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Ministry Updates

Marriage on Trial

This week we find our attention fixed, yet again, on our nation's capital as the Supreme Court hears arguments on the definition of marriage, challenging bans on same-sex "marriage" on the grounds of the 14th amendment, claiming that respecting the traditional definition of marriage violates civil rights.  A ruling is expected in June.

At last Saturday's third annual "March for Marriage" rally in Washington DC, Pastor Jim Garlow joined other Christian and political leaders at the US Capitol to speak and stand in defense of marriage.

In a sermon by Jim called, "The Biblical Foundations of the Marriage ...

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Your Mission Field is Under Your Roof

Max-LucadoIn an era of abounding "self-help" books, articles, podcasts and seminars ... the greatest "self-help" presentation I've listened to was yesterday's edition of UpWords® with Max Lucado.  The premise: Evaluate my life and ask myself ... Am I truly serving God?  No other life goals or achievements matter if the answer to that question isn't "yes."

Max says, "Want to bring focus to your life?  Do what Jesus did.  Go home, love your family, and take care of business!  Your first mission field is under your roof.  What makes you think they'll believe you overseas if they don ...

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There's Only One Way

A survey last fall by Lifeway Research showed that 45% of Americans say there are "many" ways to heaven.  Interestingly enough, 19% of evangelicals agree with that statement.

Lifeway Research Graph

But, according to John MacArthur ... there's only one way.  And that's the subject of his 2-week study that begins next week on "Grace to You®." From Matthew, chapter 7, John shares several key points from Jesus' message from the Sermon on the Mount while helping listeners know for sure if they are truly on The Way to Heaven (airs 5/4-5/15).

Then later this month, John MacArthur takes a ...

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Reach Beyond in Nepal: 3 Ways to Help

Nepal Earthquake ResponseYou've heard the horrific news: on April 25th, a violent earthquake rocked Nepal.  To date, the death toll exceeds 5,000.  Reach Beyond is eagerly awaiting news from local partners on the ground who run eight Christian radio stations, a healthcare clinic and a birthing center.

How do we in the U.S. respond to the devastation in Nepal?  Here are three ways that you can help:

  1. Air a special 1:00 feature, "Reach Beyond in Nepal" (stations that carry the "Reach Beyond" feature will automatically receive this broadcast via Amb-OS for airing Tuesday, April 28).  Download MP3 >> 

  2. Interview ...
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Rajo: A Story from the Africa Mercy

Rajo-Mercy-Ships-clubfootIn the developed world, children ask their parents for many things: toys, pets, candy and other sweet treats, and roller-coaster rides courtesy of daddy's arms.  But in Madagascar, Little Rajo would often ask his father, Tojo, "Please, Daddy, arrange my feet."  These words made Tojo want to cry.

Daddy's All Star Champion

Until this morning, I had never heard of clubfootthe condition that curved Rajo's left foot and made walking difficult.  This sweet child had suffered with clubfoot since birth
until his father found Mercy Ships®.

Four-year-old Rajo is a happy-go-lucky, friendly boy.  But he ...

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Pray Your Way Through the News with Focus

Focusing on PrayerWith the National Day of Prayer just around the corner, what better time to read a news summary on issues that matter today -- but through a prayer lens.  Focus on the Family's Jim Daly recently wrote a blog post called "Transgenderism in the News and Other Stories You Need to Know" -- it's a helpful guide of recent top headlines.  As we read in concern, let's do as Paul wrote in Romans 12:12 . . . "Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer."

Here's a look at the news items summarized in the blog post ...

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