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Ministry Updates

How to be Like the First Christians

TSC_Easter_Carter-Conlon"Are the things you're living for worth Christ's dying for?"

--Pastor Oscar Muriu, Nairobi Chapel

My inhale caught in my throat when I heard our guest preacher pose this question in church yesterday.  It prompted many follow-up questions of internal self-reflection ... What things am I living for?  How would I define the things Jesus lived for?  Does my list match His?  Why have I never asked myself these questions?

In his continued discussion of living bravely vs. living safely, Pastor Oscar reminded the congregation that Jesus' disciples never prayed for persecution to cease.  Conversely, they prayed for enough ...

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Evolving Technology and the Never Changing Gospel

I use to work summers at my dad’s TV stores.  We sold everything from TVs with picture tubes to solid state, from console TVs to portables.

Today, while not a fully fledged tech geek, I am fascinated with all the tech advancements which have changed the world . . . technology which has made the world a smaller place.

In my Sunday School Class this past weekend, technology helped us connect with a dear sister in Christ serving in Vietnam.  We Face-Timed Angela and studied a devotional lesson together - her sitting across the world in her living in Vietnam and our class ...

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“It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!”

Ever said that?

I’m sure, in many ways and at many times in your life, that has been true.  Like relaxing at the beach, watching the perfect sunset—a sky painted in deep hues of orange, blue, red and violet—“It doesn’t get any better than this!”  Or you might have uttered that phrase while enjoying a superb meal, savoring every delicious morsel.   

I confess the catchphrase has passed my lips more times than I deserve!  Most recently, it was while playing golf on the most amazing course I’ve ...

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The Miraculous Truth

I do love my evening walks especially now when daylight lingers a little longer.  And those evening walks provide me an opportunity to listen to my favorite Bible teaching program, "Grace to You®," on my local radio station.

This past week, I listened as John MacArthur finished up his series on How to Study the Bible.  While most of the series covered the why and how, what was most revealing was learning about who can study the Bible.  Honestly, I had never contemplated that truth.  John summarized it well when he said, "You've got to be the ...

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3 Things I Learned in a Week with Barry Meguiar

Barry-Meguiar-Joe-Emert-Jim-StewartIf you spend 60 seconds talking with Barry Meguiar, there's no doubt you'll be energized to share your faith.  Imagine spending four consecutive days with him.  At NRB, that's what I was privileged to do.  And WOWwhat a powerful time it was!

Barry demonstrates consistently that our job is "to turn every circumstance into an opportunity to lead people to Jesus Christ."  I left the Convention with three key lessons:

1)    "You don't have to be trained to love on people."

Whether it's praying for the waitress who shares her family struggles, offering a ...

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The Incomparable Christ

Nancy Leigh DeMoss says, "What we believe about Jesus determines our ultimate destiny."  Just as Jesus asked his disciples, "who do you say that I am?" - It's the question every person must answer.

In this Lenten season, Nancy continues her teaching on "The Incomparable Christ," based on the J. Oswald Sanders classic of the same name.  She shares that there truly is no one like Jesus-not even close!

It is not enough to know that Jesus is incomparable.  We must steadfastly fix our eyes and our hope upon Him:

  • He alone is able to save us from our sin ...
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