her time.

While in a boat in the Sea of Galilee, they ...

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How's Your Prayer Life?

how's your prayer life?Do you find that your life is so busy that you don't have time to spend in prayer as you would like?

Elizabeth George from "A Woman after God's Own Heart" understands all the demands that we busy women face, but encourages us that we need to develop our prayer life!  We need that time with God! 

To begin, she says to "Just do it!"  Don't wait for that "perfect" time for prayer.  Just begin talking to God - as you are washing dishes, doing laundry, taking a break at work.

Just come to Him, talk to Him ...

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BreakPoint® Responds to Marriage Rulings

Well, we've seen the news and listened to the talking heads, but what exactly do the Supreme Court's rulings mean for marriage?  In today's BreakPoint® commentary, Eric Metaxas says that while these decisions are disappointing, there is a way forward and offers some "next steps" for listeners:

- Take Heart. Explain to others that the marriage debate is alive and well, especially at the state level.

- Talk to your pastor, and link him to pastoral resources provided at this designated landing page at breakpoint.org.  He'll probably be saying something about the decisions this Sunday.

- Glance over ...

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Richer Than You Think

Earlier this year CNN did a report on America's fascination (or is that obsession?) with playing the lottery.  The article explained that despite the odds of winning (about one in 175.2 million!), people keep playing ... with the hope of retiring early, being rescued from their unhappy life, and paying off mountain of debt. 

My guess is there are also some people that play because they love the idea of being rich.  Admittedly, when the recent lottery was well over $500 million, there was a brief moment when my husband and I pondered that idea. 

But as Christians, we ...

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A New Path for the Pedersons

Wayne and NormaIn late May, Norma Pederson, wife of HCJB Global President Wayne Pederson, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Surgery followed and chemotherapy treatment will soon start.  For the Pedersons, life immediately pivots in a new, unplanned direction.  We asked Wayne, speaker for "Beyond the Call," what he's seeing on this uncharted path.

1. How have you lately been answering the question, "how are you?"
Amazingly well!  The prayers and notes of encouragement from friends around the world have been phenomenal.  Yes, you can FEEL those prayers.  We've been miraculously wrapped in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father.

2 ...

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Hand's Down, Slam-Dunk and Fellowship in God's Word

We are privileged to work alongside incredible heroes of the faith here at Ambassador -- including Joni Eareckson Tada.

My new friends, David and Christopher, reminded me this weekend of how God is using Joni to encourage families affected by disability.

In between services at church this past weekend, David and Christopher were racing around the flag pole on our church campus.  Around and around, faster and faster they went.  Out of breath and with sweat running down his brow, David had to stop . . . which meant Christopher had to stop.

Christopher is in a wheelchair.  His contorted body and flailing arms ...

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