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Ministry Updates

Look Back: Make Your "Beyond the Call" List for 2011

Recently I accidentally wrote "2012" instead of "2011".  Oops!  I may have gotten ahead of myself, but I suppose it's not too early to start thinking about the coming year.  HCJB Global is clearly thinking ahead, for they've already posted their "2011 highlights."  Take a look at how they've gone "Beyond the Call" this year!

HCJB Global's Year in ReviewIn 2011, HCJB Global . . .

  • Made it possible for millions to hear the gospel via broadcasts from nearly 400 partner stations in about 100 countries.

  • Accelerated the use of new media with a focus on millennials but attracting users of all ages; averaged ...
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Cultivating a Contented Heart

When it comes to being content in life, we can learn a lot from our dogs.  All a dog needs to make them happy are the basic necessities: food, water, shelter, companionship, and sleep (which our dog does a lot!)  Oh, and a daily walk would be great, too!

Why is it, then, that we humans struggle so much with contentment or ungratefulness?  Sometimes getting what we want isn't enough to make us content.  That's because, no matter what we have, there's always that unattainable something that's just out of our reach.

This month on "Revive ...

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A Life Opposite of "Sideism"-- Billy Graham

The latest installment in the Kaiser Permanente creative ad campaign called "Thrive" is a radio ad called "On the Sideism." 

The premise of the ad is a mantra of moderation - living a healthy life today by ordering your condiments "on the side " - salad dressings on the side, mayonnaise on the side of your turkey sandwich, etc. 

While "sideism" may work for a healthy life, this month marks the 93rd birthday of a man who has lived out the opposite.  Billy Graham's birthday is next Monday and on that day, the world marks a life in which God has ...

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Living in Contentment

It's said, everyone lives in one of two tents:  either content . . . or discontent! 

When I was a young believer, I was told by a friend that I complained too much.  Some friend, huh?  Actually, she was right.  I was focusing too much on "me" and "my" problems and not enough on Christ.  Looking back on that time, it was clear I was living in discontent!

Given the circumstances the Apostle Paul endured during his missionary journeys (jailed for preaching Christ, shipwrecked and starving, beaten and left for dead), he had every reason to be discontent.  Yet ...

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Can You Help Me?

That's a question we've all been asked at one time or another.  But how many times has our answer been "Yes!"?   The frequency usually depends on the availability of our time and resources, right?

Fortunately, because of faithful partners like you, FamilyLife can consistently provide people--young and old, married and single, new believers and seasoned saints--with the resources and tools they need.  In fact, in November on "FamilyLife Today," Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine bring listeners some help and hope in these specific areas:
  • Answering questions about God
  • Dealing with a wayward child
  • Addressing new parenthood anxiety
  • Battling ...
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A Second Chance

Baby's footIf you haven't already heard about Azra Karaduman, let me introduce you to this special young lady. Although she is only-2-weeks old, the internet and news channels can't seem to get enough of her! It was not what she did, however, but her survival that has attracted all the attention.

48-hours after her parent's apartment building was destroyed by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, Azra's survival was unlikely - especially due to the near-freezing conditions! Only 14-days-old, thankfully, Azra was given a second chance at life. Met by applause by the rescue workers, she was immediately taken ...

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