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Ministry Updates

How do You Parent?

graceI wish kids were like play-dough .I wish you could just mush them in a mold and have them turn out just the way you want … but if you are a parent you know that isn’t how it works.  In fact it doesn’t work in the way 4+5 =9 works.  The longer I parent, the more I am convinced it’s more art than science.


We had staff devotions this week and our guest speaker happens to be pregnant.  She is due in the beginning of April and already the she’s worried about “raising” her new ...

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Family Fact: Parents' Greatest Present Is Their Presence

If you want to bring a smile to your child's face, the best gift you can give is your presence.  Just "showing up" has far-reaching and long-term benefits for a child's well-being.

New information from Heritage's FamilyFacts.org reports that children whose parents are present at key times in the day-when they wake up, go to school, and return home from school-are less likely to experience emotional distress.  Likewise, those whose parents are more involved and responsive tend to have higher self-esteem and to be less susceptible to negative peer pressure.

Important issues affecting families is shared ...

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BreakPoint®: Teaching a Christian Worldview

Chuck Colson Speaking"The reason I devote so much of my life to teaching worldview is simply this: If we're ever to win back the culture, we Christians must learn to engage in intelligent, reasoned, winsome conversations about how the Bible informs all of life." - Chuck Colson

For the past 20 years, BreakPoint® has been bringing listeners up to speed on cultural, political, and religious issues from a uniquely Christian worldview perspective.

But for some time now, Chuck has had a desire to bring your audience more, to have more time in a program to dig deeper into the issues that matter ...

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Joni and Friends®— Whirlwind into 2012!

Welcome to 2012! And what a better way to ring in the New Year than with good news. Joni received the fantastic news of a clear PET scan and we are thanking and praising the Lord for her positive progression in her health journey.

Keeping that joyous feeling alive, take a look at Joni taking a ride on the wild side while at Disney's California Adventure park with Ken and her sister Kathy. Talk about a whirlwind!

Joni SpeakingCan you believe that NRB is next month? Make sure that you schedule in the Joni and Friends® Hymn Sing Monday Feb ...

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Smiling All the Time!

Last night I shared Anne Graham Lotz's book, Heaven with our AWANA Sparks.  Back from the Christmas holidays, it was a full-house of wide-eyed, inquisitive and yes, energetic little 1st-2nd graders who not only really enjoyed the book but asked and answered some very insightful questions during the counsel time.

My favorite was the little boy who responded to the question: What are you looking forward to most in Heaven? 

His answer was a simple, "Smiling, all the time."  

We closed in prayer with an invitation to place trust and faith in Jesus Christ.  I don ...

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New Year, New Goals

Do you have a habit of putting off doing things that you really want Goals2012and need to do?  Do you let things go until they become huge tasks?  

My daughter and I laughingly, share a common saying ... "I'll do it on Monday!"  This usually refers to dieting, or a major cleaning task, but I can tell you that "Monday" rarely comes around!  Good intentions just don't counteract laziness! 

It's a new year!  Let's start fresh, with some help from Emilie Barnes.  Since most of the tasks we put off are not things we like to do ...

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