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Ministry Updates

Life As An Adventure

Joni's ParentsI first heard the Eleanor Roosevelt quote, "Do not stop thinking of life as an adventure," at a recent dinner event.  I liked it and quickly wrote it down. But more than the quote itself, I was most impacted by the fact that a certain fellow dinner guest said she loved the quote  . . . that she loves to think of life as an adventure!

A diving accident in 1967 left her a quadriplegic in a wheelchair, without the use of her hands.  After two years of rehabilitation, she emerged with new skills and a fresh determination to help others in similar ...

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How Will You Serve?

Reach Beyond GrantRadio stations still have one month left to apply for the Reach Beyond Grant.  The deadline is Friday, August 15 to submit a short proposal describing a project or initiative that goes beyond the station's normal activities.

Download the Reach Beyond Grant application

Grant proposals will be evaluated in alignment with the ministry's vision to "reach beyond" in bringing the gospel to those who currently have limited access or no access and/or the weak and infirmed.

Why apply for the Reach Beyond Grant?  This is an opportunity to:

  • Engage summer interns with a creative project
  • Sponsor a ...
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After 7-7-7: Now What?

I just returned from a vacation in Atlanta.  A great trip, though, no matter how many vacations, trips and flights I take, most would agree, one of the hardest parts of traveling is the waiting - in the TSA line, through the lay-over, to board and then, disembark the plane.

And, as Anne Graham Lotz shares, it's the waiting that is the hardest part when it comes to the Spirit's leading. 

As the 7-7-7, An Urgent Call to Prayer initiative concluded last week, Anne shares that now begins the hard part which requires "enormous discipline and self-control" . . . waiting for ...

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Just call me crazy—“Car Crazy!”

ChevyWhat can I say--I grew up in Motown, spent five years of my working career at General Motors, my sister retired from GM after 44 years, and my first car?

Oh yeah. . .a 1956 Chevy, robin's egg blue with big ol' white wall tires!

Loved that car!

But the hot "town car" in Detroit has and always will be the Corvette--my dream car since I was a teenager.

So when I picked up my new Corvette Stingray several weeks ago, among the first to know was Barry Meguiar and Mike and Leslie Kennedy, our ministry partners with "Revival Outside ...

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Christians and the Political Debate: How far should we go?

Jim Garlow politicsWhen I record with Jim Garlow for "The Garlow Perspective", we never lack for  something of interest to chat about while we wait for the next set up.

Recently I was telling him about my response to an event in Long Beach where I live, and his come-back was, "You ought to present that to City Hall."

There's no question Jim Garlow addresses the issues of the day with passion and insight.  And it's not because he's politically motivated--he's biblically-motivated and isn't afraid to confront the hot issues of the day intelligently and biblically ...

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A New Kind of Freedom

Several months ago, Dennis Rainey sent an email to staff and ministry friends that started like this ...

"Last week I went to prison ...


to speak at a graduation ceremony."  

Dennis quickly explained the purpose of his visit to the Arkansas prison and shared how one ministry staff person had been leading a group of prisoners through the video series Stepping Up.  This opportunity came about after the prison chaplain saw the video and received approval from the Warden.  Well as you might imagine, several things happened as result, including these high points:

  • 136 men signed up to go through ...
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