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Wisdom from Many

Look Back, Live Forward

fuller devoHow often do you take time to reflect on the hand of the Lord in your life...to think about and praise Him for the victories, the answered prayer, the blessings, the people, the pain, the trials, or the growth?

On the other side of the scale, how often do you take the time to live in the "now"...to process where the Lord has currently placed you and where He is leading?

John Fuller of Focus on the Family led our staff devotions this January, and as he talked about New Year reflection, he emphasized the importance of both ...

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How to Know God's Will for Your Life


devos al

Do you ever wonder if your big decisions line up with God's will for your life?

I'm getting married this upcoming April, but as my fiancé, Brian, and I began looking towards the future, I remember asking myself this question: how do I know for sure this is what God has for me?

We know God has a will for us, but when it comes down to it - how do we know our choices are in alignment with His will? Saying "yes" to Brian took less than a second, but the decision lasts forever...when a simple yes ...

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Defining Ourselves in a New Light

jani devosTalents that Take Over

Do you have a talent that defines you -- something you love, something you're good at, and something your community knows you for?

We were created to have talents -- they are in our being and it's good to engage in them.  The Bible even instructs us to stir up these talents and states that each part of the body of Christ has an important function.

But the truth is: talents can take over.

Stirring up these talents can start to "blur up" that line between talent and take over.  We begin to define ourselves by ...

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There's No Such Thing as a Second-Class Christian

ron deal


Do you ever feel the pressure to be perfect? Especially when it seems as if your imperfections are dancing around in the spotlight?

I came out of my most recent tougher season feeling as if I could have been better.  It was as if my eyes were opened to the ways in which I wasn't living into who the Lord had called me to be, and that spotlight shining on some of my darkest places left me feeling exposed.

Ron Deal from FamilyLife Blended led our staff devotions recently.  He talked about the disconnect we can feel ...

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The Answer to Time Management Lies in our Closets

Ev Devo 1



Time management.

What a challenging concept, especially in the midst of our busiest seasons.

If I'm being honest, I am pretty good at managing my time, planning in advance, and scheduling space for myself.  However, there are those days when everything seems to hit at once -- the days when you feel like you can't even stop to breathe (or more importantly, take a sip of coffee).  Is this a reality for you?

So on these days, when we truly don't have even a moment to "slow", how are we supposed to create space ...

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Be Careful What You Pray For



Have you ever prayed for humility and then completely regretted it once the Lord actually began to answer that prayer?

It's almost humorous how in every season of life I pray for an increase in this area, but when it's time for me to choose to "bow low" it's as if a spotlight shines directly onto my stubbornness. 

Have you ever played the game "If you really knew me?"  All you do is fill in the blank to the phrase, "If you really knew me, you would know ____."  The point is ...

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