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Ministry Updates

Defending a Church's Outreach to the Needy

Isaiah 58 ProjectA church helping the homeless find themselves homeless!

You can get the word out!

It's one thing to be punished for something you've done--but when it's for something you haven't done--there ought to be a law. 

When there's blatant injustice it's gratifying to know that the allied attorneys of Alliance Defending Freedom waste no time in getting involved.

LaPaz County, Arizona is forcing the Church of the Isaiah 58 Project of Arizona--one that's been publicly praised by the City of Quartzsize, Arizona for their work with the homeless--to close its doors by June ...

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Ten Easy Ways to Share Your Faith

From expert research recently commissioned and completed by Revival Outside the Walls, it was discovered that over 80% of the un-churched say they want to know more about God.

"Ten easy ways to share your faith!"

From Barry Meguiar and Revival Outside the Walls

  1. CrowdMake intentional faith-sharing a priority for each day.
  2. Invite someone to church.
  3. Praise God in the midst of suffering.
  4. Tell your own story of coming to Christ.
  5. Intentionally love on people.
  6. Don't give up--people rarely accept Christ after one conversation.
  7. Watch for opportunities--a clerk, a waiter, a co-worker.
  8. Casually let people know you know God ...
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Remembering John Wesley

John WesleyJohn Wesley-born June 17, 1703

Preacher, theologian and tireless advocate for religious freedom

I've served with Jim Garlow and "The Garlow Perspective" for over a decade as part of my responsibilities with Ambassador.  And during that time we've had many discussions about John Wesley, founder with his brother Charles and George Whitefield, of the Wesleyan Methodist movement, with which Jim Garlow has been aligned for so many years of his ministry.

I see profound similarities between the two men--educated thoroughly in church history, articulate theologians, preachers of God's Word, both tireless advocates for biblical clarity and religious ...

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Lessons from Dad

As Father's Day approaches, I've thought about some of the lessons my dad taught me:

- Work hard - don't wait for accolades.

- Keep up with the news -- read the newspaper.

- Think more. Talk less.

In an upcoming "Joni and Friends®" broadcast, Joni Eareckson Tada shares about a significant lesson she learned from her father - the lesson of the lamplighter.

Joni's father told her the story about the lamplighter who would come out every day in his Baltimore neighborhood at dusk.  The lamplighter would come down the avenue lighting each light individually.

Her dad would tell her that ...

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Your Marriage Matters


Whether a couple has been married for a month or 50 years ... how they live their marriage inside and outside the home does matter--to their circle of friends and family--most especially to their children.  And going one step further, a strong, godly marriage is a much-needed testimony to the unbelievers in today's culture.

That's the subject of discussion in the coming weeks on "FamilyLife Today" when Dennis Rainey talks with a few marriage and parent experts on the importance of being intentional about leaving a legacy for the generation that follows. 

The details about the programming ahead ...

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Mercy for Maomai

Maomi StoryJust a couple weeks ago, we welcomed twins into the family--my brother's son and wife were thrilled for Abby and Emmy's arrival.  

Having anticipated two babies weighing over six pounds each, it came as a surprise that little Emmy was just that--little.  She weighed only 4.5 pounds and there were a few issues that raised family concern significantly.  The joy of new life was mingled with a shadow relative to Emmy's health.  How grateful we were for a terrific hospital that immediately initiated the care Emmy needed.

I think about that when I look at ...

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