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With 50 years of experience, we "get" that things are always changing! That's why we've dedicated a section of our website to provide the very latest information about the speakers and ministries we serve--and about us, too. Come take a look at "what's new"--or use the sidebar options to take a deeper look at areas of particular interest. In case you wonder what we think, we've dedicated a space for commentary (including guest posts). And take a look at who's been to Ambassador lately in our own version of the Greenroom!

Intentionality at Christmas

Intentionality is a key word for me.  And particularly this time of year as I'm trying to be intentional about all things Christmas:  decorating, shopping, but especially and most importantly, not losing focus on the reason for the season.

In "Joni and Friends®" 4:00 daily programming leading to Christmas, Joni Eareckson Tada encourages us to be intentional  . . . to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as we celebrate His wonderful birth:

Christmas time is a time for looking up.  Look up and marvel at the starry expanse above you.  God came down from there!  God left His heaven in ...

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A "New" Kind of New Year


5...4...3...2...1! Happy New Year!

The New Year always seems to be a time of new - we seek change, make goals, and challenge ourselves to do more. 

While I've always thought of this "New Year mentality" as positive and beneficial, I've never thought of whether or not it's not

Yes, goals and change and challenges are always something I would encourage in others and welcome for myself, but what if those deep desires of my heart were able to be filled now, before the New Year? Even further, what if I'm looking in ...

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Our Savior


Last Christmas, Elizabeth George (A Woman after God's Own Heart) wrote this lovely blog about our Savior, that I wanted to share with you.   It's so easy to get involved in the festivities of the holiday that we often overlook the importance of why, we as Christians, celebrate Christmas. 

Are you wondering, "Why do I need a Savior?" Many people ask this question when the Christmas season approaches. This is the reason Joseph was given regarding Jesus' birth: "And [Mary] will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people ...

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Blending Family Traditions

Did you know that according to a recent poll, nearly a quarter of Americans reported feeling "extreme stress" during the holiday season with 69% of them stressed by the lack of time to do it all and 51% are feeling the "pressure to give or get gifts."

This is the season of hope and joyous celebration. Yet, according to these statistics it more often is a time of great stress and anxiety.  

FamilyThis month on FamilyLife Today, Ron Deal, Executive Director of FamilyLife Blended joins Dennis Rainey to talk about the stress points that hamper our ability to enjoy this ...

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5 Things to Think About at Christmas

This time of year there's much to do and much on our minds.  In addition to the routine of life, with Christmas comes the decorating, festivities and gift buying.  More and more it seems we have to make a concerted effort at Christmas to keep the main thing, the main thing.

That's why I'm so thankful for for the wise and Biblical insights shared on "Daily Light for Daily Living®" from Anne Graham Lotz.

Take a moment to look away from your Christmas "to-do list" and think about these 5 things Anne shares in a week series ...

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In a slight twist on the usual ... can you name the beloved Christmas movie that fits the description??  BONUS points for lead actor.

1-This movie was mentioned in an FBI file from 1947 when an analyst passed along concern that the film was an obvious attempt to discredit bankers—a "common trick used by Communists."

2-This movie's actor, who had to prove identity in the film, played the same role in the store's real-life annual parade 1946.

3-Mythbusters has tested it and it's true.  Word to the wise
never triple dog dare the taunt in this ...

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