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Tips for Life

  • Monday, November 17, 2014
  • Lee Ann Jackson
  • Insights

Preparation is key.

That's one of the key elements I shared with the undergraduates I interviewed who applied for the UCLA Fellows Program this past week.

The program invites exemplary undergraduates to participate in a rigorous selection process (to which 600 apply) to be among the ten chosen to spend next summer in a coveted intern role at a prestigious Fortune 500 or elite non-profit organization.

Other tips I shared as they plan for the next round of interviews (they move on to interview with the prospective company representative):

- Speak confidently.

- Go prepared (i.e. research the company's ...

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A Special Visit with Eric Metaxas

What a treat for our Ambassador staff to have Eric Metaxas with us last week and to hear him share about many topics close to his heart including his passion for his new book, "Miracles."  I'm pictured here with Eric along with my husband, Matt, and BreakPoint® producer, Bill Reitler (far left) and his wife, Debi (far right).

Eric keeps a very busy schedule so you might say that indeed, it was a miracle that we were able to host him at our office while he was in the area to speak at a packed house on the topic ...

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baseball1-Delivering what was probably the most momentous news of the 20th century, this anchor made TV history, wiping his teared eyes on 11/22/63.

2-An iconic PSA in 1971 ("Keep America Beautiful") featured this Indian with a tear in his eye.  (Truth be told-he was actually Italian and the tear drop was glycerin.

3-This presidential hopeful ended up dropping out of the race when news reports suggested it was tears, not snow, that were the droplets on his face during an emotional speech.

4-Telling spectators he considered himself "the luckiest man on the face of the earth," he bid ...

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Asking the Tough Questions

Don Stephens KYTXWhen Don Stephens had the dream-come-true opportunity to meet Mother Teresa in the mid-1970s, he was taken aback by the frankness in her purposeful question:

"Why were you born?"

Not expecting such a direct query, Don said that he "struggled through describing to her what was a dream that didn't have a full plan-of a hospital ship serving the poorest of the poor, particularly in Africa."

I heard Don tell this story last Tuesday night.  He said that Mother Teresa asked a follow-up question that day in Calcutta that was just as straightforward as the first:

"What are you ...

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Trivia: "LET's HEAR IT!"

Color Purple movie1-Cable network featuring an array of housewife shows—which, when you think about it, should dictate a name change.

2-Popuar search site engine.

3-Portion of Woody Guthrie tune lyrics ... and made more recently renown by Bruce Willis in Die Hard.

4-Handel's magnificent chorus title.

5-How we close our prayers.

6-Star of The Color Purple and Sister Act.

7-Art of dwarfing plants by expert pruning.

8-This for Hollywood, and also the Red White & Blue.

9-Popular for their fish tacos.

10-Followed by sis boom bah.


Let's hear your answers!  Email Peggy.

Peggy ...
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What about student rights in public schools?

student-rights-handbookJim Garlow hasn't met a cultural issue he's reluctant to addressand when he does, it's with the aplomb of biblical authority.

Alliance Defending Freedom is the perfect partner in Jim's desire to transcend culture with biblical imperative.  It's why he speaks so forcefully about religious freedom, freedom of speech and the political arena
as a pastor and a commentator.

In this month's "The Garlow Perspective," Jim joins with ADF in presenting listeners with a special week (November 10-14) addressing the question of Student Rights in the public school system, grades K-12.

Just a ...

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