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Ministry Updates

Every Life Precious in His Sight

While investigations continue into the tragic loss of three lives at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood and as we pray for the families of those who lost loved ones, I can't help but wonder about the innocent lives lost daily.  Every life, whether one not allowed to breathe outside its mother's womb, a police officer or civilians . . . each one precious in His sight.

In the midst of this tragedy, the pro-llife commitment remains steadfast.  Every day on "Life Issues®," Brad Mattes shares about the importance of life -- the lives of the unborn, of those near the end of ...

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Responding to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

It's a story that's been reported in the news, but has become an even bigger story since the recent Paris attacks.  Millions of Syrians-hundreds of thousands of them Christians-have been displaced from their homes in recent years.

While everyone sympathizes with their plight, some have called to resettle Syrian refugees here in the U.S.  Some say only Christians should be allowed to resettle, while others say the security risks are too great to accept any Syrian refugees.

How should we think practically and biblically about this complex and divisive issue?  In addition to covering this issue on ...

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How to Engage

We are entering into a season which is probably the most social time of the year.  And, quite possibly, a time when we're given the best opportunity to share about Christ over a holiday meal or while visiting with a neighbor.  I've personally found that it's a time when people are more open to sharing and listening than usual.  But, what's the best way to engage a friend or a co-worker in a meaningful conversation about Christ?

Pastor Jim Garlow would say, you engage with others by listening.  As Jim shared recently on "The Garlow Perspective ...

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The Gospel is in Your Hand


Witnessing can be very intimidating.  Not only are you broaching a subject that some consider off limits (religion), but the conversation itself makes the other person consider eternal questions that everyone struggles with whether they admit it or not.  One reason people are hesitant to share the gospel is because they fear they will forget something essential in their gospel presentation.

John Sorensen, president of Evangelism Explosion and host of the daily 1-min feature, Share Life Today, says, "The gospel is literally in your hand."  And he shares a "hands-on" approach to evangelism to help us remember:

Thumb - When a ...

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My Wisdom Teeth Saga

crewIf you've had your wisdom teeth removed, you would know that there is typically a sit down with the dentist a few days prior to talk through the procedure.

If you knew me, you would know that I am terrified of all things medical and that this did not go well.

I didn't even realize the full extent of this fear until my fiancé, Brian, called me back in sheer panic.  After listening to the voicemail I had left him post "sit down", he thought they had found something cancerous in my x-rays.  To his disbelief, my bawling ...

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How Opening our Doors can Lead to Christ's Glory

xmas specialCan you think back to a time when you noticed a need around you and chose not to do anything about it?

Whether it was a mother down the street that didn't have enough money to feed her children, a new member of your church that just wanted love and community, or simply a friend that needed a ride, we seem to do one of the following:

1.    Completely miss divine opportunities because we are not attentive to anyone but ourselves

OR (even worse)

2.    Choose to ignore the need, acting like we are too busy, too tired, or ...

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