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Ministry Updates

The Value of Each and Every Life

I'd like to say that very little has changed in three decades since my friends and I have known one another.

While enjoying our annual "mini-reunion," though, as I looked and listened to my three friends from high school, there was no denying the wrinkles and yes, the extra pounds.

As we reflected on the reality of moving closer to that big 50th milestone, I couldn't help but realize that beyond the physical changes, we've grown further apart on how we look at life.

One friend shared about her aging mother who has early signs of ...

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In an Interview with Rick Warren

Rick WarrenMeeting Rick Warren is a larger-than-life experience.  He truly fills a room with his personality.  And he always asks, "Have you had a hug from a pastor today?"  He doesn't wait for your response--you get a hug from this pastor!

In his latest book, The Daniel Plan, Pastor Rick's desire is that it will inspire a journey of health so that you have the energy and alertness to make other changes in your life--whether it's your marriage, your career, your walk with God.

It was my privilege to direct an interview with Rick Warren, one given exclusively ...

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Texting for Life

It's no surprise that text messaging is popular among teens.  More than 87% of teens have done so in the past 30 days! 

But, would you call text messaging life-changing or life-saving? 

A pastor ministering in Papua New Guinea with a radio show would!  Joe says the response to his youth program via text messaging is staggering.  He receives more than 16,000 text messages each month!  More than half of the messages come from people inquiring about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  About 20 percent of the messages come in after midnight from students who are dealing ...

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Singing for Joy!

We know this season can be filled with a myriad of emotions.  For some, it's a time of laughter and love, yet for many other folks it's a month of stress, loneliness, and depression. 

So how do we find joy during this season? And how do we help others--your listeners--do the same?  Here's a timely article by Barbara Rainey from FamilyLife that we pray will be an encouragement to you and your audience.

Marriage Memo

December 16, 2013

Singing for Joy ... Even When the World Seems Dark

by Barbara Rainey

Blogs I've been reading are oozing with enthusiasm ...

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Finding Comfort through the Holidays . . . and Beyond

These days leading up to Christmas can be a time of emotional highs for many people. But as soon as New Year's has passed, it's easy to become blue and depressed.

On today's Revive Our Hearts program, Nancy Leigh DeMoss points us to the only place we can find true comfort and consolation-not from people, parties, and presents, but from the One born as a baby in the manger.

In this special series, "My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation," Nancy explores the story of Simeon in Luke 2 and reminds us that in the midst of our ...

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Christmas Priorities

Christmas MomChristmas music, holiday decorations, and shopping ... it sounds like Christmas is almost here once again!  Don't you just love the Christmas season?

Elizabeth George (A Woman after God's Own Heart) also loves Christmas and all of the festivities that go with it!  But she reminds us that during this time it's easy for our priorities and our focus on the holiday to get out of line with what God wants for us.  

Let's not forget what Christmas is really about -- that we received an incredible perfect gift from God -- his Son, Jesus, and that through Him ...

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