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Ministry Updates

A Second Chance

Baby's footIf you haven't already heard about Azra Karaduman, let me introduce you to this special young lady. Although she is only-2-weeks old, the internet and news channels can't seem to get enough of her! It was not what she did, however, but her survival that has attracted all the attention.

48-hours after her parent's apartment building was destroyed by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, Azra's survival was unlikely - especially due to the near-freezing conditions! Only 14-days-old, thankfully, Azra was given a second chance at life. Met by applause by the rescue workers, she was immediately taken ...

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A Woman After God’s Own Heart®— A Girl After God's Own Heart

RebeccaIt's amazing when the ministry we love intertwines with our daily lives. I've asked our very own Lee Ann Jackson to share a little about what's new for her youngest daughter, Rebecca:

There is nothing like a new book to get my heart pitter-pattering . . . the anticipation of a thought-provoking book that you just can't put down.

But what if you're 9 years old?

Yes, there are good enough books about adventures, school antics and even some with good enough pictures.  But, a 9 year old reading a book she can't put down? 

Every fall ...

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Word: Called 

Part of Speech: Verb 

Definition: Demand or announce action

Synonyms: appoint, challenge, charge, command, declare, elect, ordain, proclaim, require, set apart, summon. 

"I believe I'm following what God called me to do." Anne Graham Lotz-as shared in recent Christian Post article (read more here.)

When I sit in my Sunday School Class and hear the contemplative answers and discussion about Anne's Into the Word Study, I'm thrilled that we're learning so much about God's Word!

When I read I Saw the Lord, I marked sections and pages of what Anne shared regarding ...

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The Great Recession

Great RecessionIt hasn’t gone away.  We haven’t been able to spend our way out of this “Great Recession.”   No one seems to know what to do.  You can watch the presidential candidates debate back and forth about ways to fix the mess we are in, but I’m not sold that any of their plans will work.  One thing they all agree on is something has to be done…but the economy is so big, the dollar numbers so difficult to wrap your head around, and the red tape so thick it seems that only some yet to be ...

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Real-Time with HCJB Global and Beyond the CallWhen was the last time you heard a great story of God working in a far away country that happened, not "once upon a time", but last week?

"Beyond the Call" will dedicate four programs to real-time stories Tuesday, 10/11 through Friday, 10/14 as HCJB Global's President Wayne Pederson reports from Central Asia.  Here's one of those stories:

I'm Wayne Pederson, president of HCJB GLOBAL, on location in Central Asia with BEYOND THE CALL.  I'm in a large city in Central Asia.  I can't name the city or the country, because it would ...

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Religion Matters

Do you attend church services regularly?  Are you a committed member and participant at a local church?  If so, then you are likely someone who volunteers and gives to charitable causes, beyond your involvement at church.

FamilyFacts.org from The Heritage Foundation reports that two in five adults (almost 40% of American adults) attend church at least weekly.  Religious faith and practice can have a profound impact on charitable giving and volunteering, which ultimately benefits our society.

We know that knowledge is the beginning of wisdom and each day, the radio program "Family Facts" relates information based on in-depth research ...

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