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Ministry Updates

Single or Married?

Whatever your marital status ... God does have a plan for your life. 

But there's no denying that with all the opinions out there on marriage, divorce, and singleness ... knowing what's right, what's wrong, and what's best for Christians can be very confusing.  

That's why this month, John MacArthur examines Scripture to provide us with important Guidelines for Singleness and Marriage.  We'll learn what God's Word says about the path to marriage, divorce and remarriage, the blessings of being single, and yes, dealing with sexual temptation. Encourage your listeners to tune in to "Grace ...

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Love, Marriage, Family, and In-Laws

These are just a few of the subjects being discussed on "FamilyLife Today" in February!  Take a look:

  • Love, Sex & Lasting Relationships (with Chip Ingram)
  • Speaking Your Spouse's Love Language (with Gary Chapman)
  • Start Your Family (with Steve/Candice Watters)
  • In-Laws, Mates, and Money (with Tommy Nelson)

And be sure to tune in for a special two-day interview with Eric Metaxas, the author of "Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy."  Whether or not you've read Metaxas' book, you're sure to be inspired after hearing him talk about the life and ministry of this German pastor of the 30s ...

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Revive Our Hearts presents First International Conference

This weekend, "turn about" transpires when Nancy Leigh DeMoss heads to the Dominican Republic to minister locally to an anticipated sold-out crowd of over 3,000 women, many who have previously come to the "True Woman" Conferences in the U.S.

Women representing various churches and denominations from several other countries including Mexico and Venezuela, are planning to attend.  Please pray that God would bless this event as Nancy ministers to these women.

Another special date coming up on the calendar is February 23rd-The Collegiate Day of Prayer.  As a participating ministry, Revive Our Hearts is encouraging everyone ...

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Time with God

Max Lucado"Let God be enough! He knows your needs. Seek Him! He will give you everything you need!" - Max Lucado

This last winter break, Carolyn and I had a wonderful time with our families. We enjoyed the deep sense of security and comfort that only comes from being around loved ones. There was need to 'do' anything. We were able to simply 'be ourselves.' It was amazing! Thankfully, I also have this type of relationship with God. I love sitting down on the couch with my Bible and enjoying a deep conversation with Him.

There are times, however, when I find ...

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Smiling about dental work!

Dental Care Mercy Ships®Just a couple of years ago, I walked out of the dentist's office with a significantly lighter wallet. Unfortunately, yesterday I found myself in the same situation! I needed to get more dental work done.

Initially, I was extremely frustrated and annoyed. I thought I had taken good care of my teeth - why did I have to spend so much time and money (not to mention the stress and nerves) on my teeth again? It took some time, ice cream and some movies, but it struck me that I am an extraordinarily fortunate person!

Let me explain. Not only ...

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Miracle Baby

Sleeping BabyI love how God works! On Friday, January 20, 2012, this year's Sanctity of Human Life Sunday was kick-started with a breathtaking story that was covered by news outlets across the world - the discharging of Melinda Star Guido from the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center.

Nicknamed "California's Tiniest Miracle Baby," Melinda was born a tiny preemie of 24 weeks and weighed in at just 9.5 ounces. Thankfully, after more than 16 weeks in neonatal ICU, she was a healthier 4.5 pounds when released from the hospital. The Telegraph found this story so amazing that they titled ...

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