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Ministry Updates

Come to the Cross

Max LucadoThe journey of understanding and embracing Grace continues as we approach the season of Easter.

"Come to the Cross - An Easter Special with Max Lucado", is the next chapter in the edification of Grace. Max dives even deeper into what he calls the "waves of grace" by explaining the heartbeat of Jesus.

Imagine, the heartbeat of Jesus.

Expounding on the truth of "Christ in me," Max shares that the promise of Grace that God gives to each of us transforms our heart to the heart of Jesus.

Our heartbeat is His heartbeat. Truly and fully.

What an incredible vision that ...

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60 Minutes

60 MinutesTick, tick, tick, tick...

Anyone who watches television on Sunday nights knows this sound and immediately associates one thing.

60 Minutes.

60 Minutes is a television documentary, of sorts. They show the stories that are compelling, sometimes heart wrenching and almost always raw with real life realities.

And, a few weeks ago there was a story that aired that is gaining the attention of people all across the nation. A story of a hospital ship outfitted with the most up to date medical technology. A story of a crew and medical staff willing to make undeniable sacrifices in their own ...

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From Ethiopia. . . Salem!

With a mutual affection for "life" in Ethiopia, thrilled this month to share reflections from Brad Mattes and our Evelyn Gibson on a country and its people who left life-long imprints on their hearts . . .

Just mention Ethiopia and my heart is transported--joined in spirit with people whose names I know, faces that are familiar, smiles and greetings that have my name on them.

So when my friend Brad Mattes, Executive Director of Life Issues® Institute said to me, "I may be filming segments of our TV program in Ethiopia, what do you think?"--I knew it would change him in ...

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Faith and Conscience: Emerging Threats to Our First Freedom

BreakPoint® and Heritage at NRB

The issue of religious liberty being threatened in America is a recurring theme on "BreakPoint®" as both Eric Metaxas and John Stonestreet comment on the latest news events, seeking to equip listeners with Truth.

And, if you'll be attending the NRB Convention in Nashville, you'll want to join us Monday, March 4th at 8:30AM (in Presidential Boardroom A) for a special event on this topic.

How can you stay informed and active regarding real threats to religious liberty?  Come learn from the experts in a forum designed for today's Christian broadcaster.

Eric and John will ...

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Who Am I?


Do you ever feel like you have lost yourself in the giving and caring for others, and wonder "Who amI?"

As women, we often wear many "hats" -- wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. Giving so much of ourselves in these roles can often cause us to ask that question.

God has created women with not only the desire to be that caring, giving person, but has built into us the desire to want Him -- to seek and be who He created us to be, A Woman After God's Own Heart.

Elizabeth George captures well that love God has for ...

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What Is Love?

Anne Graham LotzMy weekend included a funeral and a wedding. 

A friend lost her battle to cancer - she and her husband had just celebrated their 25th anniversary . . . they marked it with him holding her hand as she succumbed to the disease.  A young couple at our church fell in love in our high school group, graduated from college and were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony this past weekend.

Seeing the depths of love expressed through the tears of a grieving husband and the glow in the faces of the newlyweds, made me reflect on this thing called love.  And, with ...

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