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Ministry Updates

Not An Ordinary Monday

This wasn't going to be an ordinary Monday. 
And indeed, it wasn't -- for a lot reasons, though three stand above the rest.
From the moment Joni Eareckson Tada arrived at our offices, hymns filled our hallways.   Melodious, moving and meaningful hymns sung acapella.
Joni had come to record "Joni and Friends®" and "Diamonds in the Dust" features.  The list of programs to record included a weeklong series on the Paralympics and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In the midst of the recording, Joni stopped to pray . . . asking God to give her breath, strength, and a pain-free day to ...

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Why Marriage is Important

Recent news events have yet again shined a spotlight on the issue of marriage and because traditional marriage is so vital to our society, the topic is being discussed in a current series of "Family Facts" radio features provided by The Heritage Foundation.

As shared on today's edition of "Family Facts" . . .

Marriage is linked to a wide variety of health and economic benefits.  Married people tend to have better physical health, greater psychological well-being, and a lower mortality risk.  Marriage is also linked to greater financial security, higher rates of home ownership, and more wealth accumulation.  Married men tend ...

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Pray for the children. . .

Prayer for Children during the Olympics"Chidren belong to all of us and we are compelled
to intervene on their behalf."
--Wess Stafford

It is often during international game events, where the world gathers in great numbers, that sex trafficking becomes heightened.  And where there is sex trafficking, children are in grave danger of evil people who steal children by the hundreds and thousands off the streets of the world to satisfy the desires of those who prey on the vulnerable.

UNICEF reports that across the world, over one-million children enter the sex trade every year.

Wess Stafford, President of Compassion International, the world's largest ...

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It's Contagious!

SmilesHave you ever noticed how moods are contagious?

Whether it is an in-person encounter or over the airwaves, both good and bad moods are infectious and easily passed from one person to another.
The same applies to acts of mercy!

Mercy Ships® continues to be devoted to bringing hope and healing to the world's forgotten poor. Through this dedication the influence and work of mercy continues to spread far beyond the walls of the ship and the ports it docks in.

This week on a Mercy Minute Don Stephens told us about William's internet business in Lome Togo ...

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A Call to the Cross

Having celebrated our national day of independence earlier this month, our nation rightly focused on the freedoms we enjoy and those who have sacrificed their lives so that we might live in freedom.   In her blog, Anne Graham Lotz encouraged readers to also "thank Him for the One who sacrificed His life so that we might live . . . to thank Him for the Cross."

And as national attention is focused on the presidential election in November, Anne is focused on the significance of prayers for our nation. The Just Give Me Jesus arena event in Augusta GA on September 21st ...

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Moment By Moment

DandelionOne of the most blessed gifts the Lord has ever given us as his children is that life comes only one minute at a time.

Yesterday morning in our weekly devotions at Ambassador our beloved Peggy Campbell shared the gospel of Colossians with us from memory. I put my iPhone down (where my digital version of the Bible is kept) and just listened to the words of the Scripture being spoken to me as they would have been all those years ago when the letter first arrived in Colossae. It was wonderful hearing Paul's personal exhortations to his fellow ...

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