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Ministry Updates

God's Plan - Not Ours

JAN1The New Year is a time of reflection for many - a look back at the past year, maybe at the master plan you've laid out for our life.  It's a time to look at where you are, and where you are going.  Is this how you gauge how successful you've become - or not?

This year as I look back on where I've been, I am so grateful that MY master plan was not successful, but that God's plan for me has been, and will continue to be if I follow Him, and seek His will ...

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Do You Have Marriage Figured Out?

Recently I asked several couples this same question.  Here's how they responded:

  • Yes, I believe we do.  We've been married for 21 years!  But I admit our focus is primarily on the kids. 
  • We hope so ... we've read every marriage book there is.
  • No, we don't.  But after 26 years of marriage I don't know what more we can do.  Neither one of us is going to change anyways.

Likely many of your listeners (or someone they know) would respond similarily.  Whether they have marriage figured out or not, the bottom line is ... marriage takes ...

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Billy Graham Among Most Admired 56th Time

The Gallup Poll's annual Most Admired Men or Women surveys, conducted over the past 50 years, provide a fascinating portrait of the prominent personalities on the U.S. and the world stage.  And, in a world that has experienced such change on the political, economic, social and moral dynamics of life, the consistency of one particular person on the list year after year, is something I find deeply encouraging.

While Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton once again top this year's Gallup poll of whom Americans admire most, Billy Graham continues his record streak of appearances on the nation ...

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What Is Important

Checking Facebook is always interesting . . . and reading through friends' posts on New Year's Day is no different.

I enjoyed reading about people's reflections on 2012 and their resolutions for 2013.  Particularly after Christmas and with the clean slate of anew year ahead, people's hearts seem to gravitate to what is important.

I'm no exception.

During the holiday season, I enjoyed more leisure time with my children and time to linger in the moments - to reflect on His blessings, to read His Word and to anticipate the year ahead.

That's why particularly at this time of ...

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How to Have a Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  How many times have you heard that in the last couple of days?  And, will it really be a happy new year for you?

No matter how you feel at the beginning of 2013, teacher Nancy Leigh DeMoss shows you how to set your mind on the things that matter most.  Over the next two weeks on Revive Our Hearts Nancy teaches on Psalm 1 and describes what true happiness looks like.

Listeners will be encouraged by these uplifting messages and challenged with a renewed commitment to live according to God's Word.  As Nancy says, "the ...

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Beyond the Call in Newtown

NewtownWhile it's challenging to see any light from the dark tragedy that rocked the Newtown elementary school last Friday, HCJB Global President Wayne Pederson was eager to speak about the courageous example of one teacher.  The parallels to this story and the Christmas story are worth sharing.  Here's what listeners will hear on Tuesday's "Beyond the Call":

As in nearly every tragic event, out of the horrific there emerges heroes.

A 27 year old teacher named Victoria Soto was one who went Beyond the Call.

She hid all her young students in a closet.  Shielding them from ...

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