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Ministry Updates

Families Get an A+

The back to school season is upon us and all this month, content on the "Family Facts" program from The Heritage Foundation focuses on the relationship between family structure and educational achievement levels.

Heritage research shows that from elementary through high school, students from intact families tend to do better in school.

The results of several studies are in: 

  • Kindergartners in intact families have higher average reading scores
  • Children age 3-12 who live in intact families have higher average math scores
  • Children age 7-10 who live in continuously intact families tend to score higher on reading achievement tests
  • 9th ...
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A Woman After God’s Own Heart®— Changing Seasons

Autumn DayIt's almost time for the warm breezes of summer to die down and for the leaves of fall to start changing. And, that means the start of a great season for Elizabeth George and the ministry of "A Woman After God's Own Heart".

In September, Elizabeth will engage the First Baptist Church in Branson, MO and Calvary Church in Charlotte, NC in fellowship and wise discernment. And, September marks the launch of Elizabeth's new book,"Raising A Daughter After God's Own Heart".

Says Elizabeth on writing the book, "I kept my diaries, journals, and prayer notebooks ...

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If I Knew Then What I Know Now

I grew up in a very good home with loving, supportive parents who praised us when we did well and disciplined us when we needed it most.  They took our family to church every Sunday and on vacations once a year.  They taught us a strong work ethic. We didn't have a lot of stuff, just the basic necessities, but we never felt deprived.  In every respect, they did the best to raise their family with the resources they had.

I was pondering that when I was auditioning an upcoming "FamilyLife Today" broadcast and heard Bob Lepine ask, "Who ...

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Women Serving Women

Throughout my life, I've been blessed to be around some pretty incredible women who have served as godly mentors.  First, my mom, followed by an older sister and others in my church growing up, all invested in my life at an early age, providing me with a strong foundation in the Lord.  A recent visit with a former mentor of mine in college caused me to reflect on how blessed I've been, being surrounded by such faithful, godly women who are committed to investing in the next generation.

And, then there is Nancy Leigh DeMoss who mentors women ...

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New Teaching Tools from BreakPoint®

I just finished a wonderful book over the weekend and I'm ready to dive into another great read before summer ends.  This is why I'm excited about a brand new resource available from BreakPoint® (keep reading below) along with a special opportunity that the ministry is making available to you and your listeners.

Youth Reads from Chuck ColsonYouth Reads

Chuck Colson has shared that there is no better way to recharge our batteries than reading.  If you're also in the search for some great books and would like the benefit of reading reviews first, along with recommendations for young readers, then ...

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God is Your Hiding Place


When you were a child, didn't you just love to play hide and seek? 

I loved it when I found the "perfect" hiding place and would stay hidden a bit, while my friends ran past looking for me.   

Recently, while reading Emilie Barnes' book, You Are My Hiding Place, Lord, I remembered those fun days, and a few of my secret hiding places.  

As adults though, we can't hide away from the realities of life like we did as a child.  

Emilie says her prayer time with God has now become her "hiding place."  This is the place ...

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