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Ministry Updates

Grandparent's Day

Emilie and Bob Barnes with GrandkidsOne of the very special blessings in life is the gift of being a grandparent.  If you are a grandparent, you know just what I mean -- that smile, just for you from your sweet grandchild, no matter how old, that says, "I love you!"

Or, maybe you have been blessed with a special grandparent in your life.  Someone to look up to, someone you know always prays for you.  Someone who used to sneak you an extra cookie, or dig into their pocketful of change and share it with you.

Emilie Barnes of Keep It Simple is the proud grandparent ...

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This Week From Charlotte, NC

Billly GrahamThe Democratic National Convention isn't the only activity impacting the world from Charlotte, North Carolina this week.

While thousands of visitors are arriving in Charlotte to gather at the Bank of America Stadium, the global ministry impact of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will extend as far as the Sudan, as near as New Orleans and in communities across the US on the "Hour of Decision®" and "Decision Minute" radio broadcasts.

Known for banking, NASCAR and religion, Charlotte is where America's most famous evangelist of the 20th century was born and its home to the BGEA headquarters ...

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The Way Back

Seek the Lord, all you humble of the land, who do his just commands; seek righteousness; seek humility. - Zephaniah 2:3

The newest book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, a daily devotional called, The Quiet Place, is now available.  I was personally struck by this excerpt from her book and wanted to share it with you . . .

"God wants to reveal His presence and His glory to His people today.  He wants to fill our hearts, homes, churches, and ministries with His love and His Spirit.  He wants to pour out His grace on the dry, thirsty ground of our lives.  He ...

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Dream Like Disney

Dream Like DisneyThis week 600 Christian radio broadcasters are gathering in Orlando for Christian Music Broadcasting's Momentum Conference.  Are you there?  HCJB Global's Wayne Pederson is, and he just recorded a short reflection on his experience thus far.  Specifically, what it's like to be in Disney's world.  Yes, the place is called Disneyworld -- one word.  But Wayne is referring to the world in which its creator, Walt Disney, imagined -- and then worked it into being! 

Listen to Wayne's 1:00 reflection from the Momentum Conference on going Beyond the Call >>

Wayne asks, What if we had holy ...

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Your Assignment to Speak Up With Compassion®

Blog for CompassionHas this ever happened to you?  I was going through my morning round of email sorting and began the usual routine of filtering messages -- I need to do this, I will read this later, I'm replying to this now, etc.  I quickly read an email about Compassion's Blog Month in September and the exciting opportunity to join writers in changing the world for children in poverty.  I should tell so-and-so about this, I thought.  I continued clicking away at my inbox without another thought.  This went on for a few minutes when I realized Someone had been tapping ...

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Eternal Labor

Did you know that Labor Day was actually first established as a national holiday in 1882? Two years later, the first Monday in September was selected as the official "working man's holiday."

Today, most of us anticipate the holiday as summer's "last hooray" - in my family it's always a weekend of camping adventures with my cousins and grandparents.

Over a hundred years ago, working conditions were far different than today. For most Americans and their 8-hour work days in safe environments complete with benefits...it might be hard to remember why some of our forefathers fought so ...

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