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Ministry Updates

Sharathons and SonSet Radios

SonSet EffectMaking plans for your Fall sharathon event?  Consider a missions project where you and your listeners can give the gift of radio to someone in an unreached part of the world.

Reach Beyond has been placing solar-powered radios in the hands of people all over the world.  These SonSet radios are fixed-tuned to the local Christian station.  They are like little missionaries going into areas you and I could never go with the gospel.

"The SonSet Radio has the ability to change a life, and that is worth our support as a radio station family.  These little radios have a ...

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Seeking Solitude

Max-LucadoIn the past several weeks, I've dug into my Bible and talked with God more than I had for a long time.  When I am involved in every activity I can find, I don't make time for the Lord.  And that's damaging.

Max Lucado
recently shared, "We'll try anything to get rid of our loneliness.  But should we?  Should we be so quick to drop it?  Could it be that loneliness is a gift?  A gift from God?"

Loneliness can come in a variety of forms.  In the American culture, it's easy to feel lonely ...

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BreakPoint® Responds to Supremes' Ruling on Marriage

On Monday, June 29th, "BreakPoint®" airs a special broadcast with John Stonestreet who reacts to the Supreme Court's ruling on the definition of marriage.  He shares . . .

"I'd like to start by stating what should be obvious to the Christian: while five justices of the Supreme Court have ordered the legal recognition of same-sex marriage, the court cannot redefine marriage itself, just as Roe v. Wade did not redefine the sanctity of human life. And, just as Roe marked a new phase in the struggle for the sanctity of life and the dignity of new persons, Friday's ...

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Are We Redefining Marriage?

We cannot sacrifice truth on the altar of "love." We have to be kind, we have to be compassionate, but we have to be truthful.  -Dennis Rainey

Hearing the decision handed down by the Supreme Court Justice last Friday-legalizing same-sex marriage in every state-was disappointing news to be sure, but not unexpected.  In fact, Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine, as well as FamilyLife's Board of Directors, met just days prior to Friday's court ruling to discuss how they would respond.  As Dennis put it in a letter to constituents, "Words matter."

This week on "FamilyLife Today," Dennis and ...

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5-4 Decision: Be a Churchill

Just days before Friday's Supreme Court ruling on the definition of marriage, Pastor Jim Garlow released this article saying that his biggest concern is how Christian leaders will react to the decision, and stressed that now is the time for the Christian community to be courageous.

And now that we know the Supreme Court's decision, Jim Garlow shares his response in special replacement programs airing on "The Garlow Perspective" this Monday (6/29) and Tuesday (6/30).

Jim warns, "We're about to find out whether pastors, Christian leaders, Christian college presidents, and followers of Jesus Christ will ...

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Definition of a Hero

The term "hero" is thrown around freely these days.  Seems its very definition has become relative in our society.

I think it's pretty easy to define what makes a hero though -- an ordinary person who does extraordinary things, someone who inspires us to continue on when life becomes challenging and, someone who doesn't consider themselves to be a hero in their own mind.

Joni Eareckson Tada is a hero to many - including me.  Decades later, in spite of a diving accident which left her paralyzed, she continues to minister to others globally as she lives out a life ...

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