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Here's the most recent news and updates for this outstanding ministry!

A Thankful Life!

  • Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"I have learned that in every circumstance that comes my way: I can whine or I can worship!  And I can't worship without giving thanks. It just isn't possible!"

--Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Not long after becoming a Christian a close relative rebuked me for complaining too much.  That didn't feel good--at all--but you know, she was right.  At the time, I was still focusing on my problems and less on God's blessings.  

Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Maybe you have some new believers in your audience that need help in this area.  With November naturally being a month focused ...

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Join us in Strengthening Stepfamilies

  • Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Don't expect your new spouse to feel the same about your children as you do. It's a good fantasy, but stepparents won't care for your children to the same degree that you do. This is not to say that stepparents and stepchildren can't have close bonds; they can. But it won't be the same...Expect to have different opinions and to disagree on parenting decisions." (Ron Deal)

Many folks will think this is a harsh statement (I did when I first read it) ... and for many others, it just won't apply to their stepfamily ...

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Still Growing!

  • Tuesday, August 5, 2014

This past Saturday, thousands more like this husband and his wife showed up at the Allstate Arena in Chicago to say ... I Still Do!   And by all accounts, it was a spiritually enriching day for all who attended (some even willing to admit they were still growing :-)).  The tweets and posts coming out of the event said as much.  Take a look:

Thanks to great leaders like those we are hearing from today, I fall deeper and deeper in love with my beautiful wife. #ISDChicago

Enjoying the program here with my wife at I Still Do Chicago. Jen ...
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A New Kind of Freedom

  • Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Several months ago, Dennis Rainey sent an email to staff and ministry friends that started like this ...

"Last week I went to prison ...


to speak at a graduation ceremony."  

Dennis quickly explained the purpose of his visit to the Arkansas prison and shared how one ministry staff person had been leading a group of prisoners through the video series Stepping Up.  This opportunity came about after the prison chaplain saw the video and received approval from the Warden.  Well as you might imagine, several things happened as result, including these high points:

  • 136 men signed up to go through ...
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Your Marriage Matters

  • Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Whether a couple has been married for a month or 50 years ... how they live their marriage inside and outside the home does matter--to their circle of friends and family--most especially to their children.  And going one step further, a strong, godly marriage is a much-needed testimony to the unbelievers in today's culture.

That's the subject of discussion in the coming weeks on "FamilyLife Today" when Dennis Rainey talks with a few marriage and parent experts on the importance of being intentional about leaving a legacy for the generation that follows. 

The details about the programming ahead ...

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Tragedy in Little Rock

  • Monday, April 28, 2014

Sunday night as I was watching the news about the tornadoes that ripped through Central Arkansas my thoughts and prayers immediately turned to our friends at FamilyLife.

Then Monday morning the ministry released on their Facebook page this personally devasting loss...

Our FamilyLife family is grieving the death of our friend and colleague Rob Tittle and two of his children in last night's tornadoes in Arkansas. Rob is survived by his wife Kerry and seven children.

Four of the children also sustained broken bones, and their home was completely destroyed. Please join us in prayer for Kerry and the ...

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