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Ministry Updates

BGEA Facebook -- 1 Million Followers

It's over.  But not forgotten.  It was history in the making.  The close Super Bowl contest between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers scored the highest rating share in history for the game, based on Nielsen's top U.S. television markets. Viewership was so high that it was the most-watched TV event in U.S. history!

Other incredible Super Bowl figures include:

$4 million: cost of some of the Super Bowl's 30-second spots.  That's up from $3.5 million last year.

$88,000: paid to each winning player; each losing player gets $46,000 ...

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Refresh With Us at NRB

NRB RefreshBy now you should have received Ambassador's invitation to "Refresh" with us at NRB.  We have a number of ways you can do that, including a special "Ministry Meet-and-Greet" and "Morning Devotions" in our Hospitality Suite.

Refresh can mean many things, including a refreshing of the way we see things, the way we do things.  Media is constantly changing, so our approach to how we share the gospel is also often in need of refreshing.  An example of this is presented on this Thursday's "Beyond the Call" with Wayne Pederson.

Always on the lookout for innovative uses of ...

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One Perfect Life

John MacArthur Book"The Holy Spirit-inspired quartet of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John is the pinnacle of Scripture because in it, the Lord Jesus Christ is most perfectly revealed and God most clearly manifest."  --John MacArthur

After reading that statement in John's recent letter to listeners, I found myself eager to pick up my Bible and read through the four Gospels again.  Yet, my concern was "how do I gain a clear picture of the life and ministry of Jesus without jumping between one account to another and potentially missing vital pieces?"  Thankfully, in reading further, John immediately put my fears to ...

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Love Your Neighbor

The application for rekindling romance in marriage is this: Express your love to him in the same way you want him to express it to you.  -Barbara Rainey


As a woman eager to be the wife God has called me to be, I always appreciate advice from women who aren't afraid to share from their heart about their own marriage--both the good and the bad, and the uncomfortable.  Recently Barbara Rainey did just that in one of FamilyLife's "Marriage Memo."  Here's a nugget of truth she shared that you might consider sharing with your listeners:

"In the ...

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Ship to Ship

ShipI'm a ship captain's daughter. Well, I was. My dad retired from the Merchant Marine some time ago but the memories we have of that time in life are still so vivid.  

At the height of his career, Dad was the captain of a working container ship; at the time when he took the helm, it was the largest ship of its kind in the world.

The President Polk (all the ships in the American President Line fleet were named after presidents) was five football fields long and one football field high. The gangway was outfitted with a ...

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Religious Liberty Under Attack

Did you know that January 16th was Religious Freedom Day in America?  It didn't get a lot of attention, but in this article from The Heritage Foundation, the organization reports President Obama's proclamation on religious freedom along with noting the irony because the sad fact is, Americans are being forced to fight for their religious liberty in the courts.

"Family Facts" radio and Heritage have provided sound commentary on recent news events which demonstrate the threats we face to religious freedom in America, including:

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