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Ministry Updates

Walking Through the Fire

Colorado Fires Isaiah Verse

As you are well aware, Colorado Springs has been faced with tense days as a fast-moving wildfire has forced mandatory evacuations of more than 32,000 residents and burned "hundreds of homes" according to media reports.

HCJB Global's Wayne Pederson has recorded a special "Beyond the Call" program for airing Friday, June 29.  (To listen to the audio, click here).  Wayne shares a few examples of those who are going "beyond the call" in this challenging time.

HCJB Global's office has been closed since Tuesday as police have cordoned off area roads, and The Navigators evacuated its facilities ...

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Entrusted with a Child's Heart

There is a huge collection of resources available to parents today, but even then, the ministry of Revive Our Hearts hears from moms on a daily basis, pleading for practical help in raising godly children.

In response to this need, all next week on Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss, listeners will hear an interview with Betsy Corning, author of Entrusted with a Child's Heart.  Nancy shares that this is a great resource for moms and those concerned about raising children to have a heart and a hunger for the Lord.

Has not the one God made you ...

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Say Cheese!

dental toolsI am no stranger to orthodontics and dental work. Braces twice, spacers, retainers, oral surgery, teeth pulled...my dad has good reason to call mine a "million dollar smile"! But besides the cosmetics of dental work there is much hygienic value in keeping clean teeth and gums. It is also incredibly beneficial to begin these habits at a very young age!

The Mercy Ships® team is aware of the importance of this! The team brings the tools needed to practice dental procedures when in port but the reality is that sometimes the problems they face could have been avoided with ...

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What's Next for The Colson Center

Please take a moment to read this latest update from Colson Center President, Alan Terwilleger, on continuing Chuck Colson's worldview ministry:

Letter from Terwilleger

"What is going to happen to the Colson Center and BreakPoint®?"

That's a fair question, and one I've heard often since Chuck went home to be with the Lord.

The answer is: a lot.

Chuck Colson was a visionary; he had what can only be called a prophetic voice. But he was also an enormously practical man. He knew he wouldn't live forever, and he wanted very much for the work he started-preparing believers to ...

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Summertime Relaxation

Beach UmbrellaSchool is out, the days are longer, the weather is warmer (in sunny Southern California it is anyway), and summer is here!

Growing up, summertime meant more free time than I knew what to do with. Then college arrived and it was a time for internships, odd jobs, and beach days. Now I find that work does not slow down for a second over the summer months and it is tempting to cram every nook and cranny of my schedule full of events and activities! This works wonderfully well until you come to the end of your rope and realize ...

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Christian Radio Produces Brave Volunteers

brave-volunteersThe new Disney-Pixar movie "Brave" came out over the weekend.  I know a handful of college-aged girls who plan to go see it together.  Rumor is, their night out includes crimping and teasing their hair in attempt to resemble the title character's unruly locks.  Some may question their good sense for publicly parading with "crazy hair" where they are certain to attract attention.  I call it -- appropriately -- brave.

Recently, I witnessed how Christian radio equipped a group of people to bravely do the following:

  1. Jump -- not step -- out of your comfort zone in serving the disability community by fully ...
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