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Ministry Updates

My deepest desire is to be a Woman after God's Own Heart . . .  a godly woman.  One molded by and used of God.  And, without God's leading and intervention it won't happen.  That is my daily prayer. 

Elizabeth George (A Woman after God's Own Heart) says that praying to become a godly woman is a worthy prayer, but she also asks, "What does a godly woman do?  How does she act?  What is it about her that marks her out as a godly woman?" 

Those are the answers I need.   Elizabeth points to Titus 2:3-5 where you will find the character qualities of a godly woman.  She says the 10 most important priorities for women are: 


Godly Speech

Love of Husband

Love of Family

Love of Home


Personal Discipline


Ministry to Others

Christ-like Behavior

If you share Elizabeth's and my prayer to become a godly woman, read Titus 2:3-5 and ask God to show you how to develop these qualities in your life.  It won't be an overnight change, but it will be well worth the end results! 


Sheri Cooper

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.


Spiritual Refreshment!

We're finally enjoying some rainy days here in Southern California -- about the same time we begin coming to terms with the ordered 25% cut in urban water use. 

Big droughts leave their stamp on California - the 1976-77 drought helped launch the move to low-flow plumbing fixtures and now, many of us are contemplating re-landscaping to more drought-tolerant yards.

In the meantime, though, thanks to the weekend rain, I am relishing the look of refreshment on my rose bushes, Gerber daisies and green grass.

As I watched this video sharing about Joni and Friends® Family Retreats, I saw something similar ...

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Jim Garlow Hosts "Future Conference"

The Garlow Persepctive - Future Conference

Each day on "The Garlow Perspective," Jim Garlow addresses cultural issues head on with biblical clarity in partnership with Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal ministry of Christian attorneys who advocate for the rights of people to fully live out their faith.  Jim is committed to engaging the culture yet transcending its values.  He says, "The key issue is knowing God through Jesus Christ.  And the hope for a nation is conformity to God's ways."

The "hot button issues" that Jim tackles on the program will be discussed in-depth at a dynamic conference at Skyline Church (LaMesa, CA) June 14-17 ...

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Celebrating Nurses on National Nurses Day

Today is a special day set aside to honor those men and women who work long and exhausting hours for the sake of our health.  It's National Nurses Daythe kickoff of National Nurses Week (May 6-12, every year).

During National Nurses Week, Mercy Ships® has the profound privilege of commending thousands of nurses who have volunteered aboard its hospital ships since 1978.  What a legacy!

Check out these astounding Mercy Ships® stats
possible because of the nurses who serve:

                amount of free surgeries provided to patients

183,000:             people who learned basic healthcare from Mercy Ships® ...

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This Week’s Faith-Sharing Challenges

Barry-Meguiar-ROTW-IgniteAs a tween, I made friends with our UPS driver; every time he brought a package, I ran out to get it and tell him, "Thanks!  God bless you!"  After several months, my mom told me that he asked her one day if we were Christians.  It was her delight to tell him that we were, and to invite him to church.

On a Sunday morning not much later, I watched our UPS friend walk into church.  And it wasn't just him
he brought his wife, too!  Next, their two sons, adult daughter, and two young grandchildren appeared.

The ...

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Mayday! Mayday!

Walking out of a Christian bookstore recently, a man stepped towards me and asked, "Are you a Christian?"

I answered, "yes."  He walked away.

I got in my car and thought about how strange the encounter had been.  Though I didn't feel in any danger, it was odd and I have to admit, it made me feel a bit uneasy.  It brought to mind the "Cassie Bernalls" around the world --- those on domestic and foreign ground who are asked this same question  . . . at gun-point.

Anne Graham Lotz shares in a recent blog about the profound impact she felt when ...

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"Life Issues®" -- A Cheerleader for Moms!

It was a big week in our house as my first born graduated from college.  Talk about life milestones-- Saturday’s graduation ceremony was definitely that for us!

Among the crowd cheering for the 1100 graduates, there were many proud moms.  No doubt that in a  crowd that size, there were single, young, old and  adoptive moms . . . all united as proud moms doing what we do -- cheerleading for our children.

Leading up to Mother's Day this Sunday, Brad Mattes encourages listeners on "Life Issues®" to be a cheerleader for all moms ...

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