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Serving as many ministries and station partners as we do, seems like there is always something to report. Here's the latest!

Radio Rules!

  • Tuesday, November 26, 2013
  • Jim Sanders
  • News

In the spring of 2013, Ambassador commissioned Edison Research to help us ascertain the value that constituents place on radio.  Ultimately, our goal was to use this data to then help ministries with the value they should place on radio.

We chose Edison Research because they’ve conducted annual studies with Arbitron on patterns of media consumption (The Infinite Dial).  We’re going to highlight slides in the weeks to come, but if you’d like to see the whole Ambassador project, you can view the study here.  For our study, Edison spoke with 1,000 people, half were currently ...

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Connecting YOU with Ministry Leaders!

on-air-interviewPrivileged to serve ministries and speakers that impact the Kingdom, Ambassador is ready to help connect these leaders with your station!

We'll bring you interview opportunities, breaking news statements and more...it's just one more way we're wanting to serve you and your listeners! We'll work directly with your program host or coordinator with all the details, so it's easy on your end and rewarding for your audience!

From current events to commenting on cultural issues your listeners are facing on a daily basis, speakers like Chuck Colson, Dennis Rainey, Jim Garlow, and others are ...

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SEO Keeps Changing!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the search results you get? Bing certainly thinks people do. That is exactly what led to their latest marketing push to become the "decision" engine...not just a search engine.


The main idea? Without a relationship to the actual search term, the results can be far-fetched, overwhelming and useless. Basically, it's a direct attack on Google's main 'value' to provide the most relevant results each and every time a user hits "search."

So what's next for the sparing Search Engines? Google rolled out +1!

Google +1+1 is basically Google Search's version ...

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The Heritage Foundation—shaping the world!

Family FactsWhen you say, "public policy think tank" a few prestigious organizations come to mind and certainly The Heritage Foundation would top the list!  Since 1973 the Foundation has enjoyed a national platform for research and education.  They not only promote conservative public policy, they're at the grass roots of formulating that policy.

The Economist magazine in their recent special report on global leaders included The Heritage Foundation as part of those people and organizations "who shape the world."

With more than 710,000 individual members (of which I'm one), The Heritage Foundation is the most broadly supported think ...

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Doing the Right Thing!


Doing The Right Thing Chuck ColsonDoing the right thing and the Colson Center tour of the same name, is exactly what Chuck Colson and a panel of leading ethicists, theologians and other scholars did on Saturday on the Campus of Biola University.

I listened with rapt attention to speaker after speaker over a three-hour time period as they spoke to the ethical and moral breakdown bombarding our culture from every side.  It was stunning in its scope and its challenge!

Chuck Colson, through his Colson Center legacy, wants to provide people like me--that same challenge to raise ethical questions and issues in what he calls ...

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When Tragedy Hits Close to Home

My mood on Saturday morning suddenly turned somber as I learned about the shooting tragedy that took place in Tucson, my hometown.

Having reconnected with many Tucson friends through Facebook, I started seeing their posts shortly after the event occurred and in seeing pictures on the news, realized that this tragic event took place in a very familiar shopping center located just a few minutes from where I used to live.

Even though Arizona politics have become heated in recent years, I couldn't imagine something like this happening in this small community.  Growing up in Tucson, I can recall ...

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