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Ministry Updates

Jim Garlow Requests Prayer

If you follow Pastor Jim Garlow on Facebook, you may have seen the reports about his stepdaughter Rebeka who is recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumor.  As a partner for "The Garlow Perspective," we want to be sure you know the latest and ask you to pray for Jim and their family at this time.  Please read this personal update from Jim . . .


I have purposely held off giving an update because we were consistently
promised the pathology (lab) report from ...

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"Become like little children ..."

little-girl-flowersSometimes kids surprise us in the best of ways.  Over the weekend, my church hosted "I Believe Sunday"where we laid out the plan of salvation for 2nd and 3rd graders, followed up with the invitation to accept Christ.

I led a discussion group of 10 girls who had just accepted Jesus for the first time.  We talked about what it means to be a child of God, how to grow in Christ's likeness, and why we need to share Jesus with others.

When I asked, "What are some ways you can tell your friends about Jesus ...

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"At Your Word I will Let Down the Nets"


Lately I've been presented with things I don't want to do.

People I don't want to see. Love I don't want to give. Control I don't want to give up.

Can you hear the Lord at work in me yet?

In one of my quiet times with the Lord this week, I asked Him which book of the Bible to read...I felt led to read in Luke  specifically Luke chapter 5.

In this chapter, Jesus is speaking to His people from a boat in Lake Gennesaret.  When He is finished, He instructs Simon to ...

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The Buzz on Janet Mefferd Today

If you follow Janet Mefferd on Twitter, your feed was blowing up with excitement yesterday.  Stations and listeners across the country tweeted their enthusiasm for the nationwide premiere of "Janet Mefferd Today".  Here's what they had to say:


Janet-Mefferd-TodayIn the inaugural edition of the daily 60:00 show, Janet addressed an array of important topics.  Unpacking California's "End of Life Option" act from Friday, she reviewed specifics of the bill, related it to Brittany Maynard's story, and examined what all this means for the future of our culture.

Then, Ken Ham, president/CEO of Answers in Genesis ...

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Not Just a Hobby!


While most 18-year-olds are posting selfies and bingeing on Netflix, Hannah Leary is memorizing books of the Bible.  Not just verses, not just chapters, and not just a book or twothis National Bible Bee (NBB) competitor has committed 10 entire books of the Bible to memory!

In a recent World Magazine article, Hannah says of her six-year NBB involvement, "At first, yes, I was just reading theological words.  But then it started coming alive."

The other 359 students who make it to finals would probably say the same.  Even if they don't take home a prize, these young ...

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The North Star

I recently downloaded the SkyView app to my iPhone -- my daughter and I use it a couple of times a week to help us scan the night sky for stars and constellations.  It's a great app for someone like me who always has a hard time keeping track of the shifting of the constellations.

There is one point in the night sky though I can always find without the help of SkyView -- the North Star.  It's easy to find because it's known to stay fixed in our sky.

In an upcoming "Joni and Friends®" broadcast, Joni Eareckson ...

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