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Ministry Updates

Baton of Faith

As the mom of a high school track runner, I've been to several meets.  One of the events that always has me on the edge of my seat is the relay race.  There's so much for the team of four to consider - not only their individual speed, but also, the speed of  the other three runners and, of course, the crucial "passing of the baton."

The "passing of the baton" comes to mind off the track as well.    I look at my children and as I think about all I have to consider in raising them, I am ...

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The best conversation you’ve had all day!

Barry MeguiarBarry Meguiar has an unmistakable zeal for winning others to Christ. 

If you're with him, he'll do it right in front of you--because he never passes up the opportunity to say something to someone that will ultimately begin a conversation about God.  And he does it in such a way, you just know it'll be the best conversation that person has all day.

Barry's 1:00 feature, Revival Outside the Walls, is as unique a radio feature as he is unique.  First there's the obvious enthusiasm and energy of a man whose priority in life ...

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A man of prayer!

PrayerJim Garlow prays!

I've heard him.  In over ten years in my association with him through my work here at Ambassador, there've been tearful prayers, intercessory prayers, and certainly prayers for a nation to come to its senses over the definition of marriage--just to name a few.  And he always--always--calls each of us to pray as well.

And he does so again as the Coordinator for the May 7, 2014 "Washington a Man of Prayer" event exclusively for Congressmen and Senators to honor our first president, George Washington.  This unprecedented call to prayer will be held ...

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The New Centurions

This weekend, I’ll have the personal delight of being commissioned as one in the class of 2013-14 Centurions at the Colson Center’s Wilberforce Weekend celebration.  Participating in this discipleship program has been a very rewarding experience for me and I highly recommend it for believers, especially leaders in media and ministry, who desire training in reaching those in their personal mission field with teaching that is grounded in Christian worldview.

Our class will embody the tenth year of Chuck Colson's vision of Christian leaders trained to think ...

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Tragedy in Little Rock

Sunday night as I was watching the news about the tornadoes that ripped through Central Arkansas my thoughts and prayers immediately turned to our friends at FamilyLife.

Then Monday morning the ministry released on their Facebook page this personally devasting loss...

Our FamilyLife family is grieving the death of our friend and colleague Rob Tittle and two of his children in last night's tornadoes in Arkansas. Rob is survived by his wife Kerry and seven children.

Four of the children also sustained broken bones, and their home was completely destroyed. Please join us in prayer for Kerry and the ...

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Life Bookends

AwanaThere are seasons in our lives we call "bookends" -- times and experiences with a distinct beginning and end. 

I had such a season.  Its beginning was 18 years ago.  It came to an end this past Sunday.

It was 1996 and my oldest started in the AWANA program.  I began volunteering in the Sparks Group (kindergarten through 2nd grade) the same year.

My youngest just completed her last year of AWANA this past Sunday and I'd felt God leading me to do the same. So, after 18 years, I led my last AWANA Sparks meeting.

It's been ...

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